The Gold of Poseidon online pokie review

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Game developer: Red Rake

Number of reels: 5 reels, 3 rows

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Poseidon was the ruler of the waves as the god of the sea in Greek Mythology. He guarded seafarers and many believed his underwater kingdom was rich and overflowing with treasures. In The Gold of Poseidon online pokie, gamblers and overall lovers of online bingo are going to go on a journey into the ocean, to the famed lost city of Atlantis.

The underwater world is beautifully drawn as the sunlight breaks through the surface. The fish in this online slot are seen in their natural habitat, swimming, as lost and sunken treasures and gold coins are scattered across the sea. With graphics like these, you can really see Atlantis taken life and really expanding beyond the screen.

There is a meter that can easily show the amount bet or the amount won and with each card having a betting range of between 0.05 and 15 credits. Personalized and of course depending on how many cards you are suing each and every single round, the betting range total is from 0.05 to 60 credits.

Life Under the Ocean Waves

This is an online pokie that really is for everybody to fully and truly enjoy. As an example, playing this online pokie at the high roller status and with the max bet stakes, the bingo return will be of approximately 15,000x initial stake. The 33 balls are released from the extraction point along the lower part of the screen. The speed isn’t too slow and as the balls don’t have to be manually checked off, it doesn’t waste any time getting them out there.

It is possible to speed things up even faster by clicking the turbo button which has a lightning strike icon. As the balls are automatically marked off the cards with a red cross if wins are made they change to solid red.

Any patterns that haven’t quite made it win status are highlighted and flash in green on the bingo card and also are shown in the winning pattern paytable. In addition, it will tell players which prize value is up for grabs under the main card number.

Release Those Balls!

The moment players are close to winning a respectable prize, the God of the Sea, the mighty Poseidon will grant extra balls to be used and released by the player. The 9 extra balls are put in place by jellyfish sent directly by Poseidon.

Hidden in the extras are special balls. These can be wilds that fill in one number of the player’s choice by clicking directly onto the number on the card. Also special are free balls which are yes, you’ve guessed it, free and don’t cost any additional credit. Those gamblers who love to play with little interaction can select the auto button for a designated number of rounds. It can also be tailored to auto-purchase the extras too.

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