Pennsylvania Casinos surrounded by “alligators”

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Seeing as more casino projects are up for construction in the eastern part of the United States, it feels like Pennsylvania casinos are getting the rug pulled right from under them. Regulators and casino experts alike feel that the industry in this area will see many changes come their way, especially with gamblers choosing newly opened, more convenient locations to take their money to.

Regardless of these apparent facts, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Chairman, William Ryan Jr. attests that “The boom times for casino revenues we saw in years past are probably history. Those were caused by the opening of new properties. And a lot of the novelty has worn off. But I think what you see is stability and an industry that is in good health.”

Due to $3.14 billion in returns to the state from gambling operators in 2012, Pennsylvania was able to outshine New Jersey and become number 2, just under Nevada. Only 2 states had casinos in 1988 and today 43 states allow some kind of gambling. It has become clear that the gambling industry in the US has hit a plateau.

Casino experts like Harold Vogel say that “[Pennsylvania is] surrounded by alligators”, meaning that other grand casinos are looking to be built and once the novelty factor kicks in these might just steal away players from the state. The last time profits peaked for the state’s gambling market was in 2012 when table games were introduced.

Casino managers are hopeful that the tide will turn but hard work and a Las Vegas-style environment are necessary to attract the big crowds back into Pennsylvania.

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