Free Online Pokies in New Zealand 

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If you’re living in New Zealand, and like to play casino games, we know there’s a topic that’s sure to be of interest to you – online pokies New Zealand. Even better, we’re guessing you wouldn’t mind giving free pokies a spin. And even better, free real money pokies NZ. We’ll get to all that in due course, but let’s start this discovery process from the beginning.

A bit of online pokies New Zealand history

 To begin our search for online pokies NZ, it’s important to first explore the place of pokies in New Zealand. For starters, is gambling even legal here? In general, it is safe to say that gambling is in fact legal in New Zealand. More than that, it is an activity explicitly overseen by the Department of Internal Affairs, which demands that a portion of public gambling profits are returned to the community. It is also a hobby that is growing massively in terms of popularity, with a ten-fold increase seen between 1985 and 2008 alone, totalling over $NZ 2 billon or close to $NZ 500 per capita spent on gambling per year!

The biggest gambling operators in New Zealand are state-run. And the most prolific types of gambling include horse racing, lotteries, and of course pokies. The particular history of pokies NZ is a bit different than other places. First of all, they only officially arrived in New Zealand in 1987, and are often found in bars and hotels operated by charitable organizations. That being said, there are currently six casinos operating here in New Zealand, where you can certainly enjoy pokies play as well. The first casino to open its doors in New Zealand did so in 1994. It was somewhat ironically named Christchurch Casino (though fair enough as that’s the name of the city). After that came the other five casinos in fairly quick succession including SkyCity Auckland, SkyCity Hamilton, SkyCity Wharf Casino, SkyCity Queenstown, and Dunedin Casino.

In addition to the number of machines allowed out there by the local government, the maximum jackpot for pokies is also regulated. Still, the pokies machines have proven very popular here, accounting for close to 50% of money spent on gambling. In total, there are around 20,000 pokies machines in operation throughout New Zealand, found in approximately 1500 venues. Depending on how you look at it, this may seem like a lot or a little. If you’re of the latter opinion, i.e. that’s still not enough, the idea of online pokies New Zealand would be of particular appeal where the number of pokies available are near infinite. 

Legal online gambling in New Zealand 

So now that we’ve established that land-based gambling is legal in New Zealand, what about online gambling? The law regarding online gambling in New Zealand is pretty much the same as the law in Australia.

Here the legality of gambling is governed by the Gambling Act of 2003. It is a bit complicated to understand upon first read, as it seems to indicate that online gambling is not allowed. However, once the pros deciphered the legal language, it became apparent that there’s a “loophole” that allows residents to place bets and play online casino games so long as the website they are accessing is based overseas. That is certainly great news (and a relief) for those of us who love online pokies NZ!

So if you’re choosing an online sports betting site to make a cricket or rugby wager, or an online casino for a few spins on the slots, just double check where it’s being operated before you place your wager. Other than that, you should be good. 

What gives an online pokies game a NZ touch? 

As Kiwis, we like to think of ourselves as a distinct people, with our own character and cultural touch. We know what we’re about – sporty, friendly, funny, freedom-loving folks. But how is all that encompassed in an online pokies machine? Or in other words, how would you go about defining online pokies New Zealand?

Well there are a couple of things to address here. One is accessibility. If you’re looking for online pokies real money NZ, you need a casino site that is dedicated to working in our market. Preferably the site would be fully localised, so that when you register with your address, the full interface that comes thereafter follows suit. For example, if there is an option to do your banking in New Zealand dollars, the site would then show you all bonuses listed as such. If not, it’s not a huge deal. But accepting New Zealand dollars is, in our books, a major plus, since it makes banking so much easier. If not, Australian dollars, US dollars, and Euros could also work.

Whatever currencies the online casino accepts, at the very least, it should have banking terms that our friendly to us in NZ. That means standard payment options like the big international credit card companies (including Visa and MasterCard of course), standard e-wallet services, perhaps PayPal, and even prepaid vouchers or cards that are locally available.

It’s also nice if the online casino personalises a bit. For example, similar to the New Zealand dollar banking options, you want to get your bonuses quoted in NZ dollars, so you don’t have to break your head with the math. And if the casino is into promotions, it’s always nice to get a treat to celebrate local occasions, like Waitangi Day, Labour Day, The Queen’s Birthday, Boxing Day, and certainly Easter and Christmas.

As for the pokies games themselves, based on the NZ character traits listed above, you’ll want an online casino with good variety. The slots offering should cover all of our great national loves, with action-packed spins, sports themed games, and of course, reliable play. To this end you should be on the lookout for reputable casino software providers, at whichever online casino you choose. And make sure to browse through the pokies catalogue to see what’s available before you register.


Different ways you can play pokies for free 

Online pokies are great, but free pokies NZ can be even greater. There are actually four types of free pokies out there. What they all have in common is that they give you extra spins on the house. But how they do so differs so familiarise yourself before you begin.

  1. Play in fun mode, so the spins are always free – The first is what’s called free play or fun mode. This is an option offered by most online casinos on pretty much all casino games, except for the jackpot games. Click this mode and you can enjoy any pokies machine you want betting with the free/fun money provided by the casino. That way you can practice a new game, or simply pass the time, without risking a cent. The good part of this type of free pokies play is that you can play as much as you want for as long as you want. So if you’re low on cash or simply don’t feel ready to make a wager, this is the right choice for you. The downside is that your winnings are collected in fun money, not real cash. That means, if you hit the jackpot, you’ll be pretty bummed you didn’t make a real money bet. 
  1. Totally free spin bonus offers – Another, in many ways, even better way to experience free online pokies NZ is through free spin bonus offers. This type of casino promotion comes in a number of different styles. Sometimes you will get totally free spins, which are also known as absolutely free spins, or no deposit free spin offers. As any one of those names implies, these are free spins that require no financial investment on your part. Unfortunately, it’s not all that often that they come along. In the past, some online casinos gave out a number of absolutely free spins to get you to complete registration, in offers phrased something like: “Fill out this form and you’ll automatically get 10 free spins.” Nowadays, however, those offers are rare, so good on you if you find one!
  1. Deposit free spin offers – The other type of free spin promotion, and by far the more common type of free spin bonus, is given to you as part of a deposit offer. For example, one common type of free spin bonus is something like: “Get 10 free spins on a $10 deposit.” This can be a one-time promotion, or as is the case at many online casinos, an ongoing promotion; that is, you can claim it on every deposit, or repeatedly on certain days of the week. Another iteration of the free spins deposit bonus is a match bonus with free spins thrown in. Such an offer would be expressed something like: “Get a 100% deposit bonus + 20 free spins”.
  1. Free spins within a game – Video slots have a lot of fun features built in. That, along with the dazzling graphics and sound effects, is what makes them so engaging. One of the many features, of course is free spins. This means you can make a bet on a video slot game, spin the reels, and be awarded with more spins, often in addition to cash prizes. Sometimes there seem to be so many free spins coming our way, it’s like the fun is almost endless. Alas, if only this were true. Still, the free spin feature in video pokies is another advantage of this always awesome game.

Where to find free pokies 

If you’re looking for online pokies New Zealand, you’re in luck. They’re everywhere! You can do a quick search of the internet and you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of online casino sites. Many of them are excellent. Just make sure to do your due diligence before signing up, and certainly before depositing. In addition to free pokies, which are a big plus, you need to make sure the site is safe and secure, respecting and protecting your privacy as much as your hard earned funds.

Player feedback shouldn’t be hard to find to help you reach a decision. And of course, we highly recommend using our reviews to help you out. Other than that, it’s an individual choice, which pokies speak to you, which interface you prefer, and other personal taste factors like that.

Don’t forget the mobile pokies 

Part of what makes pokies so much fun is that they’re so accessible. So similar to what we said above, in your search for a pokies casino site, we suggest being on the lookout for places that offer full mobile compatibility. This shouldn’t be too hard. In fact, through our research and summaries, we’ve found that pretty much all of the newer casinos that we’ve reviewed have 100% mobile accessibility, and many older casinos have adapted in kind.

This means they can be played on any smartphone or tablet (i.e. mobile device) using any operating system such as iOS, Android, or Windows. However, access itself isn’t enough. The pokies need to perform well on your mobile. That is the graphics should be clear to see, and the interface suited to the small screen. All bonuses should be useable on mobile, and the mobile banking should be easy.

Again, to help you out, keep in mind that if we’ve recommended a casino site, these attributes are a given. But if you’re out there scouring the internet yourself in search of online pokies New Zealand, you should be aware of what you need. 

Final words on online pokies NZ 

That in a nutshell pretty much covers pokies, online pokies, and free online pokies in New Zealand. While it’s always good to familiarise yourself before you get started, the truth is only you can decide what games are right for you.

So go out there, browse through the different online casinos, and prepare to be absolutely amazed by what you find. There are tonnes of games on the market with the most incredible themes. There are free spin promotions, free spin wins, and free play to try. Do it all. You will be entertained. You will be engaged. And you may even win. Whatever happens, remember, pokies should be fun. So keep a positive mindset, and enjoy!

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