The most played pokie themes per region (Australia)

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There’s no denying that the Aussies love, love, LOVE, pokies. It’s been known throughout history that Australians have a taste for gambling. No wonder that the pokies have taken the Aussies by storm.

Pokies have had a beaut way of bringing people together in Australia hence why the game has grown in its popularity.

Another factor is that pokies are suitable for any kind of player, beginner or high roller. It’s simply down to you how much you are ready to bet in the chance of winning a crikey good jackpot.

You’d be surprised to know that Australia has a few favorite pokies themes they like to gamble on. More surprisingly is that different regions have their own kind of favorites too.

The question that keeps hanging in the air and that we would like to answer is; Do different regions play pokies differently?

Let us take a look.

Australian capital 

Here pokies players have a total of 5,200 land-based slot machines to choose to gamble on. The clubs dominate the number of machines by grabbing 5,114 slots whilst the hotels have 60 slots to share.

The regulators have set a rule that on land-based pokies there must be a brake of 5h where no gambling is allowed on the slot machines. There are also no winning limits on the pokies game and come with an average RTP of 87%.

Northern Australia 

Winter seems to never be coming in the North of Australia and neither does the time gambling limit in clubs and hotels. Although, you can play 24h a day with unlimited access on their 1,190 machines in clubs and hotels whilst the casinos have decided to set a limit on their 1,005 pokies machines for how much gambling can go on. This differs in the North from casino to casino.

Here’s a fun fact, or perhaps not so fun fact;

Did you know that land-based slot machines in the northern territory of Australia have banned note accepting pokies in hotels and clubs? Strange one might think.

The north may have banned note accepting pokies in some places but the winning limits are off the charts as there are no winning limits!

The pokies in the north of Aussie-land come with an average RTP 85% in clubs and hotels whilst the casinos have an average RTP of 88%.

New South Wales 

The region that takes the trophy in the largest quantity of pokies machines in Australia. New South Wales decided a long time ago to take the lead in owning the most gambling machines, as many as 100,500 pokies.

These pokies machines are spread across clubs, hotels, and casinos. The clubs and hotels share between them a large amount of 99,000 slot machines whilst the casino has to work with 1,500 slot machines.

New South Wales, also called NSW baby, allow 24h gambling in casinos but have set their limit in hotels and clubs. They also have kept up the trend in not having any winning amounts and an average RTP of 85% on their land-based pokies games.


Kings and Queens, get ready to shake it up in the royal gambling region Queensland that keeps their promise in being regional by having high RTP pokies. Their land-based slot machines come with an RTP between 85% – 92% in clubs and hotels whilst in the casinos, you are averaging an RTP of 90%.

There are no win limits on their 47,811 pokies machines where the clubs and hotels take the majority of 44,015 slots. The clubs may only have 3,796 pokies machines but they have 24h gambling available to any players. So, the clubs and hotels can keep their large amount of slots and their limited gambling hours.

South Australia 

Welcome to the south, that has a total of 13,113 slot machines. This may be a small quantity of pokies machines compared to some regions. The clubs and hotels take 12,118 machines whilst the casinos have to work with 995 machines.

If you are a want-it-all kind of player in the gambling world then we recommend gambling at the casinos in the south as they have no winning limits. The clubs and hotels, unfortunately, have set their winning limits at 10,000 AUD.

Saying that, when it comes to the 24h gambling policy, the clubs and hotels have no time restrictions whilst the casinos have set a time limit for when people are allowed and not allowed to gamble.

The south has an RTP of 87% on their land-based pokies machines.


Surprise, surprise, Tasmania comes second in having the smallest amount of pokies machines in the Australian region. Tasmania has 3,680 slot machines where the clubs and hotels take 2,500 pokies and have no 24h gambling restrictions. So guess what? Gamble away!

The casinos have 1,680 pokies and have a time limit where you can’t gamble 24h a day. Saying that there are no win limits in either the casinos, clubs or hotels and their pokies come with an average RTP of 85%.


Queen Victoria would have a good run for her money on the Australian region, Victoria’s 30,000 slot machines. The Crown in Melbourne didn’t only crown some of the biggest jackpot winners but also takes the largest amount of pokies machines.

With no win limits and an average RTP of 87%, you can enjoy 24h gambling at casinos in Victoria.

Western Australia 

West world, where art thou? Your existence may seem small with your 1,750 pokies games but let us tell you this, Western Australia, you are larger than you may think with your average RTP of 90% on your pokies.

Quality over quantity, speaks volumes in Western Australia with their no win limits and unlimited not accepting pokies machines. The only downfall in WA is their 24h gambling restriction policy so again, really make sure you get your quality time over your quantity time on the pokies.

Most played themes in Australia 

Now that you’ve gotten to know the ins and outs within the Aussie regions, it’s time for you to become familiar with the favorite pokies theme in Australia.

Egyptian themed pokies –  The mystery of Egypt has not only Australian pokies players gagging to find the treasures beyond the pyramids but also players all across the globe! We totally get why Egyptian pokies themes are the top games to go for because who doesn’t get excited by old ancient Egypt and its riches? Both offline and online, the Egyptian pokies games thrive with its popular progressive jackpots. You may not be strange with the popular Egyptian pokies game Mega Moolah, ISIS, Cleopatra, Eye of Horus, Queen of the Nile and King of the Nile.

African themed pokies – As an Aussie perhaps the popularity from choosing African themed pokies games comes from the familiarity of beautiful nature reservoir and wild animal life. Same, same but different, Aussie players seem to feel at ease and at home with the fun and steaming hot African pokies games. The African themed pokies come with ripe wins, brilliant graphics and lovely sound effects. Popular African themed pokies game in Australia such as Wild Ways has Aussies coming back for more than one spin on the reels with the 243 different ways of winning.

Animal themed pokies – There’s no surprise that the animal themed pokies games are a popular one in the Australian regions. Aussies are famous for being one of the biggest animal lovers in the world. Australia has such brilliant wildlife with all sorts of exotic wildlife flourishing in the different regions. In the offline pokies world, 50 Lions and Penguin Pay have proved to become some of the most popular land-based pokies games. Whilst the online Aussie players go for Oink Country Love, Miss Southern Charm, Wonky Rabbits. Emperor Penguin, Buffalo Blitz, Rockabilly Wolves and Epic Ape.

Mythical pokies themed creatures – Well, who doesn’t wish magic excited? Even as adults, deep down we still like to believe yes and mermaids exist. The mythical creatures bring something extra to the world that we can’t even begin to imagine would be real. It’s simply so exciting and the Aussies seem to agree. Their favorite mythical themed pokies games are The Phoenix Reborn and Dragon Champions. These pokies games come with loads of extra magic such as bonus games and multiple potential wins that are triggered during the gameplay.

Ancient Gods themed pokies – Since the Aussies have such love for mythical creatures, no wonder the mythical gods are extremely loved by the Australian pokies players too. We all wish that we could harness a superpower and what better way of feeling like a superhuman or a god by pretending to be one in a pokies game? Here you have the opportunity to feel like you are taking the world by storm when you come out with a jackpot win bigger than you could’ve ever dreamt of winning. Australian ancient gods themed pokies favorites include Age of the Gods, Age of the Gods Rulers of Olympus, Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus,Age of the Gods Furious 4, Zeus Ancient Fortunes and Medusa’s Gaze.

Golden themed pokies – You are gold! Get ready to sparkle in high karat gold with Australia’s shiniest pokies games. The Aussies have carved out their favorite gold pieces that make them feel richer than ever with pokies games such as Gold Rally, Liquid Gold and Pot O’ Gold. As a wise man once said “The desire for gold is not for gold. It is for the freedom and benefit.” …. That goes for a golden jackpot too….

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