Land based pokies player vs online pokies player

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Advantages and Disadvantages with pokies Online and Offline

Gambling has never been so accessible as it is today. Casino’s have for decades reaped of its benefits and the profits seem to just grow. Why is gambling so popular and how is it managing to continue to grow?

It seems to be that the gambling industry has adapted to the different type of gambling personalities as well as their needs. Online pokies allow the players to gamble whenever they want as you can comfortably play from your own sofa.

Whilst offline pokies, also known as the classical land-based pokies, allows you to get out into a social environment dressed up or down as it’s not only the big casinos that offer you the ability to play pokies but also the local pubs allow you to come and join in on the fun.

Allow us to compare the contrast between land-based pokies and online pokies by highlighting the traits and differences as well as the pros and cons of both gambling worlds.

Offline Pokies

Land-based pokies have been around since the beginning of the 1900s. Since the appearance of the slot machine people has had a love gambling like never before. Why? It seems that the reason for wanting to gamble back in the old-school days is the same reason as today…..

Gamblers got their fix through earning something from their input even if it may not be the same amount as what they invested into the game, it was the thrill of winning.

Nowadays, the jackpots are life changing but back then a can of coca cola was enough to give people an urge to want to win. It’s being that one special person who won even though the odds are against you.

Land-based pokies are for the traveling player, who likes to be in a social environment. The thrill of sitting next to people who are winning or losing increases the excitement as you feel like you are competing against something.

Offline pokies have adapted to suit the everyday worker to be the most glamorous experience you can ever imagine. So whether you feel like dressing up or not, there’s an option for all kind of sociable pokies players.

Are you a gambler who likes freebies? Then your local casino might be perfect for you. Land-based pokies tend to offer rewards to the loyal players which can include anything from a free drink to a free meal.

You don’t even have to be VIP, or as they like to call them nowadays, a high-roller, to take advantages of the loyalty rewards. Whilst online casino players will just simply have to enjoy their own drink from their own refrigerator….

The downside of playing pokies on a land-based pokies machine is that alcohol and gambling tend to not always be the best kind of mix. Alcohol can make a player become a little bit too confident in how much or how many times they should gamble. Drunk gamblers can have a tendency of not knowing when to stop.

This is why it’s recommended to only play with cash. Playing with cash-in-hand allows you to set a limit by deciding how much you should take out. This allows you to leave your bank card at home and you can rest assured that you won’t gamble away too much money. Knowing when to stop and having limits makes you a responsible gambler and become an example for other players that may have a gambling addiction.

Here’s a fun fact for you, casino’s want to make money on you too. So don’t allow them to spoil your fun by splurging more than you can handle on a pokies game. The casino’s profits come from between 50%-90% on pokies…. No wonder there are slots machines everywhere as this is where they make their money from.

Why can this be? Well, pokies allow you to play a game without having to learn too much. You can easily relax knowing how your game will spread out without any surprises. This is why it’s so popular, you simply have to decide your bet, get the reels rolling and voila, the jackpot may just come rolling in.

Here’s another scenario for you why pokies are so popular:

Imagine you are waiting at your gate and suddenly your flight is delayed. You think, what am I going to do to waste some time? Aha, just like that, you see a pokies machine in the corner of your eye. You decide to go to have a drink and play some coins. What’s the worst that can happen, you become a millionaire just before your vacation? Perfect, let’s get the reels rolling!

‘Wasting’ time, is one of the biggest reasons for people gambling. We don’t blame them, it’s such a fast and easy solution to not be bored and maybe, just maybe, you win a decent amount of money but if not? That’s ok, you are entertained enough to not be bored to tears whilst waiting….

A big sparky Casino is another reason to want to play pokies. Many gamblers enjoy a good night out where you can enjoy great company and delicious food and beverages. Some casinos also have entertainment such as singers or shows during your meals. Why not put your best dress or suit on and get rolling?

Online Pokies

Why ditch your laptop or smartphone when you can play pokies anywhere at any time! The world wide web has changed the gambling industry for the better good as players don’t have to go out into a sociable environment where you might feel pushed to drink or gamble more.

Staying at home to gamble allows you to feel in control and more relaxed as you can literally sit on your sofa, lay in bed or have a relaxing bath whilst spinning your pokies reels.

The beauty of online pokies is that you can also do a ‘test’ run on any slot game to try and see if you like the online casino or game before you decide to register with the online casino or bet on the pokies game. This is great because the gamblers who might not actually want to spend their own money can always play for free.

Online pokies offer a wide range of money-pay-back promotions through bonuses. Most online casino companies will email these promotions to you before you know it so you can grab all the benefits because who doesn’t want to play with free money?

You can of course, always see all the promotions on the website in case you’ve missed an email or two. This is reassuring as you never have to worry about missing out, ever again.

Playing pokies online is not only for the couch-potato it’s also for the traveler. If you are a go-getter, then online pokies may be perfect for you as you can quickly login to your app on your smartphone device or laptop and even put the slot reels on auto spin whilst you are on your lunch break, sitting on the train or out for a walk.

Online pokies suit every type of pokie player as you can tailor it for your lifestyle. Not to mention all of the hundreds and hundreds of online casino games that are available, there is more than enough slot games of every kind of gambler.

One last thing, the games, they keep on coming! There’s no need to ever worry about getting bored.

For the people who live somewhere with no access to land-based pokies, even though it might be their preference, online pokies are there to help. As long as you have a good wifi-connection or a good network, pokies are always available to entertain you online.

Another positive trait with the online pokies is a large number of progressive jackpots to choose from. If you are in it, to win it then choosing to play on progressive jackpots might be more worth your time and money investment as the pot just grows bigger and bitter until one lucky gambler wins it.

The higher RTP (return to player) percentages are found on the online casino websites. Again, if you want to get your money’s worth than choosing a game with a high return to player percentage will benefit you far more than choosing any RTP game. We recommend to play no lower than 96% and if you can play on the highest RTP percentage as possible which is 99%, go for it!

The downfall for playing pokies online is that a hidden addiction can grow. We all know how easy it can be to waste your time on social media or buying apps on the apple store with the forgotten subscription. A similar situation can happen with online pokies as most of us have different ways of  ‘zoning’ out on our phones, it can be Facebook, football scores, Instagram, Twitter or playing pokies. Imagine if your card is attached to your account and you continue to play again and again out of pure boredom for hours, those innocent bets can very quickly turn into large amounts.

This is how hidden addictions can be created as most of us are already subconsciously addicted to social media, and the same goes for gambling apps. Over time, you or someone you know may start withdrawing themselves more and more from responsibilities or social environments because they want to play. If this happens you should seek help by asking one of your loved ones you turning to a gambling addiction helpline.

Regardless if you are playing slots online or offline, there are pros and cons to everything in life and you need to do what’s best for you and suits you. It’s also good to know where or in what circumstance you might become more irresponsible so you can avoid any serious financial losses.

Being aware of your own pros and cons will make you a happier and more responsible person as no human being is perfect. Setting spending limits and allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to yourself and your loved ones about impulsive traits will truly help you and others to stop dangerous situations. By doing so, you can stay in control and enjoy playing pokies both online and offline. i

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