The auto-spin feature in pokies ( myths and truths)

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We have all fallen in love with the way how the technology works with us and not against us. No wonder players seem to fall into a habit of letting their pokies games run wild during the autoplay mode. This makes it possible for most players to lean back without having to press the spin button again and again, but for some pressing, the spin button is an enjoyment in itself.

So, how does one come to the conclusion that they prefer autoplay or pressing the spin button themselves? Is one way better than the other? Or does it simply come down to preference?

Let’s us take a look at the pros and cons, the myths and truths of the autoplay function, so you can decide for yourself.

Autoplay pokies feature 

Let us begin with the basics; How does the autoplay function work?

Most pokies games will come with the autoplay feature so there’s no need to bring out the search party to find one. When you activate the autoplay feature, the pokies game will basically spin over and over again, it’s an automated way of playing.

The autoplay button is normally located on the right side of your pokies game screen and you can set it up to suit your preference such as;

  1. How many spins you want to pokies game to automatically play for you.
  2. How much you want to play for.
  3. How many paylines you want to play on.

Important note to remember is that when you choose these settings for the autoplay function, it will play the bet and paylines you have chosen for all the rounds. You won’t be able to stop it until it spun all the rounds as its an automatic function. Make sure you are comfortable with the betting amount and paylines before setting the reels on automatic spins.

You have other setting options too to help you feel comfortable and a little bit more in control during your autoplay rounds;

  1. You can choose to stop the game if you win.
  2. You can choose to stop the game if you lose a certain amount.
  3. You can always choose to stop the automated rounds by pressing the stop button.

By setting these limits we assure you that your gameplay will have never been as stress-free. You never know, you might have a pokies round where you are completely unlucky and might want to stop the game before you lose more, so setting that “stop-when-loss” limit will only be a positive choice. Same goes to when winning, you don’t want to lose what you just won right?

The autoplay function may pause sometimes and this is because of the different kinds of bonus features the pokies game has. During the bonus featured rounds the pokies game can’t be automated so it will require that you make choices before the game can continue.

But, most importantly, although the rounds have been set to be automated you can at anytime stop it by pressing the stop button because at the end of the day, it is your money and you should of course always have control over what is your own.

Pros and truths 

Convenience – Playing on autoplay can make your life a lot easier as you don’t need to press the button after each spin. This makes your gameplay quicker which means you will get your winning amounts quicker too.

Put it this way, your finger pressing the spin button will never win over the machine when it comes to time.

So, if you are a person who’s busy and needs to multitask then we assume speed is a priority for you. Which means the algorithm running your pokies game is a perfect fit!

Let the game take over and win that cash for you….

TournamentsHow to save time and win money is something our generation is always on the hunt for. Autoplay during tournaments is the perfect solution to save time and win money.

Pokies tournaments are different on each online casino website but most tournaments will grade on these factors:

  1. How much you wager.
  2. How much you win.
  3. How many rounds you play over a certain amount of time.

When you do enter a pokies tournament, autoplay can give it the full attention you might not be able to. You just need to sit back and wait for those wins to come rolling in.

Autoplay Truths 2.0

“I feel like I’m winning more because I forget about losing”


“It allows me to win whilst spending time with friends and family”


  • Yes, it’s true, you tend to get the illusion of winning more often because you forget about time and the fact that the game is working towards releasing wins.
  • As you have different settings that make you comfortable to allow the game to play for you, it saves you time, time that you can use to spend with your friends and family. Who knows, you might even hit a jackpot in the process.

Cons and myths 

Losing money quickly – The biggest con is the fact that the computer doesn’t take into account the amount of money you have to bet within your account. It’s important to be careful and try to calculate how many spins will cost you as if you don’t pay attention to your settings you can lose your betting amount pretty quickly.

Always, always make sure you have enough to play with and to lose as you should never put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Autoplay is for the player who can afford to sit back and not think about if their betting amount is an issue to lose.

If you start feeling uncomfortable because of a few unlucky rounds then you can always press the stop function button.

Remember, you are in control of your own gameplay regardless if you have chosen to play on autoplay.

Same setting for each round –  When you have chosen how much you would like to bet, how many paylines you want to play on and how many spins the autoplay function should spin automatically, you cannot change the settings for those rounds. This is why it’s so important that you calculate your betting size as it will stay that way for each round.

We suggest that you begin testing the autoplay function on a low bet to see if you like the function or not and so you can learn how to calculate the game. This way you can avoid unexpected losses.

Another tip to follow is that if you win during your autoplay mode then either stop playing when the spins have finished, or press the stop button or lower your bet after the spin rounds are finished.

Loses its authenticity – Some players don’t like the autoplay function because it doesn’t feel like they’re playing as they don’t need to do anything during the spins. We can understand where they are coming from but when a bonus round is activated the player has to regardless of the function make their own choices.

Pressing the spin button makes some pokies player feel more in control and is part of the excitement as perhaps “this” rounds is “the one”.


The whole point of gambling for a lot of players is pressing that button or used to be pulling that lever. Knowing you were the one to make that choice when you could have walked away brings adrenaline to a lot of players system.

The themes and graphics lose its meaning –  Because you are letting the computer play you most likely will not pay attention. Some games have amazing graphics, audio effects and super cool themes that make the players keep on coming. Surely, this won’t matter as much when you are just letting the computer do the job for you. Then you are just in it to win it, which is not a wrong choice at all, it just means all that hard work the software providers have put in to excite you is gone.

Autoplay Myths 2.0

“My game will fully control my game and I won’t be able to stop it”


“I will lose more”


  • As mentioned, you are always in control even if you have chosen to play with the autoplay function. The game will continue to spin the rounds automatically until the rounds you’ve chosen are finished or until you stop it via the stop button.
  • Biggest myth ever is that you can lose more, it might feel like it because the game just spins until it’s finished but the algorithms are only controlled to play your game automatically not to increase your losing chances. The pokies games are equally as fair and unfair when it comes to winning or losing, with or without autoplay. If you anything you might get to your winning amounts quicker….


So, regardless if you choose to play on autoplay or not, it really is down to preference as the game still calculates losses and wins through pure chance. Playing speedier and saving time will not have anything to do with winning, it might feel that way as you might play more rounds quicker due to the automated function.

It’s purely your choice if you want to lean back relax and let the game bring home those wins for you, or if you want to be the one who presses spin on that winning round.

At the end of the game-day, autoplay and no autoplay still allows you to have full control due to the stop button and that is the most important factor of all.

The choice is always yours.

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