Online casino reload bonuses

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What is a casino reload bonus?

An online casino reload bonus is an offer you can claim after you’ve claimed your welcome bonus. The reload bonus is not referring to a no deposit bonus, because it requires a second deposit, hence the name. When you reload your account with money, you could benefit from a reload bonus.

Online casino reload bonuses are destined for players who have already made their first deposit. In order to stimulate you to deposit on a regular basis, online casinos will offer reload bonuses for you to claim. These bonuses can also include free spins with no deposit for you to enjoy your favourite online pokies games.

Online casino reload bonuses are offered to players who already benefited from their welcome bonus. So, for you to become a loyal customer to a particular casino, it will attract you with deposit bonuses. The reload bonus can give you the chance to reclaim a certain percentage, between 50% and 150% of your initial deposit. This offer can be part of an on-going promotion or offered exclusively for a specific category of players.

Online casino reload bonus in a welcome bonus

Reload bonuses can also be part of a welcome bonus offered by an online casino for your sign up and your first deposit. In this case, the reload bonus will be given to you as a second, third and so on bonus, not as a first. It might be part of a complete package for you to enjoy on a longer period of time.

Qualifying for a reload bonus

You can qualify for a casino reload bonus when you are a new player if the casino offers it as part of its welcome bonus. If it doesn’t, you can qualify for a reload bonus according to your player status. Many online casinos will offer reload bonuses to reward their most loyal customers for playing on a regular basis.

Most casinos today have different programmes in which you can earn your reload bonus simply by playing your favourite games on their website. Depending on the casino’s terms and conditions regarding the reload bonus, you can get a higher reward if you play more.

Other casinos offer the reload bonus as part of a promotion and will notify you via email about it. Some will use the reload bonus to re-activate players that have registered but haven’t played in a while or at all. This will be offered in order to stimulate re-visiting the casino and playing its games.

The reload bonuses can also be part of an on-going promotion, and all the casino’s players to have access to it. And, in this case, you will benefit from the bonus on your first deposit of the month or week, depending on the casino’s conditions.

Bonus codes for reload bonuses

If you have any questions about the reload bonus of a particular casino, or feel you haven’t been offered one as you were supposed to, feel free to contact the casino’s customer support department. They will provide you with all the information you need, as well as conditions to make eligible for such a bonus.

There are casino reload bonuses which require a bonus code to be activated. You can find these codes on wither the casino’s website or other review websites. These can also be made available exclusively on particular partners.

The difference between a casino reload bonus and a welcome bonus

The main difference between a welcome bonus and a reload bonus is the times you can claim one or the other. The welcome bonus is a one-time offer, which you will receive when you first register and make a first deposit on a casino’s website. On the other hand, the casino reload bonus can be claimed several times.

Another difference between reload bonuses and welcome bonuses is related to when you are going to get one or the other. The welcome bonus will be granted when you first sign up at an online casino, and you can benefit from either a first-deposit bonus or a no deposit one.

The reload bonus will be granted after the first deposit bonus. You will get this bonus for your second, third or more deposits.

The best online casinos in 2019 have generous welcome bonuses, but also support players with reload bonuses on a current basis.

Cashing out a reload bonus

As with most of the casino bonuses, there are certain wagering requirements which you need to comply to in order to cash out. And this is also the case with the casino reload bonus. For example, NetEnt Casino requires you wager 30 to 40 times the amount of the bonus received.

It is highly important to read carefully the ‘terms and conditions’ section of a casinos bonus before you start playing. You will not only know everything about the bonus but also avoid any restrictions concerning the withdrawal of your winnings.

There are also no wagering requirement casinos out there, and you would avoid all the hustle by choosing them. But, before you do that, make sure they are fitted for your gambling style.

How do casino reload bonuses work?

As we mentioned before, reload bonuses can be part of a more complex welcome bonus. You can receive the first bonus on your first deposit, but also be rewarded for your second, third deposits. And some casinos will offer codes for you to activate these bonuses.

The reload bonus code acts like any other bonus code. It is a certain code which you need to enter when you are making a deposit in order to activate the reload bonus. You should find all the information about the reload bonus either in the promotion’s advert or the ‘terms and conditions’ section. The codes are usually formed of letters and numbers, such as BONUS100.

When it comes to reload bonuses, you might have to meet certain requirements when you use the bonus code. This might happen because the reload bonus might be subsequent to others. For example, if the reload bonus is part of a welcome bonus, you will be required to make the first deposit, after which another to benefit from the reload.

So, you should follow these steps: enter the bonus code to claim the bonus, claim the welcome bonus and then claim the reload bonus.

Free spins and casino reload bonuses

As it is the case with many other casino bonuses, the reload bonus can offer you free spins. A free spin is a spin on an online pokies game which does not require wagering. More exactly, you can play a certain number of spins in a pokie for free.

When you claim your online casino reload bonus you can use the free spins you are given and the bonus in your wallet balance. However, reload bonuses like that are part of a complete bonus, with lots of goodies and advantages.

Reload bonuses wagering requirements

The online casino reload bonus, just like any other bonus, comes with certain wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are those specific conditions which are placed upon a bonus, meaning you have to place a wager before you benefit from the bonus. If the requirements are not met, you usually forfeit the wins earned.

The wagering requirements usually comes as a multiple of the bonus, a multiple of the sum between the bonus and deposit amounts.

Reload bonuses wagering requirements have no special specifications, there is no hoop to jump through to make things simpler or avoid anything. So, generally, the wagering requirements for a reload bonus will be a multiple of the reload bonus amount, or of the sum between the bonus and the deposit amount.

Multiple reload bonuses

Online casino reload bonuses aren’t restricted to a certain number per player, so the casino is most likely to offer you multiple reload bonuses. The casinos do so in order to stimulate you to play on their website.

If you would be rewarded with just one bonus, let’s say the welcome one, you’d probably use it and then just stop playing at that casino. However, when you know there are multiple bonuses waiting for you, you might just continue playing for the fun of it and for the rewards you’ll receive. And this is the main reason behind casino promotions as well.

In short, online casinos offer more than one reload bonuses. But which are the casinos to offer the most reload bonuses? Those are usually the ones which can afford to set budgets aside for these types of actions.

You can find them on review websites, like this one, but you can also do your own research. Simply go to the casino’s website and check the promotions tab. Select the bonus you’d like and read the details.

Casino reload bonus percentages

One of the main differences between reload bonuses and other online casino bonuses is the percentage. You might wonder why that is. Well, reload bonuses usually have different percentages in comparison to the first-deposit bonuses. This is because the casino will want you to keep playing but at the same time wager more money.

The casino reload bonuses generally have lower percentages than first-deposit bonuses, but they will offer a larger bonus figure. But reload bonuses will differ from one online casino to another as well, so make sure you check them all out to find the one which better fits your desires.

Casino reload bonuses which are always active

Reload bonuses do not necessarily come as one-time offers. There are reload bonuses which are part of on-going promotions that can be weekly, monthly or seasonal. They can also be focusing on particular games, such as sports betting. Therefore, many reload bonuses will be available all the time for you to take advantage of them.

Reload bonuses can also be part of a casino’s VIP programme, and you can be rewarded with them when you check their requirements. Cashback bonuses are also reload bonuses, and these might as well be active at all times. These might have special requirements, for example depositing on a particular day.

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