Playing online pokies on your mobile phone, all you need to know

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Have you ever wondered what is the best way to play mobile pokies? Or if the smartphones work differently on the pokies app? By playing on your smartphone or tablet will it benefit you differently? Is it more difficult or easier to use the pokies app compared to the browser?

We are happy to tell you that we are here to answer all of your questions on mobile pokies. Our mobile pokies starters guide will cover all areas on how to work your own casino app.

It’s reassuring to know that if we don’t manage to answer all your questions regarding the mobile pokies app then there’s always a customer support team on your favorite casino available 24/7 on their online Live Chat to answer any questions that you might have.

Mobile Pokies Info

The most exciting thing about the development of the smartphone casino app is that you can bring your mobile phone or tablet along with you and play anywhere!
The choices are endless from the local pub to the comfort of your own bathtub, on the bus, during lunchtime at work, at a club or when you’re out for a stroll. As long as you have a good network provider that has 3G/4G or WiFi available to use then the mobile casino app world is yours to conquer at any place and at any time.
Nowadays mobile pokies players tend to get more bonus offers as the casino companies want you to play more often. The smartphones and tablets have made this possible for the casino players as they can bring their device with them to play anywhere.

The most popular smartphones today are iPhone, Android, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, and the tablet devices include the iPad, Kindle, Surface Pro tablets and Galaxy Tab. They are all available for you to play pokies on. Regardless if you have an old or a new iOS or Android device, most versions of their mobile phones or tablets will allow you to play on the app without any delays. Always make sure you have the latest program updated on your smartphone or tablet to avoid any hiccups in your gameplay.
You might be thinking now, this is great but what advantages are there to playing pokies on your mobile or tablet?
We will happily tell you why….
There are a few advantages to playing pokies via your casino app and here are some of them:

– You will never miss out on a bonus or a promotion; This is due to you getting notifications and reminders on your smartphone or tablet, so regardless of where you are or what time, you always be able to grab those bonuses to increase your winnings. Before you would’ve received an email and probably forgotten about the offer throughout the day as your laptop is not always available to grab at that moment to start playing pokies with. Nowadays some people even have a quick pokies game instead of reading a magazine when they’re sitting on the loo to kill time. The choice is yours on when and where, but always know, as long as your phone or tablet is on you, you will never again miss out on that great, great bonus offer.

– Your RTP percentage of mobile pokies games tend to be higher. This is because the casino companies have picked out your favorite and the hottest game to play right now. The casino companies want you to invest your money wisely through great bank management via games that will give you something back for your loyalty. The higher the RTP percentage on the game is, the more you are guaranteed to get back what you put in. The highest pokies games have a 99% Return To Player percentage.

– The mobile pokies players are lucky because there are huge jackpots to be won via your smartphone or tablet!

– There’s a library full of funky and fun pokies games with massive wins. You would think that because you’re playing on a mobile pokies app that the number of games might be less, but that couldn’t be far from the truth.

– Depositing and withdrawing on the casino app is as easy (if not easier) than doing it via the casino’s browser.

How do I begin playing mobile pokies?

To start your smartphone or tablet pokies gameplay, all you need to do is to download the casino app of your choice via Apple Store or Google Play. This should only take a few seconds if you’re on a good network provider or if you’re connected to a speedy WiFi. When the app has been downloaded all you need to do is to swipe to where you have located the app, click on it and log in using the login credentials you already have with the casino. If you don’t have an account yet, no worries, you can very easily register via the app too. When the registration process has been done then you can either grab a Welcome Mobile Pokies Bonus Offer to make sure that you grab all the benefits that you can get on your first deposit or if you have already been playing, then grab one of the many other Mobile Pokies Bonus available for you.

After you’ve chosen an offer and made a choice of how much to deposit then it’s time to begin the action, you are now ready to play….
Begin by swiping through the many choices of games to see which game catches your eye or if you already know which game to play then go ahead and swipe to one of your likings.
Wagering, Pay lines, and Autoplay is not much different from playing on the browser. You simply choose how much you would like to Wager, how many pay lines you would like to play on and if you would like the game to be on Autoplay or if spinning is your own thing then go ahead and control the reels on your own.

It all sounds so simple and straightforward, doesn’t it? It’s because it is! We would still like to go into little more detail on each type of smartphone as there are so many different types of operating systems. You may be worried that your phone might not be able to hold up its end with smooth gameplay because it might be too old. Let us try and reassure you through explaining which smartphones have access to the casino app.

ANDROID – Android devices allows you to access and play thousands of slots games via the casino app. Make sure you always have the newest operating system installed and updated. Android also has the players favorite games available to download and has an instant play version if you’d like to test any games before deciding to bet.

iPhone – iPhone devices are very efficient and quick when it comes to downloading multiple apps. Casino apps work very well on iPhone devices, on both their mobile phones and tablets. The pokies games on iPhones have great graphics and audio effects along with a quick depositing and withdrawal process. iPhone’s are brilliant devices to play progressive jackpots on as well as, spin the wheel and bonus games because of their brilliant graphics. Make sure that you always have the latest iOS version updated on your iPhone device.

BLACKBERRY – Blackberry devices are also available for real money mobile casino gameplay. Download the app and enjoy your favorite slots game along with a great choice of themes to choose from.

WINDOWS – Windows devices also have a wide range of casino apps to download from. Choose the casino of your choice and then play pokies from the big bunch of slots games. The Windows devices are ideal for casino fanatics with their quick streamline features and colorful display.
NOKIA – Nokia devices, even the older ones are available for the mobile pokies players to have a wonderful and exciting pokies experience on. Enjoy the high RTP games!

IPAD – iPad devices work like the iPhone and have brilliant visuals for your casino app gameplay. iPad’s tend to have bigger screens than the iPhone which gives you as a pokies player a more visually exciting casino experience.

KINDLE – Kindle Fire devices are supported by Amazon and are also available for the pokies players to play slots on for free on.
SMARTWATCHES – Believe it or not but smartwatches are available to play pokies on. These clever devices can be bought as an Apple watch or as a Samsung Gear and you can enjoy playing mobile pokies on these fantastic innovations.

OCULUS RIFT – Have you ever wondered about virtual reality gaming? Well, here is one for the daring. Oculus Rift has developed the ability to play video games such as the popular pokies machines.

Mobile Pokies FAQ

1. Do mobile casino apps cost anything? The casino pokies apps are free to download on your smartphone and tablet.

2. Do I lose my earnings and winnings if I get disconnected during gameplay? If you accidentally get cut off during your gameplay, don’t worry, you will not lose anything that was gained. When your game gets reconnected again you will be taken back to the point of time your game got disconnected from.

3. How long does it take to download the app? The apps should get downloaded quickly if you’re connected to 3G or even better 4G. It also depends on how fast your WiFi connection is. If you are connected to a decent WiFi or network then it should not take longer than a minute to download.

4. How can I download the app without enough data allowance? If you don’t have enough data allowance to download your app, we suggest that you find somewhere that has WiFi to be able to download it. A shopping mall or perhaps a relative or a friend might be able to lend you their WiFi.

5. If I don’t want the pokies app anymore can I uninstall it without losing my account? You can at anytime uninstall the app without losing your account and any wins that you have. Simply follow your smartphones uninstall procedure to remove the app.

6. Does the app update itself or do I have to update it? Most apps will need to be updated from time to time, this is special when the app has updated the casino itself or when a new game has been launched. Your phone will normally tell you when it needs updating Via the app itself or through Apple Store or Google Play.

7. Can I use the mobile browser and the app on my device?

8. Yes, you can choose to play via the casino app or on the browser on your device. Every time you log in to your app your account will be updated with any losses or wins during that time your app was used.

9. Are mobile pokies games free to try out on the app? When you click on the app you will be given the choice to sign into the pokies app or play the pokies game as a guest. By playing the pokies games as a guest you can test the slots out for free before you decide if you want to register.

Mobile Pokies Software Requirements

The mobile pokies app requires the smartphones and tablets to have a compatible operating system like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry to be able to play. The casino apps are constantly being improved which means you as a player needs to always have your phone on the latest version for compatibility. This means at the moment on an iPhone your device requires to use iOS3x or a later version.

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