The very best VIP online casino programs

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As it is the case with brick and mortar casinos, the online gambling market is flooded with all sorts of online casinos, offering the players a wide arrange of bonuses, promotions and VIP programmes for their most valuable gamblers. But it might get difficult to choose the most trusted online casino or the one that better suits your needs and gambling preferences.

So, where do you start from in choosing the best VIP programmes given by online casinos?

First of all, choose the best online casino when it comes to user experience, security, the one that offers a variety of online games which better suit your needs and has a fair number of bonuses or promotions. The best online casinos nowadays have a very user-friendly interface which makes browsing through the website easy and predictable, easy to understand and to find the thing you want, be it information or online games.

The game variety is yet another criterion which you need to take into consideration when choosing the best online casino for you. It definitely has to have in its portfolio the games you like and want to play, but keep you noticed about other games you might want to try. In the Australian online gambling market, most online casinos focus on online pokies and present a large variety when it comes to these, but also have table games such as poker, blackjack or baccarat. A respectable online casino should offer around 500 games to keep a player entertained.

Make sure you research an online casino thoroughly before decide to trust it. Online casinos need some sort of a governmental body to regulate them and make sure they act between the law parameters. There are also some independent bodies which review online casinos and make sure these are safe for you.

Another important aspect when it comes to deciding which is the best online casino for you is its customer support department. Should you ever have a problem, you need to know that you can count on their help and quick response. This means the online casino should offer 24 hours customer support, available in multiple languages.
In the end, make sure that your online casino of choice offers 100% transparency and security both when it comes to payments, as well as payouts.

After you’ve researched and decided on a shortlist of casinos you want to go with, its time to find out if their VIP programmes are best suited for you.

What is a VIP programme?

Online casinos have loyalty programmes which include promotions, awards or bonuses created to encourage gamblers to return on their website and play more. Players can play for gifts, cash bonuses or points in these loyalty programmes. In general, these VIP loyalty programmes are offered for players which gamble for real money.

Usually, the points received by the player in the VIP programme are exchangeable for free spins or bonuses and even free cash, all depending on the online casino’s terms and conditions. One of the most popular rewards is cash bonuses. Some casinos offer a refund of a percentage of the money a gambler lost during a certain period of time.
Each online casino offers different rewards when it comes to cash. Therefore, one might offer 2 dollars for every 100 points, one might offer 1 dollar for every 100 points. In addition, different games come with more or fewer points than others. Generally, we have observed that online pokies offer more points than table games.

Why join an online casino VIP programme?

If you gamble online frequently, there are no reasons why not to join a VIP programme. First of all, you get the experience of gambling, the thing you are in search for anyways. Second, you get rewarded for having a good time and that doubles the fun.

The VIP status means you are eligible for special benefits such as extra bonuses, exclusive tournaments or better conversion rates. It also means you are recognized for your gambling skills and passion by the online casino, which will make extra efforts to keep you satisfied and spoiled all the time. So, want to feel like a king?
Casino operators go the extra mile to make sure they have their players happy and can even offer loyalty programmes through which gamblers receive real money on their first deposit and furthermore.

If you are a high-roller and become part of a VIP programme you will benefit from exclusive promotions, invitations to exclusive events and parties with all your VIP fellows, and benefit from increased limits. You will probably also enjoy your very own dedicated customer support agent. You will notice the difference between general high-quality customer support and your own dedicated agent.

How can you know what a VIP programme implies before joining this kind of loyalty programmes? The best way to make sure you know and understand what a VIP loyalty programme implies, check the online casino’s terms and conditions page. Do this before joining a VIP programme and then decide if it meets your desires. If you still have things that seem unclear, do not hesitate to contact their customer support department for more information.

Best online casino VIP programmes

Almost all online casinos have some sort of loyalty programmes to reward their high-rollers. These programmes usually work as any kind of loyalty programmes, which means the more you spend, the higher your rewards will become. But some online casinos prefer to personalize these VIP programmes. Here are our top best online casinos VIP programmes!

1.Coral online casino
The Coral online casino is renowned for its team dedication when it comes to delivering an outstanding standard of treating their high-rollers. The Coral VIP programme rewards its gamblers with faster withdrawals, priority customer care, exclusive offers and invites to exclusive events, as well as far better exchange rates on comp points. And these are just a few of the benefits which are included in their loyalty programme.
One of the best things Coral online casino offers to its VIP high-rollers is a dedicated customer support agent.

2.Grosvenor online casino
Grosvenor casino has created a special card to offer to its VIP high-rollers and it is called the Black Card. This puts plenty of opportunities in the way of its holders, as they benefit from great treats both offline and online. The VIPs enjoy a host of in-casino as well as online promotions, direct access to their dedicated all around the clock support team.
If you become a VIP in Grosvenor casino you will have your own account manager allocated. This account manager is your all-time assistant, dealing with any inquiries related to your account and offering you exclusive bonuses and upping your limits.

3.SpinIt online casino
SpinIt online casino has one of the best VIP programmes out there, opening so many doors for you that you will not know which one to walk through. If you join their VIP programme, you will benefit from premium customer support which allows you to jump ques.

Moreover, you will be handed welcome gifts, weekend promotions, birthday bonuses, and even anniversary bonuses. Enjoy the online games at SpinIt online casino and they will make it worth your time and money!
The best thing is that you will automatically be entered into their monthly prize draw for some juicy rewards!

4. 888 online casino
888 online casino has devised an excellent VIP programme which is devised in levels from Bronze to platinum, with all the juicy benefits getting more and more impressive. But even the most basic type of membership lives up to its name by offering high-rollers a VIP welcome bonus which celebrates players joining the program. It also offers increased deposit and table limits and, the best of them all, exclusive promotions on holidays, jewelry and even gadgets! Invites to exclusive hospitality events are also on the table!
Many of 888casino’s VIP members went to see Bruce Springsteen himself at his house during the summer!
VIP members also have their accounts safe and secure due to the dedicated support teams which, in addition, offer personalized assistance and guidance should it be needed.

5.Paddy Power online casino
Becoming a VIP player at Paddy Power online casino is an organic process. This means the more you play and enjoy their services to reach the comp points, the more chances you have to climb in their VIP programme which has 5 levels.
The exclusive VIP club rewards players with bonuses, exclusive promotions, and cash drops. In addition, you will be invited to their VIP events throughout the year in which you will enjoy the company of other VIP gamblers.

Paddy Power online casino also offers a dedicated support team which is constantly reviewing your account to reward you with special bonuses when they become available.

6.Fortune Lounge online casinos
As a Fortune Lounge online casino player, you will have the chance to join gaming opportunities shared by the entire casino group. For example, they organize an International Slots League in which you have the chance to play in pokie tournaments against competitors from all their 4 Fortune Lunge casinos. Each week you have the chance to more than 40.000 dollars!
The Fortune Lounge online casino VIP programme extends to all their casinos, meaning you have one account in which your earned loyalty points go, no matter in which of their four casinos you earned them. You can also spend them in any of their casinos.

Their loyalty programme is simple: play real money games and earn loyalty points. A pokie machine will transform any dollar in one point, whereas table games and video poker reward you on lower rates, depending on the house edge. Every 1.000 points are equivalent to 1 dollar in cash, which you will receive directly to your account. You will receive 2.500 points for free on your first deposit and you can only redeem at least 5.000 points at a time.

After you earn 10.000 points in a month you will be declared a Gold lever VIP which will grant you a 10.000 points bonus and 25.000 points as a birthday gift! The Diamond members benefit from the biggest rewards, earning 15% faster their points and gaining a staggering 100.000 points for their birthday! Also, a Diamond VIP member benefits from 50.000 points bonus each month.

In conclusion, if you are a high-roller and enjoy playing online games, make sure you research the best online casinos’ VIP programmes. First of all, you have to be certain they are safe and offer promotions and the gaming opportunities you will want to benefit from. And, most of all, make sure you have fun and enjoy the ride! Moreover, we advise you gamble responsibly!

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