Royal 7 Fruits

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Game developer: MrSlotty

Number of reels: 5 reels, 3 rows

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When it comes to online slots, there is no shortage in terms of games with the words royal or seven or fruits in the name. And most of them, as you can imagine, somewhat overlap. Which makes it fair to say, that even the most discerning player finds it hard to keep track.

So let us help you make some order here. This particular game – that is Royal 7 Fruits – is an online poker machine from the rather innovative and user-friendly repertoire of MrSlotty. A developer known for its HD quality graphics and support of all mobile operating systems, MrSlotty doesn’t disappoint here, as Royal 7 Fruits performs well on both these ends.

But it is also more than reasonable to say that MrSlotty hasn’t quite reinvented the wheel – or reel! – with this one. That being said, it does give us a nice twist with clear gameplay and decent payouts of up to $25,000.


Your betting options on Royal 7 Fruits are fairly straightforward, which in our opinion is always a good thing. Basically, there are 25 paylines, and you can choose to activate the number you prefer – that is anywhere from 1 to 25. Obviously the more paylines you choose to activate the better your odds are of forming a winning combination.

The other thing you can choose in terms of betting is your coin value. The highest coin value is $1 while the lowest coin value is $0.01. If you do the calculation, that means you could potentially make wagers for a matter of mere pennies or up to $25 per round. If you’re just getting started, you can try all this out in free play mode, so you can get a sense of how the game and it’s wagering system works risk-free.

Once you move to real money play, the real prize payoffs begin. Prizes are awarded for all combinations of 3 and up. You can have a look at the game’s paytable for all the possible configurations which start at 10 coins for 3 matching symbols and go up to 1,000 coins for five of the top-ranking symbol, i.e. the game’s namesake, the numeral seven.

Back to the odds, like many other MrSlotty games, the RTP in Royal 7 Fruits is set at 94%. This means the return to player is lower than other standard online slots, which hover closer to the 96% range. Not a deal-breaker by any stretch, but definitely something you should keep in mind.


While there is no exciting bonus round on Royal 7 Fruits, there are a couple of standard features worth pointing out.

First is the wild symbol, which in this case not surprisingly is number 7. What it does is complete winning lines by substituting for any other symbol. Plus, as we mentioned the number 7 symbol can trigger the game’s top jackpot when you get a combo of five.

Then there is the scatter symbol, which in this case is the joker’s cap (it is a royal-themed game after all). How it rewards depends on how many joker caps you land. So 3 caps give you 1 free spin, 4 caps give you 3 free spins, and 5 caps give you 10 free spins. Simple as that.

And finally, there is a gamble round, which you’re likely familiar with in which you need to pick a black or red card, and thereby multiply your winnings if you choose right.


As a 5 reel, 3-row machine Royal 7 Fruits looks more like an arcade game than a classic fruit machine. This, of course, is what gives it much of its modern appeal. That and the updated fruit symbols like sliced pineapple, juicy kiwis, scrumptious strawberries, and bunches of luscious grapes that line the reels.

Other than that, there is not really all that much to say in terms of design. While there are elements that point to the royal aspect of the game, they aren’t done quite as well as they could be. So sure the purple backdrop is associated with regal hues, and there is a crown icon perched on top of the screen, but when it comes to majestic themes, we honestly expect a little more pomp and ceremony. Or at least a slightly more majestic feel. It isn’t terrible by any means. It just doesn’t go quite as far as it could go to reflect its essence. In reality, if the name royal wasn’t in this game’s title, we might not be 100% sure what it’s about.

The same could be said for the soundtrack. That is, it isn’t bad per se. But it doesn’t necessarily evoke royalty. In fact, it is far more frenetic than that; more about building adrenaline than nobility, which is fine, just not on theme. Some like that kind of music when they play slots. But if you don’t, remember to simply play with the sound off.

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