The best VIP programs in landbased casinos vs online casinos

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How To Become a Gambling VIP Player

Ever wondered how someone can go from being a low bet gambler to a high rolling VIP player? It’s those gamblers who sit in the fancy casino rooms with only a few other players betting on a special table. They are the players that get jumped in the line at 5-star restaurants to be sat down at the best table. These gamblers are the ones who get free luxury holidays to exotic destinations. These players have other players gagging for only a fourth of the free luxury gifts and free money they get from the casinos offline and online.

So, are you ready to jump queues of the most exclusive casinos? Are you ready to be placed in the ranks of the big VIPs with the best Very Important Persons casino programs?

The great thing to be aware of with the VIP programs is that anyone can access them. But how? We have written this article for you to get the know the ins and outs on how to grab and benefit from the greatest VIP land-based casinos and online casino loyalty programs.

Now, let’s roll out the red carpet for your future VIP casino trip to the top.

VIP Programs

What are VIP programs? They are basically loyalty programs that come with benefits for you being so dedicated to their casinos offline or online. These programs calculate how much money you’ve spent on the casino’s games and how much you’ve played.

These calculations put together a personalized loyalty reward program where you’ll be able to receive free prizes and gifts. These gifts can be anything from free luxury holidays, free money to play with on the casino and free spins.

Sometimes you’re also invited to enter special VIP competitions only created for a certain type of loyal casino player where you get the opportunity to win very big jackpots.

To put it simply, the casino loyalty programs are for players that use the casino frequently enough. By playing on the casino games often and investing your money, the casino will give you back with some sort of reward. The higher the points earned, the better your rewards and prizes will be to choose from.

You can think of these VIP programs like frequent flyer clubs or a food store rewards card. These cards also reward you for being a regular customer and give you free money or gifts that wouldn’t be available to customers/players outside of their loyal club scheme.

How can you sign up for a VIP program?

Each online or offline casino work differently but saying that normally it’s quite straightforward and very similar. There are two main entry points for being able to sign up to become a VIP casino player:

# Some online casinos will automatically make you a VIP player or they’ll approach you asking if you’re interested to become part of their program.

# The online or offline casinos that require you to register for their VIP programs will have a very easy step-by-step guide to follow to get going. When this way of joining the VIP program is offered, grab it, as it you don’t want to lose the opportunity to gain any points earned.

# After approaching you and you accept, they’ll set up with a system that collects points that you can earn immediately on the casino games you wager on. This means you don’t have to do anything as the program automatically calculates all the points for you. You can lean back and the casino VIP ride.

How can a player earn their VIP points?

As mentioned, each casino works differently but do follow a certain system that makes the way of earning points more or less the same. You’ll only see very subtle differences if you play at a few casinos when it comes to how they distribute the points.

The main differences would be that some casinos are more focused on how often you play whilst others are more focused on how much you deposit.

The most basic rule of earning a lot of points is that the more you spend on a game and the more you play on a casino game, the more points you will earn. And the more points you earn, the more attractive the rewards will be. The higher the points are, the higher your VIP status is ranked within the casino.

What are the VIP program tiers?

This the most common operated way for the casinos. The tiered system is a ranking system where you start from the bottom of the VIP list and work your way up until you reach the top. To be able to reach each tier you need to collect a certain amount of points to qualify.

The higher you start reaching in the ranks, the greater the rewards will be along the way. Basically, the more senior your VIP membership level is, the better your VIP gifts will be.

What kind of VIP rewards can you win?

Again, it varies and depends on the casino itself but the majority of rewards offered will be anything from free money to luxury holidays. On the lower ranks of the VIP programs, you’ll most likely be offered a certain amount of free spins.

It’s very important that you always read the terms and conditions for the VIP program so you understand how it works and what’s on offer.

Here are some of the most popular VIP rewards offered to their members:

# Deposit Bonuses: This reward works as such that the casino matches your deposit in funds. They’re also called Welcome Bonuses and are handed out to new registered players.

# Tournament Invites: These invites are for exclusive high roller and VIP players only. As a member of the loyal VIP member scheme, you’ll have a chance to win big money on these tournaments.

# Cashback: Cashback offers give money back exclusively to their loyal VIP members which can soften the blow. Essentially, it’s free money that you as a loyal player gets.

# Invites to high-end casinos: Special prizes such as invites to play and stay over at their own or some other exclusive casino is a gift for the VIP players who tend to be a little more ‘penny’ with their bets.

# Luxury Holidays: VIP holiday packages to exotic destinations is a sought after reward for a lot of casino players. The casinos tend to send their biggest high-rollers to these luxury holidays as a thank you for putting so much money and time into their casino games.

# Free Spins: The loyal players that tend to play a lot but perhaps not bet as high as the high-rollers tend to get free spins as a reward for their dedication. This is brilliant as you are getting free rounds to play slots on without having to spend any more of your own money. This might result in a big jackpot win which makes your low-betting very cost-effective.

# Better Service: Being a VIP member tends to give you better perks within the Customer Service department as you’ll be bumped up by being prioritized because of your loyalty.

Why should I sign up for the VIP loyalty program?

To put it short, you are getting freebies and who doesn’t like anything free? If you’re putting a lot of time, money and effort into your favorite hobby then you might as well get something free out of it, right? By signing up or joining the VIP program you can make sure you’re getting all the perks possible.

What is the legal age to join VIP programs?

Anyone aged 18 years or over are legally allowed to gamble which means anyone 18 years or over can join the VIP program provided that the casino has a legal casino license.

Is there a minimum bet requirement to become a VIP member?

Depending on what the casino requires, there’s a minimum bet or amount of times you need to play before you can become a member. Sometimes it requires a lot less money than you think to become a member of the VIP program. This is why it’s important that you read the terms and conditions so you’re aware of what is required of you.

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