World Cup Football online pokie review

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Creative online pokies developers ThunderSlots have apparently found a way to combine one of the two most important and pregnant passions of men into one incredible online slot. Football and pokies are, and probably will remain for a long time, one of the favorites pastimes of men, Australian or not, so there is no surprise that this is one of the most popular online slots.

With 7-reels and 5 rows of paying symbols, this 100 pay lines slot machine is nothing to joke about. Equipped with a truly unique format and structure, one that simulates football matches and offering a lot of original features like respins, bonuses and sticky reels, World Cup Football online pokies can really impress you in ways you could not imagine. Looks can, of course, be deceiving, but this online slot has no intention of deceiving his customers, only looking after making the players enjoy their time and win some cash.

A Front-Row Seat to the Game

Granted, the football theme is quite popular amongst pokie developers, and you have probably seen a lot of them. The screen is structured and designed to look like a football field full of jerseys, cups, tickets, and whatnots that are positioned like players on the grass. Your rounds are accompanied by sounds of crowds cheering, chants, and commentators talking, which add a great deal of authenticity to the theme.

Combined with the unique playing format and looks of the slot, these sounds can really make you feel like you’re in the front row watching a game and not just playing a carefully constructed slot machine.

Play the Match of Your Life

Each session at World Cup Football online pokie begins by choosing two teams that will compete against each other while you play. You can choose between 32 different teams or you can leave the slot to choose them for you. At the end of each “match” (after 90 spins), you’ll be able to win one of three jackpot prizes which are pooled with 5% of each bet, depending on the results of the “match” you’ve just played.

No matter the match, you can win prizes the moment no less than four-seven matching symbols are combined up on any pay line, starting with the leftmost reel. The absolute biggest prizes that are worn only by the picture icons (cup, stadium, hat, kit, referee cards) which can get you anywhere from 10x your line bet for four referee cards to 500x for seven golden cups. When a gold-cup-full screen is assembled, in theory, you can hit a jackpot of 50,000x the pay line bet (100 pay lines x 500x prizes).

Apart from these icons, you can also win smaller payouts by collecting card signs (A-K-Q-J-10) which pay 2-50x your pay line bet.

The respins end when a goal is scored by any team. If your player can score a goal, the slot will be able to pay you an additional extra prize x your total bet + add the goal on the official scoreboard.”. If the game ends with one team winning after 90 spins, you can win one of the three-match prizes, depending on how the game ended. If any of the teams win after 90 minutes, you can actually win three-match prizes, depending on the outcome and multiplied, which is set by the odd.

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