Biggest and most luxurious casinos in Australia

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Australia is an amazing country to visit without a doubt. People travel far and wide to visit Australia’s beautiful scenery and even more so, their luxurious casinos.

Their expensive casinos are known for bringing the glamour to their players and leave them wanting more. And we can’t blame them. Walking into one of Australia’s four most expensive casinos has you feeling like royalty.

Over 9 million people visit Australia and their beautiful casinos. You’ll not only have the chance to win millions in a gambling spree but also you’ll have the opportunity to gaze upon the beautiful scenery such as the Sydney Harbour, the Great Barrier Reef, and Uluru.

If you’ve come to Australia to explore the many luxury casinos available for traveling gambling then these are the top 4 biggest and most luxurious casinos to visit.

# Crown Casino, Melbourne

If you’re visiting Melbourne then the Crown Casino is a must as it’s the largest casino in the Australian Southern Hemisphere. The beauty with the casino is that you enjoy the gorgeous nature Melbourne has to offer from the Crown Casino itself. You’ll have a view of the pretty Yarra River from one of the three hotel towers on the premises.

Next year, in 2020, there will be a fourth tower built. It’s such a huge complex that it takes up in size of two city blocks and comes with over 1,700 hotel rooms.

For the gambler who’s come to visit the complex, Crown Casino will have over 3,000 pokies machines to enjoy, a further 3,500 video poker machines and more than over 100 other casino table games.

The casino games that are offered on the tables are poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, pai, gow and craps.

The Crown Casino is the home to the World Series of Poker in Asia where the Crown Poker room becomes filled with millionaires during this huge, world-renowned poker event.

Their gorgeous hotel rooms offer river views and are designed for the gambling family man/women as well as the bachelor or bachelorette. Each part of the hotel is different but they come with their one kind of luxuries which makes each complex unique to itself.

The prestigious Urban Luxe rooms come with a spa-like look where you have the Yara River right outside your window. The Urban Luxe rooms have such a zen-like feeling that makes the rooms feel otherworldly.

Even though the Urban Luxe rooms have their own kind of spa-esque vibes, the Crown Spa offers their very own luxury treatments, especially their famous water treatments, for any guest that stays at the complex. The complex also offers high-end brands in their own shopping center as well as four-star rated restaurants.

# Crown Casino, Perth

Here’s Crown Casino Melbourne’s sister casino in Perth who comes with a near equal amount of success. The Western Australian luxury casino has 1,200 rooms, convention center, theatre, and several ballrooms.

The main colors in the complex design are shades of luxe gold. The casino seems to nearly be decorated with the 800 video poker machines, 350 casino game tables and 2,400 other types of gaming machines that include keno, dice, dominoes and ball games.

The casino game tables consist of two different types of baccarat, roulette, blackjack, six kinds of poker, war, pai gow and sic bo. They also have special high-roller limited casino games.

The casino continues with its luxury theme into a massive pool area that has gold-colored toys.

The complex also comes with a large park that has hiking trails with beautiful modern statues. And of course, at the end of your walking trail, you can enjoy a beverage in their own pub.

Just like its sister hotel and casino, Crown Melbourne has also three different hotels in one complex. Again, they’ve all kept a similar theme by keeping the gold-like quality in all hotels.  But one of the hotels sticks out a little bit more than the two others where they’ve also added shades of blue into their hotel area and rooms.

All the luxury suites in the Crown Perth have views over the pool, the river and the park along with high-end restaurants and exclusive spas.

# The Star, Sydney

This is the second-largest casino in Australia. The largest casino is the Crown Melbourne, saying that, the Crown Melbourne might have everything the biggest but the Star Sydney strives to hold a luxury boutique hotel.

The hotel itself has over 350 rooms and 130 luxurious suites to feel like a king or queen in. The color palette comes in blues and creams with each holding a view over the pretty harbor.

The rooms at The Star Sydney have made the hotel known for keeping a high level of luxury but the casino speaks for itself. It’s known for having some of the most elegant and cracking nights in all of the casinos in Australia. If you don’t believe us, well, why don’t you see for yourself.

The casino has two levels where the first floor is the main casino gaming level. Here you’ll find 1,500 poker machines, 200 casino table games, and 30 fun poker tables. If you think the first floor is luxurious, just you wait until you enter the second floor where the high-rollers tend to place their bets.

The second floor is extremely exclusive where the Sovereign Room is where the millionaires and billionaires place bets higher than you could ever imagine, just for fun. This floor is a members-only area where your application is reviewed before acceptance.

The bets put on the table in the Sovereign Room goes up to as high as $75,000 Australian dollars. Believe it or not, but there’s an even more expensive and exclusive room at the Star Casino called the Inner Sanctum.

At the Inner Sanctum, bets go up to $500,000 and the casino must approve you before you can even enter this room.

The second level inside the casino has its own luxury restaurants with well known Michelin star chefs. The VIPs tend to be able to order whatever their heart desires from the restaurants.

The Sovereign Room on the second floor is famous for holding some of the most famous poker tournaments in the country.

I know we’ve mentioned the second most exclusive room on the second floor but there is a secret third floor where an ultra-exclusive room, the Vermillion room. The Vermillion Room is only available to the VIP players who receive an invitation to enter.

# The Star, Gold Coast

Another sister casino and also the Queensland’s first-ever casino in Broadbeach. This luxury complex has 600 exclusive rooms. Although the ‘normal’ rooms are pretty luxurious in comparison to other hotels, there’s another area within the hotel called the Star Grand where there are super luxurious suites.

At the Star Grand, all of the gorgeous suites are dressed up in shades of virgin white. It also has its own service and butler for their guests who are staying. You’ll also be able to enjoy your own spa and pool when staying here. This part of the hotel is dedicated to the VIPs staying with them.

The private casino gaming rooms in their casino the Sovereign and the Oasis are only able to be entered if you’ve received an invitation. Inside these exclusive rooms, you’ll be able to experience and enjoy your own private dining whilst placing a bet on the tables.

You can also take a break from gambling in the private relaxation area with a beverage of your choice.

Last but not least, you have the beautiful views of the Gold Coast to gaze upon whilst sipping a juicy cocktail inside the casino itself.

The level of luxury is more than you could expect here.

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