10 best gambling destinations in Europe

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Europe has been one of the most sought-after destinations of all times, as many travellers choose its cities to spend their holidays. And it’s no wonder, since you have some of the greatest civilizations which were born here, wonderful architecture and history, top world cuisines, wonderful natural sceneries and so many more.

The European continent is full of wonders and there are so many places to visit that you can keep coming back for years. And it indulges all sorts of travellers, from the ones who are focused on sightseeing, to the ones looking for exotic beaches or food, including those who want to travel to gamble. For Europe is the home of one of the most famous international casinos, in Monaco, Monte Carlo. And as gambling is legal in most European countries, the continent is heaven for punters!

Millions of people travel to Europe every year and they are all looking for entertaining. Some come specially to gamble, but some just want to visit the famous casinos, those which are architectural masterpieces. And maybe they play just a little bit for fun.

This cultural, economic and fun combination is very tempting. And, mixed with some of the world’s most scenic casinos, it becomes very attractive for all sorts of travellers. This is why we have completed a list with Europe’s most famous casinos, and the ones which are not so well-known but should be. So, if you plan to travel to the old continent, you will have the complete list of casinos worthy of your attention.

1.Monte Carlo, Monaco

The independent state of Monaco has its capital in Monte Carlo, one of the biggest gambling-oriented cities in the world. And it is home to one of the most famous casinos in the world, the Casino de Monte Carlo.

Found along the French Riviera, Casino de Monte Carlo has impressive architecture, a long history of gambling and is surrounded by stunning natural sceneries. It makes the perfect place for gambling, for both seasoned players and for those just wanting to have a good time.

The Casino de Monte Carlo is a huge gambling complex which contains 3 casinos, including the Sun Casino and Casino Café de Paris. You will find here the most complete set of table games on the entire continent.

The main gambling centre is the Place du Casino, also features in 2 of the James Bond movies, Never Say Never Again and Golden Eye. It is responsible for gathering an impressive number of wealthy gamblers, choosing it as the first destination for their extravagant and exquisite tastes.

Apart from the famous casino complex, Monaco is also known for its sports betting. It is also the place for international events such as The Monaco Grand Prix, Formula 1’s most prestigious race of the season. It also held the World Championship Maxing matches, the European Poker Tour Grand and the European PGA tours. Therefore, a primary contributor to the country’s economy is, in fact, gambling.

2.London, Great Britain

London is a metropolis in every sense of the word and is one of the most influential cities in the world. It is home to the largest airport in the world and a multi-cultural hub and, with such variety in its culture, gambling had to create its own history.

This is the reason why there are over 20 major casinos in London. All of these accommodate all sorts of players, as you can find from the cheaper ones to the most luxurious establishments. The most affordable casinos are found in the north of the city, as the most extravagant ones are found in Mayfair and Piccadilly, including The Playboy Club and the Ritz Club Casino. The most popular casino in London is The Hippodrome Casino, featuring 3 full floors with all sorts of gambling games. It also has a dedicated section for those who enjoy live entertainment, multiple live screens which show various sports, as well as theatres and steak houses. The casino makes sure everyone finds something to suit their tastes.

You will find a total of approximately 670 pokie machines and 360 table games, scattered across its casinos. Poker is another famous game in London, with over 99 live tables which you can find across the city.

3.Paris, France

The capital of one of the most prosperous countries in Europe, Paris features an overall extraordinary experience. Along with great culture, cuisine and architecture, Paris is also commerce, arts, entertainment, finance and gambling hub. With the 3rd highest GDP in the world, Paris is both one of the most romantic cities in the world and one of the most prosperous.

The Parisian culture involves a substantial gambling culture, which has grown substantially over the years. Therefore, there are 8 large casinos in Paris, more than in any other city of the country. Poker is an important part of the city’s gambling culture, being the home of one of the most elegant poker rooms in the world, The Aviation Club de France. It offers 24/7 access to the establishment’s 20 different poker tables. The club is where some of the most prestigious poker tournaments are held, such as the Grand Prix de Paris Poker or the World Poker Tournament, but is also visited by famous Hollywood celebrities, some of which are regular members.

4.Berlin, Germany

Germany is one of the top economies of the world and its capital, Berlin, keeps up the pace with the country’s economy. One of the most influential industries are automobile manufacturing and beer production, but gambling is also very present in terms of the economy.

As far as travelling goes, Berlin sports wonderful architecture, with historical buildings and museums, as well as innovative architecture. Nightlife here is also the main attraction, as nightclubs combine with sophisticated adult entertainment establishments to attract all sorts of people and their tastes.

2 of the most elegant casinos in Berlin are found in the historic centre of the city, Alexanderplatz. But the largest and most famous casino in Berlin is the Spielbank Casino, covering 118.000 square meters and offering a various assortment of over 350 pokie machines.

There are also other inviting casinos in Berlin, 5 in total. These add up to a total of 770 land-based pokies and 21 table games. There are also 16 live poker tables available for aficionados.

5.Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s largest city is also its capital, Lisbon. It is a developed metropolis with thriving industries and lots of things to offer to tourists. An important region in the Iberian Peninsula, Lisbon’s metropolitan area offers access to the Atlantic Ocean, beaches, cultural and architectural riches and great food. It is also home to some UNESCO World Heritage sights to indulge in when visiting.

When it comes to gambling, Lisbon has a long history with its games, started in the 16th century. Despite this fact, Lisbon has only 2 major casinos, but one of them is the largest in Europe and rivals the biggest ones in the world. The Casino Lisboa has a total of 650.000 square meters, on which you can find 1.100 pokie machines, 26 different table games and 2 live poker tables. The casino also offers entertainment to suit an entire family, as well as some variated cuisine restaurants.

The second casino in Lisbon is the Estoril Casino, which is formerly the largest one in Europe, before the opening on the Casino Lisboa.

6.Cannes, France

Welcome to one of Europe’s dream destinations, Cannes. Famous for being the home of the Cannes Film Festival, attended by internationally famous movie stars, the city is also known for its glamorous vibe. Located on the French Riviera, Cannes offers various luxurious hotels and beach houses which only complete the location’s extravagant feel.

All this luxurious vibe attracts many of the world’s high-rollers and, with lots of celebrities coming here, the casinos are generally full. You can find 3 major casinos here, among which we need to mention the huge Casino Barriere Les Princes. It features more than 320 pokie machines, 16 different table games, as well as 4 award-winning and high cuisine restaurants.

Cannes offers a total of 655 land-based pokies in all its casinos, and more than 60 different table games. So far, there are no live poker rooms available, but maybe we should seem them come to be soon.

Another of Cannes famous casinos is the 2.13 Casino, also the largest one in terms of surface.

7.Tallinn, Estonia

The capital and the largest city in Estonia, Tallinn is a brilliant mix of historical architecture and urban development. Therefore, is one of the main attractions in Europe, even though it does not get the recognition or the number of tourists it needs.

Offering one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, Tallinn is a major tourism hub in that continent region. And it has a lot to offer to gamble tourists as well, as it features a Vegas-styled strip with a large number of casinos.

You will find 35 different casinos located on one single road, something that is unmatched in Europe. In total, these casinos feature thousands of variated land-based pokies machines, 15 live poker tables and 14 different table games all ready for the world’s high-rollers. The largest casino in Tallinn is called The Olympic Park Casino, covering no less than 17.200 square meters and offering almost 100 gaming machines, as well as poker tables.

8.Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is considered to be one of the world’s cities with the highest quality of life. It marvels with a mix of historical architecture and modern buildings, as well as its long-time culture as an international port. It is also a multicultural city, having over 177 different nationalities represented.

Amsterdam’s most recognizable trait is its canals, as the city features more canals than streets. However, after the legalisation of the sale and consumption of marijuana, remarkable growth in its tourism has been seen. The city is also home to the world’s oldest stock exchange, famous museum and the notorious red-light district.

In terms of casinos, Amsterdam has 12 and are all situated near the centre of the city. These offer a total of 700 pokies, 116 table games and approximately 10 live poker tables. However, the crown jewel of the Amsterdam casinos is the Holland Casino Amsterdam, which offers 600 pokie machines and all the town’s poker tables.

9.Prague, Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic is among the largest cities in Europe and the most important one in its region. It is also an important social, cultural, political and economic hub of Central Europe. Its culture involves numerous museums, age-old gothic architecture and lots of attractions. Prague should be on your top 10 must-visit cities in the world.

This huge metropolis attracts its tourists for its culture, nightlife and gambling, as most of the casinos popped up in recent years. Nowadays, you can find 14 major casinos in the city, which offer in total 341 land-based pokies and 49 table games. Poker is very popular in the city, so you can also find 21 live poker tables in Prague, as it hosts many of the World Series of Poker matchups as well.

Casino Happy Day is the largest in Prague, featuring 100 gaming machines, as well as 5 table games. This casino is also popular among the high-rollers poker aficionados.

10.Madrid, Spain

Madrid is internationally known, it is Spain’s capital and the 3rd largest city in Europe, after London and Berlin. It is also the country’s centre for economic, culture and politics, offering world-class infrastructure to guide you to its cultural and historical centres all tourists are seeking.

As tourism has always been one of the biggest contributors in Madrid’s economy, the city enlarged its nightlife and adult entertainment areas so it could attract even more people. Spain has always been open to gambling, so Madrid holds 6 massive casinos, all of them offering over 350 pokie machines and 88 table games. The Casino Gran Madrid Torelodones is the largest one in the city, offering over 200 land-based pokies and 38 table games. You will also find 25 live poker tables, as the game is very popular in the city.

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