How to Win Big in Online Pokies

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The general idea that gamblers around the world agree with is that winning in pokies is solely dependent on luck rather than one’s skill, no matter how long they’ve been in business. Even so, there are a couple of steps you can set in place and later follow that could make Lady Luck smile on you. So, without further ado, let’s dig into some easy tips you can follow on how to win on online pokies.

Cool as a Cucumber

No matter the circumstances, really, this tip is the best ever that applies to almost everything you do in life. Whenever you feel like the blood starts boiling in your veins, just take a breather….just like the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. In this case, we don’t mean it like you should back away for good, though, but rather take a break, think things through and start over with a clear mind. Casinos, especially, love it when you let yourself be driven by your emotions and lose your money on the account of that. Before you do that remember that the big wins stem from cold calculus.

Bankroll Management

While luck is a skill impossible to acquire, smart banking is not. Before sitting down for your pokie sesh, set your limit and whatever you do, never let yourself go above that. At the same time, be realistic about your goals and once you feel you reached a reasonable amount, stop there and get back to it next time. Usually, try to set your winning limit to double the initial investment. If you lose, don’t ever change to another machine. That, in itself, is a violation of the first rule – you lost your cool and you’re desperately clinging to the idea that the big win is just around the corner, waiting.

Choose a Proper Slot Machine

Before spinning the reels, get a good idea of what exactly you’re after. If you’re hunting for the progressive jackpot, then go for the progressive pokies, but if your only purpose is to have a good time and you’re satisfied with winning only small amounts, pick a non-progressive slot machine with low bets per spin. But even if you do so, remember to play at maximum stakes to qualify for a progressive jackpot. Otherwise, you’ll only end up feeding the jackpot pool for the next lucky high roller to enjoy.

Winning Strategy

Keep in mind at all times that each spin of a slot machine is completely random and does not depend on the last time it awarded you credits or free spins. Therefore, if you think you have mapped out a winning strategy by observing the pokie, you really don’t. The most important thing that matters and is sure to guide you to profits is proper bankroll management.


The wide misconception that the outcome of the pokie can be predicted has led many high rollers to bankruptcy. There are a few tips and trick s on how to win on online pokies, but the most important ones that we can name always keep you calm and a tight grip on your money before deciding to sit down for your spinning session.

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