Woman denied of her winnings after hitting the jackpot

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Iowa woman, Tamara Bean, experienced the thing we all dream about when playing pokies games: winning the jackpot. However, Tamara has not seen a cent of her winnings, as the casino is continuing to refuse to pay her winning.

Bean gambled on a penny pokie machine in the Ameristar Council Bluffs and hit the jackpot, even if it only landed her 1.733 dollars. She attempted to cash out her win, but the casino refused under the ban she had been under for marijuana possession in 2002. Therefore, the was not eligible to withdrawal her jackpot win.

On the other hand, Tamara Bean gave NBC6 News in Omaha a declaration in which she said the casino hasn’t had a document to demonstrate she was not allowed to be and gamble in the casino.

The Ameristar Council Bluffs disagreed, insisting to have the documentation which proves she was banned from their premises for 17 years. The notice was released on her previous name, Tamara Sheffield, which she held before marrying. And the casino says the document has her signature on it.

On the NBC 6 interview she gave, Bean said that she went on the premises and gambled in the Ameristar Council Bluffs casino several times, showing the casino her driver’s license. This document showed her as Tamara Bean and there was no incident either of the times. Moreover, the casino also granted her a rewards card, which was another sign that she was allowed to play in the casino.

The Ameristar stipulated that the Iowa Racing and the Gaming Commission do not mention that a casino needs to make sure the banned players do not step in the facility in case. Therefore, Bean could enter and play in the Ameristar casino for the past 17 years, but it was only when she won the jackpot the casino asked for her social security number. This is the Iowa procedure for wins higher than 1.200 dollars, as they are reported to the W-2G.

Even though the woman had a rewards card, issuing them does not require the social security number of the person. Thus, she could use another name to receive the card, without having her earlier ban pinged.

The Gaming Commission was contacted by winner Tamara Bean to investigate the case. The Commission decided that the casino took a not-arbitrary decision and was as such valid, denying her the wins of the jackpot.

The decision was taken according to another case released in the news report. A player who was previously banned won 9.000 dollars at the Prairie Meadows Casino and Hotel in the city of Altoona, Iowa. The Commission then decided that the act of gambling represents a contract between the operator and the player, and this contract was the one to give the casino the rights to not pay the player’s wins.

With all these pieces of evidence out in the open, Bean still argues that the casino is trying to rip her winnings away, insisting that the operator benefited from her gambling investments for all those years just to refuse the legally won prize now.

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