How the betting amount can change your pokie winnings

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Go hard, or go home

Winning on pokies can be one of the most exciting experiences for a player and is probably one of the main reasons for wanting to play pokies, even though the chances of a jackpot is very slim, the excitement keeps the players coming back for more.

Who can play them? The adrenaline rush when the ringing bells and bright lights start celebrating out loud would have anyone jump out of their seat.

Let’s be honest, no one would say no to a jackpot, so let’s get to the big question, is there any way of increasing our odds?

We are here to tell you….

Yes, yes there is.

Before you get too excited, you need to keep in mind that winning a jackpot is largely down to luck but there are certain tweaks you can do to increase that chance but again it’s not guaranteed that you will win because of it.

Let us take a look at what trends you should avoid the following when playing pokies and which strategies actually work.


Have you ever noticed a certain pokies machine seems to be spitting out winnings? It’s very common to want to play on that pokies machine as it’s giving out winning amounts more than mine. But don’t be fooled, just because one person has had an extra amount of luck on one pokies machine, it doesn’t mean that that pokies game has more wins to give out. It is simply down to luck.

The pokies machines are controlled by a chip run by the RNG (random number generator) which creates billions of combinations within seconds. This is why you cannot control the machine as the RNG, randomly gives you a combination winning or not. So, if a player is having good luck, then that is simply what it comes down to, being extremely lucky.

Another strange trend that seems to be floating around online is that if you win a good amount, you should bet it all again straight afterward as it will increase your chances of winning even more…. SOS! No, no and no. This is something that should be hugely avoided.

Think about it, you are already lucky enough to win such a rare amount of money, why would you even risk losing it? There is even less of a chance to win twice rather than once. Everyone knows that if you win, you should walk away with your head held high and enjoy such a fantastic opportunity, instead of taking another gamble and losing it all.

Another absolutely ridiculous “don’t do’s” is to loan money from a friend if you have a good feeling about a pokies machine but have already lost too much…. This is very dangerous as you will put yourself in debt. The golden rule in playing pokies is that if you can’t afford to play pokies, you should NOT play. End of story.

Players that tend to lend money to play pokies have already put themselves in a sticky situation by gambling away too much and therefore have a gambling addiction. This is why it’s so dangerous to encourage players to lend money to continue to play as it’s feeding the problem gamblers addiction as well as putting them in further financial debt that can lead to losing their homes, friends, family and in some cases depression that can lead to suicide.

Never ever loan money to gamble.

Now that we’ve gone through the biggest “don’t do’s”, let us go over the “to do’s” and see what clever pokies strategies can help you to increase your winning chances.


We all would like to know if certain machines might pay out more than the other ones. Yes and no. There are a certain amount of pokie machines that have a certain level of volatility. These pokies machines have fewer payouts, but when they do payout it’s normally higher than the other pokies.

Then you have the slot games that offer the pokies players more frequent wins but come with lower payouts. In this case, the best strategy to take is to bet lower rather than higher. Regardless, you still can’t “control” a pokies machine but by choosing certain ones carefully your chances can increase.

So, let’s begin with, what kind of player are you? Or what kind of player do you want to be today? Do you want to win more often but in smaller amounts? Or do you want to win less but higher amounts?

When you know the answer to the questions above, then it will become so much easier to choose what kind of pokies games you should be playing and what kind of strategy you should apply to that slot game to increase your odds.

If you do choose to play pokies with a higher payout amount such as a massive jackpot then the odds have shown that players who bet on the higher denomination slots do eventually win a higher payout amount. This means that you will be required to bet higher amounts too as this is the best strategy to take on these pokies game to increase your winning chances.

Easier pokies games with fewer paylines tend to have a higher chance of paying out winning amounts as there are fewer lines to play on. The amounts again will be smaller but more frequent. These pokies are perfect for the inexperienced pokies player who doesn’t need to pay attention to so much detail or bonuses. But it’s also perfect for the pokies player who doesn’t want to bet big amounts on pokies and is happy to get back smaller amounts.

Progressive jackpots have shown to be great at increasing players winning chances. The reason is that if you play on a jackpot machine that is solely built on anticipation, by proxy, the machine will pay out more often as the whole point is to win something or the big pot. But, progressive jackpots have shown to have a tendency to pay out amounts that are not the jackpot amount.

Choosing a pokies game with the highest possible Return To Player percentage is extremely important to increase your odds. This way you make sure that your money is being invested more wisely rather than thrown away each time you play pokies. The highest possible RTP is 99% and we recommend to go no lower than 93% to make sure you get something back… eventually… We say eventually, as the pokies game calculates the number of times players have played on the game over time and not by how much the individual player has played on the game.

Remember this that casinos generally speaking puts higher RTP percentages on pokies machines with a higher coin denomination and on a pokies games with at least 3-reels. This means that your odds will be increased even more if you bet bigger rather than smaller. But it’s never a must, you can still win greatly by betting the smallest amount, we are just suggesting that if you bet a little bit more there might be a slightly higher chance that you are closer to a bigger payout amount.

Grabbing as many online pokies bonuses, promotions, and free spins is probably one of the best strategies you can use as you’re getting your money’s worth by getting back more than what you’ve paid for. Free rounds also allow you to play pokies without having to lose any of your own money, so to not grab these brilliant bonuses would just be silly.

We understand it can be hard to choose an online casino that has the best offers as so many to have great offers nowadays. You will have to do some research and go with the pokies company you feel most comfortable with as, to be honest, most of them are extremely similar.

There are bonuses such as Welcome Bonuses where you get free money in return for registering with the online casino of your choice. This is the most common bonus that most online pokies companies have to offer to their new players. But to avoid bonus abuser the online casino companies only continue to give free spins or other offers to customers that are loyal. This is why they require you to deposit some sort of amount which can be a set amount they require or any amount you would like. Hence why you should do your research so you’re not signing up to something you don’t agree with.

Then you have pokies games with added extra bonus rounds where you have to play a bonus game to unlock free spins or an extra amount added to your winning pot. These pokies games are brilliant too as they offer you the chance to get more than what you wagered on your slot game.


First of all, NEVER EVER loan money or play pokies if you can’t afford to do so as pokies is a game for people to relax and have fun. Not to put people in debt…. Second of all, we think grabbing bonuses at your favorite casino is the best way to assure you are getting your money’s worth on the pokies game with the highest possible RTP. Because at the end of the day, these are the only things you can control, guaranteed. The other strategies may or may not work because pokies are, after all, a game of chance.

Always remember, the choice is always yours and when the fun stops. The pokies stops.

Now, go and have some fun!

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