Sheldon Adelson exposed

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The infamous casino magnate Sheldon Adelson that has been openly opposing iGaming has finally been unmasked through undeniable video proof. Tim James unmasked the already suspected hypocrisy with which Sheldon Adelson has vehemently been opposing online gambling helped by the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.

The Las Vegas tycoon is also world-known for opposing online gambling regulation in the United States while declaring repeatedly that his casinos are a pillar of ethical and moral integrity. Unmasking the hypocritical declarations of Adelson has not been a hard task. James posted a sneak preview of a video in which an underage person not only gained access to one of Adelson’s casinos but was able to drink alcohol, gamble and cash out his chips.

This venture of uncovering the truth behind what happens in an Adelson owned casino was possible with the help of a hidden camera that the underage person was wearing. James goes as far as finding a working girl inside the casino and having a chat with her. Following this discussion, he found out a few details about how things go down on the casino floor.

Apparently, the woman was frequenting that particular casino because that is where all the rich people come. She admits to being ignored by the casino personnel that basically pretend that she is not there although not raising a finger in asking her to leave.

To completely debunk Adelson’s statements that internet gambling has no way of prohibiting underage gamblers from playing online, James demonstrates, with the help of the said underage player, how difficult it is for this minor to access and sign up for an account with The experiment failed and James stated that a hooker was the most impossible item to procure.

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