Real Money Scratchies – Scratch and Win Real Money Prizes

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 There are plenty of gambling games out there, but one, that somehow doesn’t seem to feel much like gambling is the ever-popular scratch card game. Also known as scratchies, this quick game gives you the chance to literally scratch and win real money. How fun is that? Simple right? Thrilling right? So what else could we possibly have to say on the matter? Quite a bit in fact. Read on.

A short history of scratch card games

First of all, let’s begin with the name. This is probably the game with the most variations on its very name. It is known in different places by different people as all sorts of things including: a scratch ticket, scratch off, scratchie, scratch game, scratch-it, scratcher, scratch-and-win, scritchies, instant win game, and even instant lottery game. Phew, that is a lot to remember! Luckily, the appearance of this game is generally more or less the same, so you’ll know the format when you see it.

Most scratch cards are printed on a thin paper or cardboard. They are most often used for competitions for potentially winning money. There is a different, less common type of scratch card as well, usually printed on plastic, that is used to conceal PINs for things like calling cards and other kinds of prepaid services.

In both types of cards, you need to scratch off a certain area on the card’s surface, to remove the opaque covering and thereby reveal what’s hidden beneath. For the lottery type of scratch card game, like the cardboard cards you’d buy at the service station, you need to either reveal three matching symbols to claim a win, or simply scratch off the area covering the barcode, that quickly indicates to the seller that there’s a winner hidden under there. In our opinion, scratching off the symbols one at a time is the better option, as it slows down the game, builds the suspense, and when you see those matching symbols, increases the thrill.

Why people love to scratch and win 

Scratch cards are a particularly popular type of gambling, and this is due to four main factors. First of all, they are generally low cost; usually no more than a dollar or two. That being said, this low cost limits the potential winnings somewhat. That means you aren’t going to get million dollar jackpots here, rather sums in the tens of thousands of dollars likely. Still, pretty good based on your investment.

Second, instant scratch cards give you the chance to win on the spot, without having to wait, say for a lottery draw. That makes the thrill of the win even more exciting, as you can pop out to the store and walk home with a nice chunk of change. Or you can win $4 for your $2 investment, which is always fun too!

Third, scratchies are really easy to play. There’s no skill involved. It’s just a matter of luck which card you choose. And which order you scratch has no impact on the results revealed. In other words, you don’t have to think too much. In fact, you don’t have to think at all. This is another big appeal of the instant scratch and win genre.

The fourth reason many people are drawn to instant scratch cards is the amazing range of themes scratch cards offer. Bright and colourful, scratch cards are eye-catching and appealing to all sorts of folks, pretty much all year. Who isn’t tempted by a Santa scratchy at Christmas, or the chance of finding the Easter Bunny’s scratch off eggs hidden for big prizes? 

Taking scratchies online so you can win real money instantly 

The first online scratch cards, or what you might call virtual scratchcards, made their debut around 2010. They use Java and Macromedia Flash to simulate the scratching of a card. As technology has improved, so has this scratching effect, making it as thrilling as any form of scratch game you’d buy elsewhere.

Many online casinos now carry at least a couple of online scratchies. There are also dedicated websites that are all about the scratch and win fun. Some of these sites even boast amazing odds, like one in three cards win (which can well be true since free cards are often part of the game). And since these games are played online, they’ve got the obvious advantage of easy, around the clock accessibility. That is, you can find an online scratch game whenever you have that itch, and an internet connection.

Free scratch cards win real money 

In the real world (as opposed to online) there are at times chances to win real money for free on a scratch card. This is usually done as some sort of promotion, for example, at a store, to drive interest and attract new customers. Let’s say a new mall opens nearby. The management team may hand out scratch cards during the first week to get people through the door, with a build-up campaign advertising something along the lines of: “Free scratch cards win real money. Collect at the door, Monday through Friday.” Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Another type of land-based promotion that fits the free scratch off tickets win real money theme is one that gives you the chance to scratch a card and either reveal free prizes, or collect on a discount. For example, at a clothing store, all customers at the cash register may get a card to scratch on the spot, before they pay. Once you scratch, you could win a nice product like a free sweatshirt, or you could win 20% off your entire purchase. While these prizes aren’t exactly cash per se, the prizes do have cash value, and they’re free, so pretty great in our books.

Free online scratch cards win real money

Does the concept of free online scratch cards win real money no deposit appeal to you? It should! The world of free tickets that allow you to scratch and win real money prizes exists online as well.

But before you get too excited, let’s talk about free online scratch cards first and make a little order. Basically, there are four ways you can encounter the opportunity towards collecting what you might optimistically call win money instantly free scratch cards.

  1. Play in fun/free play mode – The first is to play online scratch cards in free play mode or what some online casinos call fun mode. If you’re not yet familiar with the concept, all online casinos and many online scratchies sites let you play their games in two different modes. One is the standard play in which you make real money bets, and the other is fun/free play mode, which is bankrolled by play money provided by the casino. This is a great way to get to know the joys of instant scratch card games, without risking a real money bet. However, keep in mind, you will not be able to win real money when you play this way. That being said, free play mode can be a lot of fun for passing the time, say on a long bus ride or waiting at the doctor’s office, or anywhere really. Plus, it gives you a chance to try out a new game to reveal if it’s right for you. 
  1. Collect casino bonuses – If you visit the great casinos of Las Vegas or Macau, you know that there are certain comps like food and beverage going around, and even better for the high rollers out there. At an online casino, your loyalty is rewarded much sooner, in fact, as soon as you “walk” through its virtual doors with a welcome bonus on your first deposit. The extra money you get with this bonus, as well as any other bonuses you collect along the way, can be used to wager on most games, including online scratch cards. Once you clear the bonus wagering requirements, you’re able to collect on cash winnings from the bonus, which means essentially you’ll be enjoying free online scratch cards with real money prizes.
  1. Lookout for free card giveways – Once in a blue moon you may come across a promotion for free scratch off tickets win real money. That is, a totally free online scratch card game that will give you the chance to win real money prizes. Likely, if you do, it will be at an online site dedicated predominantly to scratchies play. Another possibility is a totally free scratch card designed exclusively for a casino promotion, which you could scratch and reveal real money prizes. You may find it on a dedicated page on the casino’s website or sent to your email. A final (somewhat remote) possibility, is that an online casino will be promoting a new scratch card game. In this case the casino may give you a number of free scratches for free, to try it out, with all winnings going direct to your casino account.
  1. Win extra cards while playing – Like the scratch cards you buy at the shop, online scratch cards offer free cards as one of their prizes. As you may have noticed, this is probably the most common prize you’ll win. But we love it nonetheless. That’s because it lets you keep playing (and just the act of playing scratchies is fun after all). Plus, it gives you another chance to win a bigger prize. That means you can pay for a scratch card, scratch to reveal a free card, and win real money on that. More entertainment and more money wrapped into one; nothing beats that. 

A little bit about the scratchy app 

It’s true that most online casinos are now perfectly suited to the small screen play of mobile devices like your iPad or smartphone. That means, if you enter the URL of the casino you want in your mobile’s web browser, you’ll be able to play all your favourite games, including online scratch cards, happily from the palm of your hand. This is an awesome option which we always recommend. But if you don’t feel like browsing, or bookmarking a site, there is another mobile scratch card option. The scratchy app.

Playing on a scratch card app, you guessed it, you can also scratch and win real money! To find an app that’s right for you, do a quick Google search for something like “scratch off app win real money”. If you’re an Android user, you can visit Google Play and have a look there. Or if you’re using an iOS device like an iPhone, visit the App Store and search. There are many free scratch card apps available. But remember, if it’s real money play you want, you’ll need to make sure this is a reputable platform with sound banking security and options. So just make sure to read the user reviews before you go ahead and download.

If you’re wondering why go with an app, the answer is short and sweet. The advantage of a scratchy app over a standard Flash site on your mobile is that it’s slightly quicker to access. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll see it on your home screen, marked by a clear icon. That makes your scratch card play literally one click away. Instant access to instant win opportunities. 

A few final words on the scratch game motif

As we’ve discussed, there is simply put, a whole lot to love about scratch card games. Clever and colourful, scratch cards are also a great form of entertainment. And they don’t cost a lot, which makes them a no brainer to buy. Plus, they’re 100% about luck, so you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t win. And there are lots of free card opportunities, so you can keep playing more cards and winning more money along the way.

Bottom line, if you’re looking to scratch and win real money, there are plenty of choices out there with different kinds of cards available at the petrol station, online casino, or from a dedicated mobile app. Whether you’ve got a paper card and penny in hand to reveal potential winnings, or a virtual scratch game played on your PC, the thrill is pretty much always the same. So have some fun, try different scratchy themes, and enjoy the instant wins playing awesome scratch card games.

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