No deposit bonuses vs free spins vs hefty welcome bonuses – what to prefer?

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Where do you begin when going on a gambling endeavor? With so many different kinds of online casino companies and bonuses, what is the best way forward to ensure that your money isn’t wasted?

It really can be quite overwhelming seeing all the No Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins and Welcome Bonuses on offer, especially if you’re a new player who can’t tell the difference between the bonuses.

On a positive note, we are here to help you, to set things straight, to educate you in the world of online casino bonuses. We want you to walk away from this article with such knowledge that you know exactly what to prefer so you can get the most out of your own money.

Now, are you ready to become a bonus master?

Let the journey commence.


No Deposit Bonuses are probably the most popular form of bonus as it’s basically free money at the end of the day. The casino gives you free money without you having to make a first-time deposit, this means you can confidently try out the online casino of your choice without having to worry about losing your own money on a casino you’re not sure about.

The most popular amount that the online casinos give to their first-time players are normally either €5 to €10 free money to play with on their online casino games.

Effectively, it’s free money without any risk on your own bank balance. Saying that there’s a hoax, you can only use this money on playing on their online casino games, not to withdraw. So basically, the money goes back into the casino. Regardless, it’s a great way of trying out a casino before depositing your own money.

The No Deposit Bonus comes always with wagering requirements, so even though you can play to win so you can withdraw, you cannot withdraw your earnings immediately. You’re only able to withdraw after playing for a while. This is because the casinos don’t want No Deposit Bonus abusers, players that only register with the company so they can get the free money from the bonus to play with. This is quite understandable as otherwise people could just claim the bonus and leave which leaves the online casino companies penniless.

Put it this way, the No Deposit Bonus is only for loyal players. If you want freebies, you also have to be loyal….

You might be wondering what the wagering requirement is for the No Deposit Bonus. It can range from x10 up to x60 and as soon as you’ve hit the requirement you can withdraw the cash that is left.

Why choose No Deposit Bonuses?

Well, it’s a great way of trying out a casino or a specific game before deciding to wager with your own money. Because if it’s not for you, then you have the opportunity to explore until you feel comfortable. Playing online casino games should be fun and relaxing, you should never feel forced to wager. It’s more fun when you spend your money on a game or casino that you like rather than feeling disappointed because you spend your own money on a company or a game that you didn’t like.

The only catch is the wagering which we think is fair as the online casino companies only want to give free money to players that are loyal. You win and the online casino companies win too.


Since the terminology for Free Spins says “free”, does it mean that they are really free? For someone who has worked in the gambling industry for a long time, I can easily forget how some people don’t understand the different terminologies and if they really mean what they say. Technically, free spins are not “really” free, as you will have to deposit some money before actually being able to play an online casino game that might give you the opportunity to win free spins.

The bonuses at online gambling companies kind of tie in as you can also gain free spins through a Welcome Bonus. Basically, as an example, if you make a first time €10 deposit you get 100 free spins, which is pretty sweet as that means you have a 100 rounds to play with, without having to spend any more of your own money. All you need to do is to deposit the €10 after you’ve created your account at your chosen casino.

Make sure to always read the terms and conditions as a few online casino companies require that you use those free spins on certain games and/or within a certain amount of time. They may also require that the money that you win with those free spins has to be spent on certain games again before you can deposit.

Some casinos don’t have any requirements like this, but it’s also good to make sure what you are signing up for before depositing.

Why choose Free Spins?

There are pros and cons to free spins as you do have to deposit a certain amount if it’s a welcome bonus your free spins are coming from. On the flip side, you don’t have to spend any more money when you use those free spins as it’s free rounds to play with on your pokies. That means you don’t have to worry about any more money being taken out of your account balance. So this way you are saving.

As mentioned, keep an eye out for the terms and conditions as some online casinos might have wagering requirements which means you can’t just use your free spins how you would like. But there are casinos that don’t have any requirements which is great because that means you’ve only deposited for example €10 and gained more money through winning rounds that were free, so it can become the best investment of your life, especially if you win the jackpot.


Welcome Bonuses ties in with the No Deposit Bonuses and the Free Spins sometimes. This is why we can’t emphasize enough to always read the T&Cs so you are always in control before agreeing to the casino’s terms and conditions.

You should always be aware of what you are accepting so you can make sure you get the most out of your money. As fun as online gambling is, most of us want to win or gain something back, so let’s take a look on how you can make sure you get the most out of your own cash with Welcome Bonuses.

A welcome bonus is a kind of what it means, an added bonus for the player when first being welcomed to the online casino company. But there’s a catch, it’s only when you make your first deposit.

How can this be beneficial one might be thinking?

Well, put it this way if you deposit  €10 the casino might be offering a 100% percentage back of your initial deposit. Which means that you will get money back for depositing the first time in your Welcome Bonus, you will be gaining the same amount or more money back. This way you are saving yourself from having to spend more of your own cash again.

The online casino companies usually offer at least 100% and in most cases, the gambling companies offer more. So make sure you find the best percentage at an online casino that you’re comfortable with before depositing.

Why choose Welcome Bonuses?

Imagine, looking into your account balance and seeing a surprise where you have more money than expected because you deposited a little bit to begin with. That is why a Welcome Bonus is great because you gain back what you put in or more.

Through this way, you can spend more money on your favorite pokies games that weren’t yours to begin with. That extra added Welcome Bonus amount might help you to gain even further wins which means you don’t have to keep on spending and if you lose, there’s not much to lose as it won’t affect your own bank balance.

Again, here it’s also important to read the terms and conditions as some online casino companies may have requirements on where you can use the extra bonus money. It may be on certain pokies games on certain days or times.


It’s difficult to decide exactly which one is the best bonus to go with as it comes down to your own preference. Do you prefer to play with money or free rounds? Do you want to get free money without having to spend your money? Or do you prefer to spend a small amount to get an extra added amount of cash to play with?

It really does come down to your personality, what you feel like doing today with your gameplay. Have a browse on the different online casinos offers and see what might tickle your fancy now when you at least have the basic knowledge to make a solid decision.


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