The rise and fall of pokies; pros and cons to help you become the master

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The rise and fall of the pokies, are they still an everyday favorite, or is the casino game slowly crumbling? And if so, why? What is making players come back for more and what is making people stop playing pokies? These are the questions we hope to answer for you in this article.

As an experienced pokies player, it’s easier to determine where the pokies machines fall short and what you can do to increase your winning chances. But for an inexperienced player, this may be harder to know.

Let us go through the pros and cons of pokies.


For a start, pokies machines are controlled by computer chips that randomly allocate winning or losing numbers. This is why it’s near impossible to control pokies games. Saying that there are some ways you can increase your chances of winning, but those chances are very small. We will look into what those pokies structures are later.

The computerized chip is called RNG (random number generator), which basically means what it says, randomly generating numbers. The Random Number Generator will determine what numbers each reel gets after you’ve pressed the spin button.

Even though you haven’t pressed the spin button, the RNG will have gone through billions of different combinations in seconds, hence why we mentioned it’s near to impossible to control pokies games. It’s really a game of chance.

# Pros: it may seem impossible to beat the computer chip that is programmed but all hope is not lost, if you play long enough you will eventually win. That is how the pokies have been set up otherwise obviously no one would play. Most of us are after all looking to win something.


# Cons: There are some pokies strategies that simply won’t work. The scary part is that some of these strategies are being sold online as strategies that will help you to win on the pokies games.

  • One to avoid is called the Zig Zag system. On this strategy, you are basically on the lookout for certain patterns such as “V” or “X” shaped symbols being drawn on your reels. According to this wild theory, this means that the pokies game will payout soon. Quite funny.
  • A second one to avoid is the Money Management system. This system sets you out to become a winner from the get-go through controlling the pokies game when it’s “hot” or “cold”. This is ridiculous as a pokies game cannot be “hot” or “cold”. What they mean by this is you bet as low as possible when the machine seems to be swallowing the money you’ve bet. Then when the machine is spitting out winning amounts you raise the bar to higher bets so you can win more.
  • A third one to avoid is the Straight 60 strategy. This one tells you to walk away from the pokies game once you’ve managed to win 60% or lose 60% of your betting amount. Of course, it’s always good to walk away when you win but what this one is trying to teach is that if you do so, you allow the machine go into “rest” mode and you’ll have more luck on the next round when returning.
  • Last but not least, the fourth one to avoid is the 9 Naked Pulls. In any situation, you should always avoid 9 Naked Pulls…. It means that if you win absolutely nothing on 9 rounds, you walk away. Let the machine rest and continue to do so until you win something.

These con systems above will not put the odds in your favor by following those strategies, they are complete hoaxes and for that, the pokies fall flat because of other peoples trixter ideas. Hence why doing your research is so important so you can make up your own mind on what is right and wrong.

Don’t let us now trick you into thinking that there aren’t any good strategies or tips to increase your chances of winning a little bit more or to protect yourself losing too much on pokies games.

Here are some more pros for you.

# Pros: To avoid any form of disappointment, always play because it’s fun. That you can’t beat. You should never go into a session expecting to win the jackpot. Of course, we all want to win a little bit at least, but the less you expect from the game when it comes to winning the less stressful your experience will be. Like they say, “time flies when you’re having fun”.

# Pros: Become a member of the pokies club or casino of your choice. This way you can grab loyalty bonuses and rewards that you gain some extras from. Normally, in return, you’ll get either extra money to play for, an extra percentage added to your winnings to increase your winning amount, free spins, food, trips, and other entertainment. That means you’ll save money by using the benefits given to you.

# Pros: If you’re a high roller who has a lot of money to afford to lose then investing it into progressive jackpots are a better idea as they payout higher life-changing amounts. To enter the progressive jackpot pokies games you have to normally play for a bit before you can enter them.

# Pros: Don’t play if you can’t afford it, simple. This is common sense because if you chose to spend the money that is supposed to go on your household bills or rent, then you have a problem.

# Pros: Pick high RTP pokies games. This way you know overall from all of the players that have been playing on the pokies games, your chances of getting something back is bigger if you chose a pokies game with a high RTP. We recommend to not go any lower than 90% on the Return To Player percentage.

# Pros: Online pokies bonus rewards. Choosing an online casino company that reaps great promotions and bonuses for their loyal players is a brilliant strategy. This way you can gain free rounds with free spins, Welcome Bonuses where you get more money back for depositing.

# Pros: Avoid playing pokies when you’re intoxicated because if you win a nice amount that you deserve to take home, you might make an impulsive choice and gamble it away instead. Playing pokies clear-headed allows you to gain more rather than losing more.

# Pros: Putting money aside for your gambling money. Being careful and strategic with your money allows you to have more fun without worry. So if you’re a player who would like to be able to bet more but can’t afford it then setting money aside into a separate account is a brilliant way of allowing you to have a little extra fun on the reels without having any extra stress put on you.

# Pros: Leaving your wallet at home. If you’re going to a land-based casino, a great way to avoid a more financial loss than expected and being able to enjoy a drink without worrying that you might gamble away too much is to only bring a set amount of cash with you. Because when the money runs out, you can’t afford to be impulsive, this way you know when to walk away and enjoy a cocktail or two at the same time.

# Pros: Only gamble with people you trust. By playing pokies offline with people you know won’t encourage you to make stupid decisions is reassuring for anyone.

# Pros: Set certain days and times when you allow yourself to play. This way you get a chance to miss playing pokies and it becomes so much more fun when you finally reach the day and time you put aside for yourself to play on.

# Pros: Know when to walk away. If you win, walk away. One of the best tips we can give. This means that you can enjoy your earnings and be on a high from the feeling of winning instead of resulting in losing something you’ve put so much time and effort into getting something back from.


What do you think, have the pokies fallen flat or is it lies from jealous players online? We for certain do not think pokies have fallen, it’s just another hoax. It comes down to how you treat the pokies, what tips and tricks you take with you and what strategies to avoid. Remember, you can never blame the machine because the responsibility is in your own hands.

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