10 Magic Themed Online Pokies

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While there is no magical recipe for winning at the poker machines, there is a whole lot of magic to enjoy while you try. And it’s not simply the overall experience we’re talking about here. One of the most popular pokies themes features a touch of magic – as in the abracadabra or mystical kind – which for many of us holds tremendous appeal. But which are the best when it comes to these charming games? Keep reading to explore our picks in terms of the top ten magic themed pokies, and more.

What makes for magic?

In our quest for finding the best 10 magic themed slots, we need to first understand a bit about what magic actually is. After all, how else can we go about identifying them in the first place? On one foot, magic is the power to influence people or events using supernatural forces. Some people believe in magic, others don’t. For those that do, there are different categories of magic out there. For example, we all know the stage magicians and their impressive hat of tricks. In addition, there are a whole host of characters known for, or thought to have magical powers. These include witches, unicorns, leprechauns, ghosts, goblins, and even giants. Then there are magical symbols like lucky horseshoes, rainbows, and four-leaf clovers, to name but a few. So as you can see, when it comes to magically themed pokies machines, there are a lot of ways to take this motif. And needless to say, pretty much every online casino software provider has done so in at least a handful of ways. Now on to our picks.

1.Magic Mushroom pokies machine

Our magical slots odyssey begins with one of the top rated magic themed pokies games around, and that is Magic Mushroom by Yggdrasil Gaming. This 5-reel game has 40 paylines and a whole lot of fun, with the chance to win up to 75 free spins. The premise is based on a magical night of foraging for magical mushrooms in the forest. While for some a certain connotation may pop to mind when combining magic and mushrooms, here it takes a more wholesome spin, with mushrooms that literally feature superpowers. One of the most attractive lures of the game is the bright and colorful animation which looks especially impressive when played on a high definition screen. And the RTP is a very decent 96.4% which means very nice odds on a relative scale. So while mushrooms may not perhaps be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the realm of magic, they make for a nice twist with good play in this game, which is enough to propel it onto our top ten list.

2.Merlin’s Magic Respins game

Moving on to a somewhat more familiar concept in the domain of magic, we come to Merlin’s Magic Respins. In case you didn’t know, this magical machine is a sequel to NextGen Gaming’s long-standing hit, Merlin’s Millions. In many ways, we’ve chosen it over its predecessor as our number two only because it is newer, and as such worthy of promoting. So what have we got here? Basically, it’s a wonderful 5-reel, 50 pay line video pokies machine with a wild symbol of Merlin of course. Magical as he is, Merlin can also change any symbol into the wild at his own will, even an entire reel if he so pleases. There are also scatters, multipliers and a huge number of free spins. Available for play on both desktop and mobile, this enthralling game takes place in Merlin’s lab with symbols like magic spell books, magic scrolls, and magic cauldrons cooking up some alchemy along the reels for some truly thrilling wins.

3.Rabbit in the Hat

The pulling the rabbit out of the hat bit is one of the most familiar tricks in any magician’s repertoire. And while it may be less performed these days as magicians increasingly take on more complicated illusions and fare, we all know what it’s about. As such, those who love nostalgia are sure to enjoy the Microgaming Rabbit in the Hat magic game. With 5 reels and 9 paylines, it’s also a bit of a throwback mechanically speaking. Still, it’s got some nice animation and a rather high 96.61% RTP. The highlight of the game is the aptly named Magic Hat feature, which is triggered when a magic hat appears above reel number five. There are four hats in total that you may land there, and each is associated with a different prize. As you spin, the hat hops left to right making its way closer to reel number one. As it does, you need to land a wild symbol on the reel above, before it bounces off screen, in order to win. Other than that, the game is pretty simple and straight forward, which when it comes to magic, can be a good thing as well.

4.Wizard of Gems

We couldn’t possibly offer you a best of magic-themed pokies list without at least one wizard game worked in. So here you have it. Wizard of Gems by Play’n Go. The trick this game has up its virtual sleeve is a true player favorite, and that is the cascading wild with its exploding wins across the reels. Other than that, the pokies here are pretty classic in terms of play, with the wizard giving a wave of his wand and fate determining how and where the colorful gems will land. Bottom line, this is a cute, fun game that we definitely think is worth a spin.


Continuing back to the abracadabra line of magic, we bring you Magicious by Thunderstruck. Here things are done a bit differently, with a magical touch that includes what it calls levitating symbols as well as a special wild symbol that magically expands. Plus, you’re granted the opportunity to win both ways. Fantastically fun, we absolutely love this wondrous game. Even though the number of paylines is relatively small (just 10), it’s got enough good times to rate high in our books. As for atmosphere, it’s completely on target with sparkling wands, magic balls, magic boxes, and Illusions and Magicians conducting affairs from the sides of the stage. If that’s not temptation enough, give it a try in free play mode – so you can make a choice for yourself based on facts rather than illusion, or our well earned praise. Oh, and there’s that very high RTP of 97.6% to consider if that’s your thing.

6.Magic Portals

Next up on our best of the magic list, we bring you Magic Portals by NetEnt. This one rate as one of the more mystifying games, with more fearsome graphics than the others we’ve reviewed. Intense and electrifying you might say, this 5-reel, 25 pay line video pokies machine is dark, sinister, and packed with eye pampering animation and the awe-inspiring soundtrack to match. As for the standout feature? It’s the game name itself; that is, two magical portals you can enter where you’ll encounter crystal balls that may well change your destiny. As for payouts, the red-haired sorceress is your best bet with the highest amount, followed by her blue-haired counterpart. There is also a green wizard, magician, and a powerful king. In other words, just about everything an enchanted world needs.

7.Voodoo Magic machine

If Magic Portals didn’t spook you out enough, it’s time to move on to the Voodo Magic machine. Sounds scary? Well sort of. This video pokies game from RTG is certainly on the eerie side when it comes to animation complete with sinister voodoo dolls (the scatter symbol), skulls, masks, poison and the priestess herself (the wild card). As for the mechanics, you can bet as little as 0.01 and up to 0.25, with a top jackpot of 2000 coins. There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles here beyond the Black Magic Free Spins feature triggered by two scatter symbols, and the Magic Multiplier which can be activated during that round. Still, we just love this game’s style, which is why it has earned an honorable place on our best of the list.

8.Astro Magic

The next star of our top ten line-ups is Astro Magic from iSoftBet. This time, you guessed it, the magic takes place in space, influenced by the powers of the astrological signs. If you’re the type of person who likes to check your horoscope, or simply someone who thinks there’s something to the constellations, then this game with its 12 zodiac sign symbols is certainly for you. With 5 reels and 9 paylines, it has a top prize of 1000 coins for landing 5 Pisces fish. Plus, it’s got a bonus prize through the Galaxy Bonus feature of up to 550X your stakes. This makes it a very decent paying magic pokies machine. So if you find yourself wondering if there’s a payout in the stars, or whether your destiny holds some wins, we certainly recommend a few spins on Astro Magic to find out.

9.Mirror Magic

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the next most magical pokies of all? Why it’s Mirror Magic of course. Created by Genesis Gaming, this 5 reel, the 3-row game has 25 paylines and a terrific RTP of over 97%. But that’s not all. Look into the crystal ball and you will see, that this fortune telling the themed game has a jaw-dropping atmosphere, with a thick mist of mystery hanging in the virtual air, complete with a majestic, fog-encircled castle designed to lure you in. Sound interesting? Then wait ‘til you meet the characters in this exceptionally well-animated game – the farmer, the witch, the old man with a hat, and even the butler ringing his bell. Then there’s the king, the queen, and the dancing Jester who serves as a wild to potentially allow you big wins.  Enticing, you see?

10.Leprechaun’s Luck

And finally, no magical online pokies list would be complete without at least one leprechaun game. So here you have it, Leprechaun’s Luck from Playtech complete with its green-clad lad, rainbow, four leaf clovers, and the much sought after pot of gold. While we like this charming game, keep in mind, it’s only one of many in a long list of options. That is, search online and you will find a lucky leprechaun game that’s about equally fit from all of the major online casino software providers. For example, you can give Lucky Leprechaun from Microgaming a spin or Rainbow Riches from IGT a go. These games are all quite similar in their theme, with slightly varying graphics for symbols and sound effects, and somewhat diverse paylines, bonus features, and paylines to suit different tastes. So if the luck of the Irish is your thing, consider yourself fortunate, as this type of magic pokies machine is rich with choice.

The selection process for choosing our top 10 ten magical games

Now that we’ve gone ahead and recommended ten magic themed online poker machines, we have to explain. True, these are all games we’ve tried and enjoyed. But there were MANY other contenders for our list. And truth be told, many of them were equally good. So in some ways, it’s not necessarily purely a matter of being the best. Rather what we have tried to do is give you a nice taste of what’s around in terms of the different twists on magical themes, as well as what the different casino developers have been creating in this realm.

That being said, we stand by our choices and certainly well recommend them. That’s because beyond pure magic they also have great performance. In fact, what all of these games have in common is that they are fun, fair, and provide good entertainment value. Most of them also have good odds. And some of them were chosen for their exceptional bonus features, while others were marked for their sheer originality.


In other words, to summarize, choosing our top ten is not a perfect science. Nor should it be. Betting on pokies is a subjective matter. And it’s certainly, at the end of the day, predominantly up to you to create your own impressions, based on the criteria that matter most to you.

As such, if you are a fan of magic when it comes to your pokies picks, we suggest giving our top ten a try. Use them as guidance for what to expect, then go out there, search, wager and explore. In doing that, you are sure to find some incredible magic of your own.

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