Best online pokie payouts

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To be honest, each one of us is in this for the chance to win real money, for that massive win which will change one’s life forever. So, pokie players, do you know what to look for when in search for that win?

Even though the online pokies algorithms are generated by computer software, which is completely random, there are a few steps we can take to maximize every chance for a big score. And the first one is to understand what RTP is and how it works.

RTP is short for the return to player percentage for an online pokie. This is actually the percentage online casinos use to define that part of the wager which returns back to the player. In other words, if an RTP is, let’s say, 97%, it means that a player can expect to get back 97 Australian dollars from every 100 Australian dollars he put in. This percentage is always calculated in the long term, this means that the variance of the pokie is, eventually, evened out.

The next step you should undertake is to verify the online pokie’s return to player percentage. The higher the percentage, the more chances you have to win the most part of your money back. Take into consideration that this is not a winning strategy per se, but more a sort of guiding line to try increasing your chances. So here is our scale, based on the information about online pokies RTP:

• The best RTP: over 98%
• Exceptional RTP: between 97% and 98%
• Good RTP: between 95% and 97%
• Decent RTP: between 93% and 95%
• Low RTP: up to 93%

The return to player percentage is usually easy to find, as most online pokies have it listed in the information tab or found in the review. In case you cannot find it where the online pokie is found, just look it up on the software provider’s website. We do not advise playing online pokies which do not prove an RTP at all.
We all know that winnings on the online pokies are never guaranteed, but the good part is that some online casinos offer close to 100% return to player percentage and that means that you have better odds at an actual bet against the casino.

RTP fun facts

The return to player percentage gets lower as the name on the online pokie gets bigger. This means that big brands or franchises tend to have lower RTP. This is because the game developers have to pay large amounts of money in order to use names such as Marvel or Jurrasic Park and, in the end, it comes down to the gambler to pay this money through a lower RTP.
Some online pokies software providers offer higher RTP than others. So, choose the providers suited to your wishes.

If we were to judge only on the RTP percentage, progressive jackpot online pokies are to be avoided. That’s because usually, they tend to have lower RTP, as much as 8-10% lower than non-progressive online pokies. But it depends on what you want to achieve, play to win big or play safe and try to get most of your money back.

That being said, an all-time high progressive jackpot in an online pokie is the stake on which most of us focus on. Plus, if you are playing on no-deposit bonus money, the rules above do not apply.
Some of the best RTP percentages are being offered by Thunderkick, Microgaming and Netent software providers, but at the same time progressive jackpots online pokies can make one a millionaire in just a few seconds, at the same time having some of the lowest odds for you.

Best RTP percentage by the software provider

We have analyzed the main software providers for pokies and their average RTP. You will have yet another tool in your quest to find the highest percentage for you. And here they are, from highest to lowest:
• Netent – 96.51%
• Play N Go – 95.99%
• Nextgen – 95.51%
• Realistic Games – 95.25%
• IGT – 95.15%
• Microgaming – 95.14%
• Novomatic – 95.04%
• Amaya – 92%

Most of the software providers are within 1% of one another, which means they set an online standard at about 95% RTP for online pokies.
How does RTP work? On average, the online casino or online provider will take 5% of all the money added up in the pokie. This is called the ‘house edge’.

This does not mean that a player will surely get out from the online pokie the percentage of the RTP. But instead, the laws of average say that a player could win a lot more money or lose than the average 5% RTP lost when playing, calculated on an extended period of time.
Generally, there are no regulatory or real restrictions when it comes to the software providers’ establishing their RTP. There are no rules which stipulate that the RTP should not be lower than a certain percentage. The level is set through the paytable and symbols in the game, therefore providing different payouts. No matter the software provider, the pokies are set as to be attractive to players, but still, provide a house edge.

Are there differences between online and land-based pokies?

Our research shows that the best RTP percentages can be found online. While online we can find an average of 95% RTP, land-based pokies offer as low as 75%. There are also some regulatory bodies regarding the land-based pokies, which can affect the RTP percentage, depending on the country.
Even though there is no regulatory for online casinos or game providers, these are not allowed to change, alter or lie about their RTP. This is an unwritten rule, regulated by the market itself. There are independent testing boards which regularly test online pokies to make sure they are safe for the player, such as the Itech Labs in Australia. Usually, the online pokies tested by those guys have fair and unchangeable RTP.

When it comes to land-based pokies, the RTP tends to be set with the original software. Therefore, making it more difficult to change the RTP, except by physically switching off the pokie’s software or firmware. Being a to greater effort and also falling under the jurisdiction of certain laws, brick and mortar casinos do not make things difficult for them as to try to change RTP.

Best payout pokies in Australia

Online pokies which have the best payouts are, of course, the most popular as well. Aussie gamblers realized that, in order to have the best chances of winning, they have to stick to those online pokies which have greater winning odds.
Let’s see which are the top 10 best paying and most popular online pokies in Australia:

• Immortal Romance – RTP 97.9%
• Break da Bank – RTP 97.75%
• Carnaval – RTP 96.94%
• Gift Rap – RTP 96.6%
• Hellboy – RTP 96.49%
• Hot Ink – RTP 96.49%
• Loaded – RTP 95.29%
• Lady in Red – RTP 95.29%
• Big Kahuna – RTP 96.16%
• Mad Hatters – RTP 96.08%

Pay attention to the bonuses offered by the online pokies, for these ones will maximize your winning chances. So do not ever skip a bonus when playing an online pokie! You can get free spins, cash deposit bonuses or even percentage match bonuses. Some online casinos offer cash bonuses for opening an account, without the need to fund it. So, it makes sense you do that because the bonus can be used to generate real money wins.
Even more, casinos offer to match your first deposit or give you a percentage of it. Some choose to give players free spins which can generate winnings for you, as well.

Make sure you check all the bonuses available out there!
Sometimes, promotions are available in online casinos or game providers, and these may include tournaments that take place under certain circumstances. To get an advantage, take your time to go through these opportunities.

Certified payouts by special agencies

There are a lot of agencies which exist to confirm a casino’s payouts. The agencies that make sure gambler are fairly paid in Australia are eCOGRA or TST. So, if you need to test one casino or another, just go to these websites.
Also, Gaming Associates, which provide testing, monitoring and certification services, as well as ITech Labs, which approve most online casinos in Australia, are reliable sources for testing the casinos out there.

Tips and tricks for playing online pokies

We all have to be fair about the fact that large, once in a lifetime winnings in online pokies depend mostly on the player’s luck. Yes, you can maximize your winning chances, but there are no particular proven skills or things you can learn to make sure you hit the jackpot.
Thus, we have a few tips & tricks which we can advise in order for you to enjoy your experience and not get frustrated along the way. Remember, you started playing online pokies for the fun and thrill they offer and, by some chance, you hit a big win, then it’s perfect. But if not, why not enjoy the ride?

1. Keep Calm

We know, it sounds cringy, but it’s maybe the best possible advice for players. Do not get yourself led by your emotions. Keep your mind clear at all times, gamble responsibly and keep track of your losses and winnings.

2.Manage your spending

The best thing you can do is set up a budget for playing online pokies. Whatever you do, do not go over that budget. And if you lose the whole budget in one spin, that’s that. Try again tomorrow or whenever you set your mind to, but stop playing right then and there.

3. Choose your online pokies

Ask yourself, what is your reason for playing today? Are you on a hunt for a massive progressive jackpot? Then choose an online pokie which will offer you that. You just want to play for fun and maybe, with a bit of luck, win a small amount of money? Then you should go for a non-progressive online pokie.

You can stretch your budget and make your money last longer by picking a non-progressive jackpot online pokie or lowering down a coin value. This helps you by minimizing your potential losses.

4.Strategize your gambling

By strategizing your gambling, we mean your budget, that is the only one you actually have control over. Forget any other so-called winning strategies, they are actually just smoke when it comes to the online pokies random computer-generated algorithms.

In conclusion, as long as you play responsibly, all you have to do is enjoy the fun and thrill of online pokies. Yes, there are some tips out there which you can use to your advance, but do not get disappointed if those do not work as you expected.

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