Online pokies win rate: in Australia vs in the world

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Pokies, the most sought after games!

Slot machines have since its birth been one of the world’s most popular casino game, offline and online. In the UK slot machines are known as the classical fruit machines whilst in America, they began to be played as early as in the 1890s.

These machines are also referred to as Pokies in Australia where they have more slots per capita than America.

Online pokies have continued to flourish through the use of marketing on social media where slot players can reap of the benefits through choosing a suitable bonus.

Even though many slot players have devoted their time and investment into the pokies games the big question that seems to hang in the air is, what are the odds of winning the big jackpot?

No wonder this question seems to hang in the air when such a big pot of money on stake. This just shows how devoted the pokies players are as they continue to play for the love of slot machines.

So, can you win the jackpot? Of course, you can. Now you might be wondering if there’s a strategy to increase your winning rate? Of course, there is.

Saying that, although you can increase your chances to win through playing on high Return to Player percentage slots to betting as high as possible, there have been a few cases where there has been no strategy at all and the player has still taken home the biggest jackpot possible!

It’s only natural to want to win regardless if you are just playing pokies for the love of it or not.

Pokies win rate in the world

Any pokies player will increase their chances of winning on a slot game if they continue to play on it more often than less. Isn’t that a reason to celebrate, that although you are playing a game of chance there is still a certain amount of control you have to make the jackpot win yours. That is playing more often on the same game.

Put it this way, there was a woman who won €1.75 million during her pokies gameplay and won the game twice in a row. She defied the odds of 625 million in 1.

Imagine winning not only once but twice! Amazing isn’t it?

To increase your winning chances always make sure that you are playing on high RTP games. RTP means Return to Player and the games come with a certain percentage on what the chances are that you can win your money back eventually.

The highest RTP possible to play is 99% and we advise to play no lower than 96%.

Some players might feel like they keep playing and playing on these high RTP games without any wins so it’s only natural to be asking, how come?

The RTP games results are generated by a Random Number Generator which no casino or slots player can influence expectations for having patience. Some players are luckier than others and that’s name of the game, unfortunately.

Your odds of winning the big exciting jackpot will vary from one pokies game to another. It also comes down to your choices such as different coin values and the bets that you take. This means that you can play bet the same coin on each game as all pokies games are different.

It’s difficult to tell your odds exactly as casinos tend to not promote the odds on the games or on any form of media as at the end of the day the companies to want to earn money.

Saying that there are some odds that can be calculated. We have decided to calculate the odds by comparing different slot games offered at multiple casinos. In this case, we are calculating our estimates from the UK market where you can find the average payouts in public from the UK Gambling Commission.

Coin Denomination                    Denomination Payback                  Percentage House Edge

1 cent pokies games                     84% – 87%                                        13% – 16%

5 cent pokies games                     88% – 89 %                                        11% – 12%

25 cent pokies games                   90% – 93%                                          7% – 10%

1 dollar pokies games                   93% – 95%                                          5% – 7%

Remember that these figures are not set for every casino, it’s an overall average. If you keep in mind that if you bet higher, your payback will on average be higher and will put you in a better chance of winning a jackpot.

Does this mean you should always wager higher on your pokies game? Of course not. You as a player must always feel like you’re in control when playing. Never bet higher and put yourself in a risk where you may go into debt. If you can afford it, sure, go for it! If not, then perhaps save up a certain amount each month into a separate account that you’re only allowed to spend to avoid any financial damage.

Pokies win rate in Australia

Australia, as mentioned, is one of the countries with the most slot machines. They take over 20% of the world’s slot machines with over 200,000 pokies machines. New South Wales, the place to be for gambling, has the biggest amount of pokies in the whole of Australia, as much as 100,308 machines.

Aussies have endured gambling for decades, this is probably why Aussies tend to be very competitive betting is part of their culture. As many as 38.6% of adult Aussies play pokies which is 1 game for every 101 Australian.

Australia is one of the countries where they also like to have the most fun so even though the numbers in losses have gone up with as much as $9.1 billion losses on pokies, they are still playing for the fun of it.

Just because something is fun and begins harmless, it can develop into a problem. The average Australian loses around $380 a year whilst the addicted gambler loses around $12,000 a year. In Australia, they have made an estimation of 300,000 existing addicted gamblers. This is why it’s so important to set limits so you never cross the line from it being fun to an addiction.

Here are some pokies facts and odds:

  • The odds of winning a pokies jackpot if you’re playing 1 pay line is 1 in 50,000,000.
  • The odds of winning a pokies jackpot if you’re playing 20 paylines is 1 in 2,500,000.
  • The Aussie slot machines in pubs have a limit of any player winning no more than $10,000.
  • All pokies machines have less than a 100% payout percentage.
  • The law in Australia says that there has to be a return of profits on pokies game with a minimum RTP of 87%.
  • The biggest jackpot ever won in Australia is $38.7 million.
  • Australia’s pokies players may lose big but they don’t top the American’s who lose even more on pokies.
  • The Aussie government are the biggest winners as they earn billions each year on gambling.
  • In 2012 in Australia, Antonio Esfandiari doubled his lifetime earnings to Joe Hachem who used to hold the world champion of Australia, by taking home a staggering amount of $23 million.
  • The average loss rate in Australia per hour is $720 where the US has $705 per hour, New Zealand has $156 losses per hour, the UK has $130 losses per hour and Japan has $52 losses per hour.
  • Biggest pokies machine manufacturer in Australia is Woolworths that operate over more than 11,000 machines across Australia.
  • The first pokies machine in Australia was operated in 1994.
  • The largest pokies scam in Australia was when a player got away with $32 million by manipulating the surveillance system. He was believed to be a regular VIP player at the casino but his identity remains unknown.
  • Aussie’s are known to have ‘balls’ as one Australian is known for betting on his grandson who was an infant at the time, that he would grow up to represent Australia in soccer. He won his bet and ended up winning $240,000 when his grandson, also known as Harry Wilson made his debut for the soccer team in Wales.

Playing pokies can be frustrating at times if you are in, it to win it. Especially when the odds for example in Black Rhinos pokies game are: There’s a 50% of getting 5 rhinos on your paylines, playing one line at a time. You would have to press the button 6.7 million times and cost you a staggering amount of nearly $330,000 thousand to guarantee yourself a win.

There is still a possibility of betting low and winning hugely, the odds are just not in your favor, but it exists. As pokies machines are programmed to pay out a lot less than the amount that you put into the pokies games. Which means, the odds are that you will lose a lot more than you will win. This is why it’s so important to play for the love of pokies and not to win, winning should just be the cherry on top of a very relaxing and fun game.

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