Why Play Online Pokies For Real Money?

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Your Super Guide On How To Play For Real Money

Casinos are an exciting and glamorous experience but perhaps not the most convenient. Visiting a casino can be a very overwhelming experience if you are not used to it. At most casinos part of the experience is to dress up and this is something that many people might feel pressured to do. Another thing about real live casinos that the modern day gambler might feel pressured to do is to spend more than your next gambling pier as you can see how much people spend on the live casino games.

This is why playing online pokies for real money is more convenient and also more tailored for the modern day casino player. For the players that haven’t tried online casino yet; imagine being able to play anytime and anywhere on your laptop or via the casinos app on your mobile or tablet, this is exactly what online casinos do for you. If you’re bored at work on your lunch and want a bit of daytime fun, open up your phone and start playing. If you are lazing about in your pyjamas at home on your sofa, open up your phone and play. If you’re on the bus on your way home from work and want to kill time, open up your phone and play. Online casinos have made sure you can play for fun in the comfort of your own home or when you are on the go.

This article has our top strategy tips on how to win the big bucks on online casinos. We have put together a step by step information guide on how slots work, a slots tournament guide and how to bring those jackpots home.

What appeals most casino players is that slots are very easy to give a go at. Although slots are easy, there are certain strategies you can follow to increase your winning chances. Slots are also tailored to all kinds of personalities. You can choose different types of slots by theme, anything from vintage looking slots to a modern layout. There are even endless choices of different graphics on today’s online since the biggest gaming providers NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft keep releasing new exciting games to keep its online casino players interested.

These modern day slots still work like the old ones as all you need to do to take home winnings is to hit winning combinations in matching symbols on your slots reels. The biggest difference is the bonus rounds and the different amount of paylines that tend to increase on the newer slots games. Paylines, bonus rounds and RTP also play a big part in your slots strategy.


A slots game can have many different symbols. The most classical online slots have the cherry symbol, the old school ‘7’ symbol and different kind of vintage looking fruit. These are of course not the only symbols that will occur on your slots game as the modern looking slots have symbols matching the theme of the slots game of your choice. This means you can have a lot of fun depending on what slots game that excites you!

The slots game normally have around 10-12 different type of symbols. They also have special bonus rounds that include more exciting symbols like the Bonus, Scatter and Wild symbols that help you to increase your winnings. This is why it’s important to read the terms and conditions on the bonus rounds as knowing how the bonus rounds work will help you to know what next move will be more beneficial for you to bank home bigger amounts.


Paylines play a very big role in your slots game. This is the line that connects your winning combinations and can have twenty five or more lines across your reel. These reels should always be maxed out if possible as statistics have shown that the players that have betted higher and maxed out on their playlines have increased their chances to bring home a winning jackpot.


How much you would like to bet is always up to you. You are never forced as a player to bet higher it’s up to you and your finances on how much you know you can afford to spend on the slots. When you know how much you would like to spend on your paylines, you then choose the amount of coins you would like to play with.


Progressive jackpots are fun as players chip in on each round with coins that goes towards the “big bang” jackpot. The online casino players keep playing on the slots until someone wins the money.


How would you like to unlock special games within your main slots game? These are also called bonus rounds and really help you to increase your winning amounts.


“Return To Player” also called RTP refers to the “money back” percentage that the player has on the slots game. It’s always better to go for a higher RTP as it has the biggest statistical advantage to win money.


The more paylines you play on the bigger the chance you have to release bonus rounds. These bonus rounds increases the players chance to hit a jackpot.


The slots games have many different kind of symbols that help you to get matching combinations. What are the different symbols and what do they mean? The slots games have standard and special symbols. The standard symbols normally match the games theme and come in lined up winning combinations. The special symbols trigger bonus rounds and come with higher prizes and bonus multipliers. Below is a list of symbols to familiarise yourself with:


These exciting symbols are part of the special symbols category and substitute the regular symbols to give the slots player a higher winning combination.


Scatter symbols are another type of special symbols. To get a winning combination with the help of the scatter symbols, two or more need to appear on your reels to trigger a bonus round. The scatter symbols tend to lead to bigger prizes.


Bonus symbols can be extra fun as sometimes they trigger mini-games on a second screen that help to unlock bigger winning amounts.


Bonus multipliers will increase your money prizes by multiplying your amount from 2x, 3x or 4x.


Online casino companies have given new and loyal players massive amounts of options to choose from when it comes to free play online. To start with, you can research casino companies, pick the one that you like and test the games you are interested in on the casino website for free. By doing so, you can see if you like the online casino before deciding to register. When you decide to register with a casino company, most casinos will have some sort of Welcome Bonus as a thanks for registering with them. These welcome bonuses can come in free spins or even free money to play with.

Always read the terms and conditions as each online casino is different and some may have wagering requirements. If they don’t have any wagering requirements, then enjoy playing with the free money.


Every players dream is to be that one player that wins the jackpot. Knowing that you can win thousands or millions whilst playing can make your online gameplay extremely exciting. Winning thousands of bucks happens more often to players than the jackpot.

The jackpots may be harder to reach but if you want to increase your winning jackpot chances then the progressive jackpots are for you. As mentioned above, the progressive jackpots take a small part of your bet and put it towards the jackpot amount for the lucky player who manages to win it. This means that if no one wins, the pot keeps growing and growing, it doesn’t stop until a very lucky player wins the big amount.

Read into the game that you are about to play before betting as not all games have progressive jackpots. Most of the time you as a player have to meet a certain criteria by betting a certain amount that will make you qualified for the progressive jackpot.


Seven figure online casino slots winners are a lot more common than the amounts that will have most people dreaming about. But you see, dreams are only dreams until they come true and some lucky winners have taken home massive jackpots.

MEGA MOOLAH €17,879,645

You don’t have to always bet big to win big. This has John Heywood proven by betting 25p on each spin on the slots game Mega Moolah. Little did John know that his 25p bets would turn into a €17,879,645 jackpot win!

So you see, sometimes less is more. This is the beauty of the online slots games.


  1. Choose a slots game with an high RTP percentage. This will statistically increase your chances of winning higher amounts. Always avoid low RTP percentages that are below 90%.
  2. Use your casino promotions and free spins. By using your bonuses that the casinos offer, it allows you to play more without having to deposit too much of your own money. Who knows, perhaps that free spins round brings you the Luck O’ The Irish and lands you on a big jackpot.
  3. Understand your game and control your money. By reading the terms and conditions on each game and on each bonus, you will always be aware of what you are agreeing too. This allows you to make the best choices in your bonus rounds. If you want to spend more rather than less on your paylines, this can increase your chances of winning bigger amounts. You should also have bankroll management by only spending a certain amount on each game to avoid any disappointment if you win, you get your money’s worth.
  4. Keep an eye out for the jackpots. If progressive jackpots haven’t been won in a while then this could be your opportunity to play to win a jackpot that is close to the winning line.


You should always play online slots for the love of it, then if a win comes, you can always remember your online casino days as something that was fun. There is no point in playing if you have constant worry. Online casinos are there for players who have a clear mind and know their limits.

A lot of players see slots as a single player game where you are only competing with yourself, which is not true. Slots tournaments are more popular than you might think. If you are more of a competitive player and like to play against people, than these slots tournaments might just be the perfect online fun for you!

There are two different types of tournaments, the single-level and the multi-level tournaments. The participating players get their own machines and have the same amount of credit to start with. The tournament has a limit on how much the players can play. The general rule is to play as many spins as you can to win as much money as possible within a certain amount of time. When the time is up, the players will be ranked according to how much money the players have won.


On the single-level tournament the players start with the same amount of credit and generally maxes out on paylines and coins within a time limit. The goal here is to win as big as possible.


In this tournament they have an elimination process. The players start with being in a group of hundreds and end up only being a few competitors in the final round. The multi-level normally has biggest prizes that the players compete for in the tournament.


Whether or not you are looking to relax by yourself online on a slots game or if you’re looking to compete against others, we can clearly say that the online casinos have so much more choice and comfort for the modern day player. The choices are endless. You always have the choice to “chill out” or “glam-about” on your slots. It’s the perfect way to relax on a game to boost your different personas day by day. Perhaps you’re feeling like James Bond and want to relax on one of the vintage slots games, or maybe you’re feeling like ruling The Games of Slots by competing against your fellow slots players or it may be time to just relax in your bath with your phone in your hand and play an easy game of slots in your own relaxing zone.

Who will you choose to be today?

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