Players unhappy over smoking ban

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A big number of unhappy casino patrons express their frustration with the new smoking ban that New Orleans has laid out.

The casinos claim that if players abruptly stop betting and they go outside for their smoke break, not only are they in danger of getting robbed but also this interrupts their gambling experience. A solution that casino operators are looking to implement is building enclosures for patrons that enjoy smoking. These patios will also include slot games.

Casinos in the area are crowding to apply for licenses that will allow them to place these patios in a licensed lot, mentioning that the soundtrack volume of the machines can be adjusted so as to not disturb public goings-on. At the same time the casinos suggest that slot players are usually quiet gamblers and this should not interfere with the community activities.

New Orleans is taking a step forward with the smoking ban that took effect on April the 22nd. Indoor public spaces are to enforce this new law and not allow cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars or vaporizers- although the last one is questionable. Bars and stadiums are also to abide by this rule, and some unrest is building up because of this.

Because casino players are now supposed to step outside the casino in order to enjoy their smoke concerns for their safety are being expressed by both casino and player groups. Since most gamblers carry relatively big amounts of cash, the risk of getting robbed is higher if patrons are forced to leave the casino premises.

Since this ban has been set into motion the casino revenues have started to dwindle so the idea of implementing a courtyard with slot machines for players hopes to restore the balance.

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