What are the 2018’s most played casino games in Australia

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Online gambling is a thrilling form of entertainment in Australia. However, as entertaining as online casino games are, you have to be responsible and aware of the way you’re playing online. Keeping track of your gambling safety such as making sure your gameplay is secure, fair, that you have good banking options and smart cash management, will help you along your casino adventures.

By making sure you are always on top of these points, you can gamble without any worries. If you are on top of these things but might still have some more questions for the casino company, then it gives us great pleasure to tell you that the most reputable online casino companies provide exceptional service to their players. Service, for example, providing you with a 24/7h live chat with their customer support team so you can play anytime and anywhere without any doubt as they are always online to reassure you to the best of their ability.

By playing online casinos, the sites offer greater entertainment compared to land-based casinos. The online casino companies have made sure to make your online gaming process as hassle-free as possible. With registrations and flexible banking options, your online casino experience is easier and more convenient than ever.

The online casino companies offer Australian players thousands of online pokies games and table games. Each online casino company is different, some might have more casino games like slots or poker rooms whilst others might be more sportsbook focused.

Another perk to playing casino online is that the welcome bonuses and promotions that the online casino companies offer to their players give you far better advantages to your gameplay than if you would play on a land-based casino. These bonuses might even include free spins that can help you to win real money without having to spend anything.

Australian gambling casinos follow strict rules and regulations which makes their security standards high. This means that your money will be secure as they make sure no “funny-business” is going on by asking players for their identification and using reputable banking options for your wagering and withdrawals. A good online casino company should be using standard 128-bit encryption software. This software provides the player’s information with protection against any third parties.

The different types of online gambling games

What kind of player are you? Or perhaps we should ask, what kind of player do you want to be today? With so many different gambling choices online nowadays, it can be hard to stick to one game, and that’s more than okay as they are there for you to enjoy depending on your mood and vibe each day.

Slots can be more enjoyable for the lazy days where you want to sit back and get a buzz from the autoplay button on your slots games and see the wins roll in. Or maybe today is a day when you want to put your gaming skills to the test by joining the poker room. You might even want to join the team and bet on your favorite sportsbook, regardless, the choices are there for you to explore.

Video Poker

Video poker is a great way to engage in your poker card games but instead of playing it traditionally somewhere land-based, you will be participating online. These brilliant online casino games incorporate loads of bonuses such as free spins, bonus features, and great progressive jackpots. Aussie players have the choice to play on the level-up and power-up version.

Level-up – Here the player gets increased payouts if they complete the level on each winning hand.

Power-up – Here the player has a choice to gamble up to 100 hands on the same go.

Here are the most played video poker games in Australia:


Card games

Many Australian players a choice to play the exciting table games where your card skills can be put to the test. As casino card games are now online, you can continuously increase your skills as you can play from the comfort of your own home to sitting on the bus on your way home from work. There is no need to have to physically go and visit a casino in real life.

The top, all-time favorite table games according to Aussies are:

● Blackjack
● Roulette
● Baccarat
● Video Poker
● Online Sic Bo
● Video Poker

It seems that the majority of Aussies prefer to play Blackjack whilst in the rest of the gambling world players tend to go for Baccarat or Roulette.


Welcome to the most loved online casino game. Aussies have been playing this casino gem for a long time now and it continues to grow as the countries favorite online casino game. You don’t have to have the skills to win, isn’t that brilliant? All you need to do is to pick your favorite online casino company, register, pick an interesting pokies game with a theme that excites you and that has a high RTP percentage. That’s it, and with each spin, you get closer and closer to winning that life-changing jackpot. Pokies games come with a huge bunch of online benefits such as bonuses and free spins. Make sure you take advantage of these free bonus offers as these free rounds might be your winning one….

Mobile casino play

Who would’ve thought that gambling online would become even more convenient? With the help of smartphones, the online casino players have become even more independent with their gameplay. All you need to do is to pick up your smartphone or tablet and swipe away on your mobile casino app.

The mobile app works the same way as the browser, and we think, it’s even easier to use than the browser, wow!

You can wager and withdraw as normal. Your gameplay becomes even more private and intense as you put on your headphones to enjoy the exciting sound effects that your favorite pokies game has.

Visually the games are stunning! This is because smartphone technology companies always aim to improve their graphics through more advanced software technology. Just pick up your mobile phone and begin to play in your own private casino, whenever or wherever….

Top 7 favourite Aussie casino games

We have been on a hunt, oh how we have been searching, to finally find the most innovative online casino games. Here are some of the Aussie’s favorite “one-spin-from-a-big-win” casino games:

1. Stacks O’Gold Slots Game – This Aussie favorite has the festivities going all year, all day and all night long for the pokies players. This slots game reaps of benefits with its iconic fruit machine symbols, lucky leprechauns, pots of gold, a bonus kick from the magic mushrooms, rainbows, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers filled with luck and the classical Irish charms, to charm your slots reels to a win. This wee beauty of a game comes with 5 reels and 34 pay lines with very high stakes. The brilliant bonus rounds offer the players a payout of 15 free spins, wilds, sticky and stacked wilds to increase your winning amount.

2. Playboy Gold Slots Game – After the unfortunate passing of the iconic Hugh Hefner, software developers Microgaming decided to upgrade their series of Playboy slots games to this sensual version, Playboy Gold. The legendary Playmate models, Stephanie, Hiromi, Gia, and Carly are shown across the 6 reels and 110 pay lines in hope to tease you enough to release a sassy bonus round. These bonus rounds include Jumbo Blocks, cash prizes, multipliers, and wild re-spins. Are you tempted yet?

3. Planet Of The Apes Slots Game – Software provider NetEnt decided to make this epic series of four films into an online slots game. The game includes big Hollywood stars such as Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Tom Felton, Gary Oldman, Jason Clarke, and Keri Russell. This slots game has a bonus round called Duel Feature bonus where sticky wilds become wins for the pokies player.

4. Age Of Gods Live Roulette – This awesome game was only launched in 2017 by software provider Playtech and quickly made its way to become the top favorite game to date. Why is this roulette revelation so great? It’s because you can play this extremely exciting roulette game via your smartphone or tablet whilst enjoying the God-like theme. This roulette game pays out the big bucks, an online jackpot of $600k thousand AUD. The game also comes with a four-tiered progressive jackpot pool.

5. Live Texas Hold’em Poker – This game is exactly what it sounds like, it’s based on Texas Hold’em expect you’re playing against the dealer and there is no possibility of a bet following the river card. Evolution Gaming decided to give this game a progressive jackpot starting from 50,000 AUD.

6. House Of Doom Slots Game – Here’s a game not for the faint-hearted, where you really can get your adrenaline flowing. This game from Play’s Go will really allow you to immerse yourself into the horrors and awaken some of your worst horror film memories. Get ready to sit in a dark room with your headphones or speakers turned up loud to get your own “fright fest” going on at home. Enjoy getting the creeps with the pokies game’s spooky symbols such as barbed wire crosses, flaming roses, ram skulls, and pentagrams. Your aim is to get three symbols in a row for you to reap of the cash rewards. The most powerful symbol of them all is the Seer, who is able to look into your future and see if you are the next big jackpot winner. The Seer might even help you along the way by rewarding you with wild reels, bonus skulls where you get a choice to trigger some fantastic doom spins. House of Doom allows you to win as much as up to x 2,500 your spins. Do you dare to begin a spin? Don’t let it haunt you.

7. Reef Run Slots Game – Yggdrasil created this ocean deep slots game for you to dive into. Your slots adventure in the reef will provide you with exciting bonus rounds and multipliers. Your day will be brighter than the rewards itself with its relaxing theme and layout, it will make you want to come back for more. Reef Run online slots game features 20 pay lines with payouts that you will treasure forever. Your friendly sea creatures need to come in 3 or more symbols for you to benefit from. In addition to this, you will also be rewarded with free spins as many as up to 60 free rounds to play with. Your multiplier goes up to x 20 your winning amount. Are you ready to jump in for the wins?

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