Top 15 dream destinations where you can gamble online and offline

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How would you define home? Is it where you live, is it where your loved ones are or where you feel good and relaxed? What are the elements, physical and emotional, which can define home?

Some people travel the world to find their home and some people travel just to have a home to return to. We believe that home is where you feel good, where you are welcomed to by those who understand you. So, when you travel, do you enjoy the places and the people who indulge in the same activities as you do? We would guess so.

This is the reason why we consider you find a part of your home anywhere you can experiment spinning the reels online, as you enjoy at home. Therefore, we have put together a list of 15 dream destinations where you can gamble online as an Aussie and feel like home.
We believe we have found the perfect places which you can travel to for the best gambling experiences, but also for far more reasons, such as sandy beaches and salty air or the freshest snow to ride on or the best vibrant nightlife there is. Yes, gambling is fun, but when completed with all those different and exciting things to do, it turns into the best holiday ever – the one that keeps you entertained in every way, day and night.

What to look for in a dream destination casino

When looking for the best casino out there, you need to take into consideration a few aspects which will guarantee the best experience. First of all, what are your favorite casino games? Are those table games or video pokies? Make this criterion the starting point of your search and choose the casino which offers you a variety of games which you are interested in. Although most casinos have the same table games, such as poker, blackjack or baccarat, some do have a different selection than others, better suited for your niche of tastes. Furthermore, if you prefer certain themes in a pokie or have your own list of pokie you play, find the casino which offers that what you are looking for. This is the best way to make sure you feel comfortable and create the premises for great fun.

The second thing you need to do is check the reviews about the casino. Everything may seem as you would like, but other people who visited that casino may have encountered situations in which the casino did not score well or maybe there is more to that casino than meets the eye. Other players experiences may just be the best way to find information about a casino and what it has to offer.

Research the casinos found in your dream destinations by their reputation and experience. There are a lot of options out there, therefore you should not compromise on quality and choose only the most experienced ones. These are the casinos which are more likely to have a flawless reputation and hence they are keen on keeping their customer pleased.
Last but not least, we recommend you choose the casino with the best bonuses.

Playing on holiday in your dream destination means that you are likely to be treated as a new guest in the casinos which you will visit and that’s a good thing, for most casinos have welcome bonuses which may include free spins, cash back on deposits or anything you might think of. This being said, make sure you get the most of the bonuses you receive because those increase your chances to win.

Gambling dream destinations in Europe


Since the regulations permitted casinos in London to fully open their doors to players, the British capital has become even more enticing. And for good reason, it has it all, great experiences, culture and history and gambling of all sorts. The most centrally-located casino, in which you will also find almost anything you are looking for is the Empire Casino in Leicester Square. Located right in the middle of that hustle and bustle tourists are great fans of, this casino might be the coolest place to spin some reels between sightseeing.

In addition, there are several smaller poker clubs which you will find throughout the city and you will be able to recognize them by the small signs found near the entrance.


Paris has so many experiences to offer in terms of cuisine and so many places to visit that you might think you won’t have time for anything else. But did you know that Paris was considered the poker players’ destination in Europe when it comes to gambling? That was due to the famous The Aviation Club, which has been closed for several years now. Still, casinos in Paris are not so advertised, as they are found on side streets and sometimes with no advertising or signs to their entrance.

Do not get discouraged, if you feel the need to relax after all that sightseeing and just want to play some pokies, you will surely find some casinos even near the main tourist attractions.


Vienna is yet another dream destination in Europe with so many things to offer. From culture and history which have created the great palaces and the city’s architecture, to the amusement parks, Vienna is one capital in Europe you just don’t miss.

Home to the Concord Card Club, the largest poker room of the continent, Vienna is also in the gamblers’ top destinations in Europe. The Concord Card Club focuses mainly on poker and offers the entire spectrum for this table game, from no-limit games to tournaments, you’ll have it all. There are also other casinos which concentrate more on other table games, so you will benefit from enough variety in Vienna.


Prague is another quite liberal destination in Europe, therefore perfectly suited for all types of gamblers. There are lots of casinos and clubs in Prague which are known to attract tourists for great fun from the bank of the city’s river up to the central gothic square. There are also small casinos which you can find right in the hotels’ lodge if you just want to give it a spin.
Besides casinos, Prague has a lot to offer. Indulge in the city’s gothic quarters and eastern-European cuisine to discover some taste combinations which will make your taste buds dance. Prague is also the place to be if you’re into some out of the ordinary distractions, such as driving Soviet tanks through open fields just outside the city!


Latvia might not be on your dream destinations in Europe list but we promise, it’s a hidden gem! Throughout the old town in Latvia’s capital Riga, there are plenty of casinos spread out. You will find themed casinos to fit every taste, from pirate inspired to clubs which offer only table games. Olympic Casino is one of the places in which you’ll have a good time spinning the reels on pokies as you stroll through the old town and decide to relax for some time.
Riga is well-known for its culture and old cathedrals which you can visit, but also for its nightlife and effervescent clubs.

6.Monte Carlo

We saved the best for last as Monte Carlo in Monaco is the place to be for European gambling! The Monte Carlo Casino is not only the best in the world when it comes to facilities, but also features a fantastic architecture and cultural richness, as well as breath-taking views over the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco might be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it surely has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, cuisine and an overall good place to park a yacht.

Gambling dream destinations in the US

1.Las Vegas

After Times Square in Manhattan, Las Vegas is the second most popular destination in the US. Las Vegas is probably the most famous gambling destination worldwide and is home to some of the largest hotels in the world, 15 of the largest 25. Las Vegas is a destination mainly for gambling, created as an oasis in the desert which has around 75 famous casinos such as Bellagio, the Venetian or the MGM Grand Las Vegas.


‘The biggest little city in the world’, Reno is one of the cities in the United States famous for its casinos and resorts. Home to 21 casinos, Reno sports the good old times of Las Vegas, with lots of fun and facilities designed with only gamblers in mind. Some of its most famous casinos are grand Sierra, Eldorado Resort Casino, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, and Peppermill and Silver Legacy.

3.Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the best option in terms of gambling if you are planning to visit the East Coast of the United States of America. The inspiration for the famous Monopoly board game, Atlantic City is known also for its beaches and boardwalk and offers around 8 casinos in which you will enjoy all the games you want: Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, Caesars Atlantic City, and Borgata.

4.New Orleans

The Big Easy, New Orleans, lives up to its name. Situated where the famous Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast meet, New Orleans has more than a century of gambling and entertainment history. You can have your luck tested in the Harrah’s Casino which, fortunately, survived the Katrina hurricane.

Gambling dream destinations in Asia


Since the legalization of gambling in 2005, Singapore became a fairly new landmark in worldwide gambling destinations. You can enjoy gambling in one of the city’s largest casinos, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa.

But Singapore is also known for its incredible skyline, the largest Ferris wheel in the world, its botanical gardens and the country’s aquarium.


The ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient” is another name that Macau goes by and there are lots of reasons to confirm that. Macau has 33 casinos which are responsible for almost 50% of its economy. There are 2 large areas where Macau’s casinos are concentrated in, the Taipa Island and the Macau Peninsula.
Macau has 7 of its casinos among the 20th largest in the world, such as Casino Ponte 16, Sands Macao, the Venetian Macao and the City of Dreams Resort.

Gambling in exotic destinations

1.Aruba, Caribbean

Casinos and exotic white sand beaches, what more can you want? The island-country of Aruba has it all: relaxing holiday resorts and the thrill of gambling, all in one place. Aruba offers many casinos to choose from and some are even 24 hours opened. Some of the most popular ones are Alhambra Casino, Stellaris Casino, Glitz Casino, and Casablanca Casino.

2.Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia, is home to the world-famous Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef. This natural paradise is the place to be for those who seek adventure and thrill in all its forms. You can skydive over the Mission Beach or go hiking on the Rainforest Trails, listed in the UNESCO Worlds Heritage. You can also go crocodile spotting on Daintree river.
But when all has been done and you seek another kind of entertainment, make sure you check out the casino facilities in Cairns, for those include table games such as baccarat, blackjack and poker, and also video pokies.


The gateway to North Africa, Morocco is considered an attractive alternative casino destination. The sand dunes created casinos in Casablanca, Tangiers, and Marrakech and thus provided gamblers with an exotic Arabian experience. Morocco is slowly starting to be considered more than just a traveling destination, but also a gambling one, as it is close enough to Europe and easily accessible.

4.South Africa

One of the new kids on the block when it comes to gambling destinations, South Africa offer new and modern facilities in its casinos found in the country’s best-known cities such as Durban, Johannesburg, and Bloemfontein. However, if you are seeking a truly thrilling experience, you should go to Sun City or Cape Town.
South Africa is also known for its natural wonders and remains in the world tops when it comes to wildlife and nature. If it is an adventure you are looking for, South Africa has it all!

Online casinos

After all, it has been said and done, you don’t really need to travel to all those destinations to gamble. Hey, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your living room, you can play online whenever and wherever. You will surely have your slice of the thrill and entertainment if you choose your online casino wisely and, who knows, maybe you’ll hit that progressive jackpot that will pay for your next holiday!

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