Most famous pokie combination strategies

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What if we lived in a pokies world where combinations were something we lived for? Like our dear old Rob Base quotes “It takes two to make a thing go right”, and in this article that truly is the case.

Combining strategies is a new way of getting your pokies money worth in the best of ways. Because sometimes more, is more, right? There’s nothing less about combining pokies strategies to increase your odds here.

So, hear us out, this is a new way, the new kid on the block, the bee’s knees of strategic ways to go forward in the world of slots.

Think about it, it would be ridiculous not to try and get the most out of the money you put into your pokies devices. As much as we play for fun, we also want to win and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

By only following one pokies strategy is now in the past. The players of modern-day pokies combine not only one but two, three or why not even four?! You can mix and match as much as you like to get your odds up as much as possible. There are no strict ways of what strategies to use anymore and that is the beauty of modern-day pokies, you use what you can to get the outcome you want.

Even though pokies are a game of chance and there’s no way of controlling your gameplay, you can tweak it to increase your odds by small percentages. Through combining different strategies you will allow your gameplay to be safer, more economically richer and way more fun than you could’ve ever imagined.

The objective of this article is to give you the tools and ways on how to implement multiple strategies to make your pokies game better than ever.


So, how many possible outcomes are there when playing pokies, let us tell you this, the RNG; the Random Number Generator, creates millions of winning outcomes within seconds, even before you press the spin button. This is why it’s so difficult to influence the pokies as it’s simply down to chance.

As mentioned, there are certain strategies that you can now implement to allow your gameplay to be a lot smoother and stress-free by also increasing your winning chances overtime.

Here’s an example for you to give an overall picture of how the pay lines may complicate the math. If you have 1 jackpot symbols and 30 pay lines, then there will be up to 30 chances to get those symbols lined up into a winning combination on your pokies game.

The software providers have then had to create every possible outcome for each combination which is 30 times.

This is why when a player plays on a pokies game with a lot of pay lines, it’s more difficult to you are playing for a bigger jackpot amount as it’s more difficult to win. Do you then go for the pokies games with fewer pay lines as your chances of winning is higher but the payouts come in smaller amounts?

It really can be a tricky choice, so we don’t blame you for not knowing what kind of pokies game to choose or how much to wager or how many pay lines to play on. That is why we are here to help with the strategies that you can bring along to any pokies game so you’re always feeling in control regardless if you switch it up to playing on a three-reel pokies game or a thirty reel pokies game.

This is why the strategies we are about to go over are such powerful tools to bring to the gambling table.


# Casinos land-based or online have the upper hand because pokies player are paid out less rather than more.

# The pokies odds are not in your favor as it’s a game of chance.

# You can never glance upon a pokies game and know what the outcome might be.

# The winning combinations are controlled by a computer inside the slots machines called RNG and randomly, without anyone else’s control, releases winning combinations.

# By implementing careful strategies you can be in control of your pokies outcome regardless if you lose or win.

# You will most likely lose before winning on pokies.

# Always pick high RTP, return to player percentage pokies. Highest will be 99%. They have a payback percentage built into the machine but the combinations are still randomly selected. It just means overtime, calculated on how many times all the players have played on the game, the pokies machine will payout larger or more often depending on the RTP.

# There are players that play once and hit the jackpot, but this is solely luck. You are more likely to be struck by lightning.

# Players that sets limits and pace their pokies play, tend to win more often in smaller amounts without feeling like they’ve lost too much.

# Great bank management is key.

# Your pokies skills only come in hand for extra bonus rounds in pokies, the rest is up to chance.

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let us get into the juice and most important part of becoming a genius pokies player.


Too much solid foundation is better than too little when it comes to playing pokies. By combining these pokies strategies, you will become the most confident online and offline pokies player than you ever were. But what are these strategies to combine that we keep going on about? Finally, we are ready to tell you.

Bank Management – First of all, the most important part of all is great bank management. Without this, you will have a total lack of control of your finances and that’s a worry. 

By always knowing how much you have and can spend by keeping track allows you to play more freely without worry. So, how does one do this?

You should always begin with seeing how much you have leftover after paying all of your bills, calculated how much you need for food, clothes, toiletries etc. and even a little bit in case of emergency to put on the side. After you’ve done this, then you can use the leftover amount to enjoy on pokies.

This leftover amount should be put into a separate account so that when you play pokies, you can’t accidentally dip into your spending account for your important private life matters.

When you’re playing on land-based pokies, you can apply the same rule but take that money out of the account and leave the card home so you don’t spend it all or more than planned because of impulsive choices.

We understand that you can easily get excited when you’re on a roll and would want to spend more but then that should always be a cue to leave the table and not continue. Hence why if you don’t bring your card with you and only the amount was chosen to begin with, you won’t be able to spend more.

Limits – Limits has had a bad name for itself for a long time as no one wants to feel limited but implementing this into your pokies gameplay will only bring a positive light to your hobby, especially financially.

By setting limits also allows you not to get too lost in your pokies play as sometimes time can fly a little bit too much when you’re having fun and you don’t want to start neglecting yourself or your loved ones.

It also allows you to miss playing pokies and will have you gagging for more as you know on that “special day” you’ll be back on your pokies saddle to allow the gambling to commence.

This is such a healthy way of playing and gives you good time management for other important things in your life.

Balance is always key.

Bonuses – What a beautiful and lucky thing bonuses can be, eh? Oh yes, by grabbing those promotions, free spins and bonuses you will give you bank some rest. See it as an investment grabbing as many freebies as possible because it means you can play more for less money, nothing wrong with that!

Free spins are especially a good one, as they allow you to spin several rounds for free, not a dime of your own money goes into those extra rounds, and they might lead you to bigger payouts, for free.

So, don’t be silly, and always do what is best to give your bank a good rest.

Now that you’ve listened to our combination tips to give yourself a better pokies strategy to allow yourself to have the most gameplay of your life, you’re now only a spin away from perhaps a life-changing jackpot payout.

Have fun!

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