History of gambling in Australia

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Aussie’s have enjoyed for centuries putting the barbie on whilst playing a good competitive game to gamble on. It makes people come together to have a laugh by betting. Gambling originated from the idea of having fun and the thought of perhaps, if lucky, win a prize.

Nowadays, the prizes have gone from a packet of chewing gum behind the bar to becoming a life-changing amount of millions of dollars. The jackpot makes people even more drawn to the thought of gambling but the love for gambling has always existed.

Aussies love to bet on anything from sports to casinos. But the most popular way of gambling according to statistics is playing online casinos. The growth for playing pokies seems to be the most common form of playing online and it keeps getting more and more popular.
This is because of pokies easy play nature, no skills are needed and high wins come in return for that one lucky player. Instead of pressing the play button to spin each round on you can even choose to play on Autoplay mode.

Gambling has never been easier and more generous as it is today. Australian culture doesn’t frown upon gamblers like some cultures may do, this is because Aussie’s see it as something fun, nothing is ever too serious for the Aussies!
Australians are infamous for their pleasant and laid back nature so no wonder they smile and shrug if someone loses on their casino game, as it’s, just fun! But if an Aussie wins, wow, then they definitely know how to put on a party.
Get ready to get the tins out as you may have to celebrate your future big win soon!

The History of Gambling like an Aussie

Every human being, every gambling game has a story behind it; Allow us to take you through the historical journey of how gambling started in Australia. How did it begin? What games exist? How do I begin my journey to riches? Why is gambling so exciting? We will answer all of your questions from the beginning of gambling to casino information you may be familiar with today.
Let us begin.

It began on one February day in 1973 at the beautiful Wrest Point Hotel Casino in Tasmania. After several years of campaigning for its casino license, finally, the hotel got its license to gamble accepted. The hotel now didn’t only have a stunning view overlooking the Tasmanian sea, but it also had the choice to gamble for fun in hope to become the next big millionaire in Australia. Wrest Point Hotel was the first ever legal casino hotel and brought many European travelers to the Island to experience a gambling adventure.

Now Australia has more than a dozen casinos spread across the country. Each state has its own individual legislation for gambling on casinos and individual rules depending on if the casinos are land-based or online. This includes casino games, poker, and sports betting. The legal side of gambling offline and online has played a very important role in protecting the players and casino companies. This is to ensure safe play so people can deposit without worry, avoid any addiction problems and protect the casinos for any foul play such as bonus abusers or allowing players to withdraw big amounts from casinos under any illegal circumstances.

The most common way of gambling since back in the early gambling days, are pokies. Pokies can be found in your local bar to hotels to other luxury or local venues. Now pokies are being played in its most popular format the online casinos.

Online casinos grew massively after the internet got released in the late 19th century. Many casino companies adapted from offline ways to online ways by realizing that playing casino games online doesn’t only allow the companies to increase their growth but it also allows the players to play from the comfort of their own home.

As the internet grew so did the ability to play even more conveniently than before, which happened during the development of the smartphone. The first smartphone came out in 1994 but the first mobile casino app wasn’t released reportedly until 2010.
Mobile casino apps have allowed online casino players around the globe to play whenever or wherever. This means that gambling is more popular than ever as it’s so easily accessible and attainable.
Why don’t you bet on a coin and hope to get lucky? Perhaps you are one casino game away from becoming a millionaire.

Australia has continued to see the substantial growth in the online casino business and keep offering the players a chance to bet their money on a number of games through great bonus offers. These bonus offers allow the casino players to benefit as much as possible through spending as little as possible online. The online casino games range from online pokies games to tablet games such as blackjack and roulette, you even have alternative games such as keno, poker and sports betting online.
Not only do the players have several hundreds of pokies games to choose from online but also a big bunch of online casino companies to choose from.

So how do you begin to choose a casino company?
The best way is to do your research and to read a bunch of reviews to see what your fellow online gambling piers are saying about the wide range of existing online casino companies.

Australian players have been able to choose from hundreds of different online gambling sites from all over the world. These online casinos come with multiple offshore jurisdictions allowing them to operate with gambling licenses to their sites. There are a few standalone companies that offer only one or two online casino game variants but the majority offer a combination of pokies, table games, online poker, and sports betting, giving the casino players loads of choice.

The gambling history has been traced back to Chinese origins. It all began with Keno, the lottery game, a highly popular way to gamble to this day. But it was the Europeans that brought roulette, craps, baccarat, and blackjack to the world.
For the gambler who has never heard of craps, craps originate from dice games. It is played with two dice where a winning throw is 7 or 11 whilst a losing throw consists of 2, 3 or 12.

Blackjack and baccarat were born in Italy where baccarat was the wealthy people’s game or the so-called high-rollers game.

So when did gambling first start in Australia? We have mentioned that the first legal hotel-casino opened in 1973 but the first recorded gambling event was in 1810 where a horse racing event took place in Hyde Park, Sydney. The first lottery game happened in 1880 in Australia. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that illegal slots machines started taking place in Australian pubs and clubs until it became legalized in 1973.

It’s hard to tell exactly when sports betting started in the world but supposedly it happened for the first time in 17th century England when horse racing started to become popular. After the first event in 1700, England’s sports betting influence spread widely across the world.
After Wrest Point Hotel Casino in Tasmania became legalized the online poker world came into place. Planet Poker was the first one to come into existence in 1998. As the internet was still being tested out and needed improvements Planet Poker had a few technical problems caused by slow and unreliable internet dial-up.

When 1999 emerged, a new online casino company called Paradise Poker arouse. Paradise Poker had advanced in technology more than Planet Poker and ended up becoming very popular. Paradise Poker offered online casino games such as Seven Card Stud, Omaha game and Texas Hold’em.
Not long after Paradise Poker’s release came Poker Spot that was invented by Dutch Boyd in 2000. Poker Spot was the first online casino website to offer tournaments. Unfortunately, the online gambling company only lasted for a year because of customer payment problems.

2001 may have been the end of Poker Spot but it was the beginning of PartyPoker and PokerStars, although these companies became increasingly popular, Paradise Poker stayed on top.

Televised poker came along in 2002 that attracted a large audience. This was a great year for PokerStars and PartyPoker as their growth increased due to their advertising for televised poker shows which lead them to beat Paradise Poker in being the biggest online poker site. PokerStars decided to release a World Championship for the online poker players.

As online technology continued to advance, online software companies started to get more and more involved in the online casinos. Becoming a third-party technology supplier meant that the software developers could grow with the casino companies by supplying them with what the casino players craved to have improved for their online gameplay.

The quality of the software has increasingly grown in the last few years as the online players demand increase. Reputable software companies such as Realtime Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech have improved the online casino games graphics, audio effects, speed, and bonus features. And they are not aiming to stop improving the games anytime soon.

Microgaming is the biggest and oldest software company in the market. They were established in 1994 and have been “the big boss” in the software world ever since. Microgaming have played a significant role in online casino games development and continue to do so.

As Australians are the biggest gamblers in the world, a big bunch of 80% of the population gambles in some way. Australians spend around 18 billion AUD a year on gambling due to this the Australian government reaps of the benefits. Regardless, gambling is a way of bringing people together and the thought of hope that you perhaps will win a life-changing jackpot. The beauty of gambling nowadays is that you have endless choices to choose from to make your gameplay work with your everyday life.
You’re just one online casino registration from winning.

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