Counterfeit chip maker pleading guilty

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A guilt plead for counterfeiting casino chips is going to result in a 5 year sentence on account of second-degree trademark counterfeiting and a 3 year sentence for third-degree criminal mischief. This is what Christian Lusardi of New Jersey is looking at, reveals the Attorney General’s office.

Lusardi is considered a serial counterfeiter and will be spending the combined sentence in jail. In terms of repaying the casino losses, Lusardi will be forced to give back $463,540 as compensation for the revenue losses from the poker tournament. Almost $10,000 will also be repaid to the hotel where Lusardi desperately tried to cover his tracks by flushing the chips down the drain.

The final sentence will be heard on October 22nd.

Law officials decided to look deeper into Lusardi’s past and discovered that he had actually been delinquent in North Carolina, where the counterfeiter is originally from. They traced his wrongdoings to a DVD bootleg operation that was running over international borders.

He was also tried and sentenced for these crimes in North Carolina. Though the jail time was for only 60 months, the restitutions that Lusardi needs to make to the state have a total value of $1.14 million and this will surely not be such an easy task.

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