Online casino business history

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The history of online casino business

Slot machines have easily found their way into the online environment, luckily for all those online casino business fans who care for their comfort just as much as for their games.

The very first slot machine was created back in 1981 in New York, U.S.A., but the more usable one, with a much simpler automatic mechanism, was invented in 1895.

For those that want to open an online casino business the slot machines have ever since been known under numerous other names, like fruit machines, simply slots, poker machine, pokies and many more depending on different regions.

In a nutshell, the way this works is simple: you insert money and you pull the lever or push a button. In order to play slots, you needed to visit bars, cigar stores, barber shops and other places where gentlemen usually gathered.

But since technology never stopped evolving, slot machines are now available in your own home, at only one click distance, through an internet connection.

Types of online slots

We all love variety. We like being able to make a choice and we like having the option of changing our minds. That is just one of the reasons why playing online is so great – you browse through the games easy, fast, try them out and choose your favourite at the end. And tomorrow choose another favourite. Or just play a different one every day, we see no problem there.

Trying to categorize slots would take forever since every casino offers their own range of slot variations.

With this being said, let’s see what the characteristics of slot machines are.

  • Number of reels

Slot games can have 3 or 5 reels, the ones with 3 reels being considered and referred to as “classical” or “regular” slot games. The ones with 5 reels are more contemporary.

  • Number of rows

Paylines are those crossing the reels, on which you can find different symbols. A slot game can have between 1 pay line and 20.

Classic slot machines have only one pay line crossing its 3 reels, while the newer ones, the 5 reel slot games, can feature 5 to 20 pay lines.

The number of winning possibilities is highly increased by the number of pay lines – the more, the better.

  • Number and denomination of coins

Various denominations are available from as little as 5c to $5 or even $500, as preferred by high-rollers or experienced players. Most online casinos offer special limitations like these especially for their high-rollers once they reach a certain loyalty level.

Also, there are casinos that accept bets of two coins or three coins, although things have changed so much that specific online casinos nowadays allow bets of up to 10 coins per line.

  • Types of jackpots

Although the winnings resulted from playing online slots are extremely various, we are going to mention the two most common jackpots offered by these: the regular jackpot and the progressive jackpot.

The regular jackpot is a fixed amount that you win after a winning combination while the progressive jackpot is anything but fixed or regular.

The basic rule of progressive jackpots is that everything you wager and lose is added to that amount that never starts at zero to begin with. If the jackpot is worth a whopping amount from the get-go, then you can only imagine what heights it can reach.

With the online environment being international, online slots can be played from all corners of the world, thus making progressive jackpots accessible to absolutely anyone who bets; and after investing in it both money and passion, the pleasure of winning is exhilarating. Not to mention the sense of pride you will feel after everyone finds out you are the grand champ – after all, what’s the point of playing online and “internationally” if you can’t brag about it to friends all over the world who also had their chance at it?

There you have it – slots are fun and, believe it or not, online slots can also be free.

The online casino sites that offer online slots games for free are so numerous that we are sure you’re not going to have a hard time finding one. However, if you do need a recommendation, try GoWildCasino. Their online slots games are powered by Microgaming, the leader in online casino software, and are renowned for bringing the online slot industry to a whole new level.

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