Online casinos in Australia with best welcome bonuses

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Welcome bonuses are an important process to beginning your pokies journey most cost-effective. Australian online casinos aim for their pokies players to play responsibly through having great bank management. To gain this trust, most online casino companies offer welcome bonuses to their new players when signing up.

Grabbing the best possible welcome bonus allows you to begin playing pokies online with some extra credit added to your account.

Let us take a further look into what a good welcome bonus looks like and how you can get the best possible use out of it.

What are the Welcome Bonuses?

Online welcome casino bonuses is the largest and most popular form of bonus for pokies players. Since the release of the first welcome bonus on the net, it has been the most effective way for online casino companies to attract new players.

Through having the best online casino welcome bonus, the online casinos are able to grow their profit margin through attracting new as well as old players to their site. This is the best form of marketing to get the reels spinning.

Although it may be the best form of marketing to attract players, it isn’t the best form of marketing to keep players betting on casino games. Why is that? From a look into extensive research, we have found that the majority of new players tend to not really be players who are looking to invest time and money into online casino games.

Most of the players that sign up to the online casinos tend to use the welcome bonus once and then disappear onto another casino. This way the players are saving money without having to spend too much of their own but there are only so many casinos you can use a welcome bonus on so how do the online casinos keep their players coming back for more? By continuing to have a loyalty program.

A loyalty program is for players that are loyal to their casino only by playing and depositing a certain amount. When the player does this, they get rewarded with extra free cash, matching deposit bonuses, free spins or if you become a VIP player you can get free luxury trips abroad.

This way the online casinos’ players are encouraged to keep playing as they’re continuously getting something back for spending their own money on the reels.

Another exciting factor about the Welcome Bonuses is that perhaps that one single bonus might end up generating a jackpot win for you.

Key Facts:

> A Welcome Bonus is the most popular type of bonus.

> You can only claim the Welcome Bonus after registering with the online casino of your choice.

> The Welcome Bonus will become activated after you’ve deposited the minimum required amount.

Different types of Welcome Bonuses

The Welcome Bonuses come as different types, hence why it’s so very important to do your research and compare them because you want to choose the one that’s going to suit you best.

The most common Welcome Bonuses to choose from is the Cash Match Bonus and it comes either as ‘free’ cash or a matching deposit ‘percentage’.

Cash Match Bonus – This is by far the most popular form of Welcome Bonus. You have probably noticed on most online casino website that it says ‘x amount free’. However, the Welcome Bonus is not completely free. The catch is that you have to deposit a certain amount to get the extra ‘free’ money added to your account.

It’s up to you how much you want to deposit when signing up before you can receive your reward. Although, there will be a minimum amount required before the bonus money is released. You’ll find that the larger amount that is deposited the greater your ‘free’ bonus money will be too.

There are also percentage bonuses that match your deposit amount. Each casino will have its own matching percentage amount. One casino might offer a 50% bonus match whilst another online casino offers 100% or even 200%. This is why you should always fish around before settling on one casino too quickly so you’re getting the most out of your first deposit.

How does a matching bonus percentage work?

Basically, after you’ve gone through the signup process and deposited for example 100 coins and the match percentage is 100% then that means that you’ll receive an extra 100 coins added to your account, completely free. You will then have 200 coins instead of only the 100 coins your originally deposited.

Saying that, keep in mind to always read the fine print which you can find in the terms and conditions as some online casinos might have wagering requirements before you can withdraw any wins.

The Lucrative Make Your Own Bonus

You may have seen this strange and rare Welcome Bonus floating about online. This is a less popular bonus and won’t depend on the amount that you deposit into your account when registering with the online casino.

Regardless, there will be a minimum deposit amount required for you to be able to receive the Make Your Own Bonus. This welcome bonus is more based on ‘time’ where you’ll get a ‘free’ certain amount, depending on how much you deposited, where you then only use that added ‘free’ cash within a certain time frame. This is why Make Your Own Bonus is not very popular as people don’t want to be bound to a certain time frame.

How To Choose The Best Welcome Bonus

Now that we’ve gone through the fine print of what a Welcome Bonus is, let us take a look at the step-by-step breakdown on how you choose the best kind of Welcome Bonus for you.


Over the last few years, the online casino Welcome Bonuses have become more competitive than ever before. This can make it very hard for the pokies player who’s just starting out to decide on which Welcome Bonus to go for.  This is why we encourage you to sign up and try out different Welcome Bonuses as there are so many great ones and even greater online casino companies.

In the online casino world, monogamous relationships are allowed, so why settle for one Welcome Bonus when you can try several? This way you are also getting more out of the money you’re depositing and after all, it’s all an investment in hope to win big, despite the small odds.


The online gambling sea is big and the fish to catch can be even bigger. Make sure you window shop around before settling on one Welcome Bonus offer. Compare how much ‘free’ money you’ll receive in comparison to the matching percentage bonus after you’ve deposited. Have a good read through of fine print and then do the math to see where you’ll get more money.


We cannot stress enough on how important it is to read the terms and conditions of anything you want to sign up on or play on before putting any of your own money into it. This is because sometimes an offer can seem too good to be true. These kinds of offers tend to have wagering requirements attached to them because at the end of the day the casino’s don’t earn anything on giving you free money unless you come back to spend more of your money or if they tell you how to spend it.

You’ll find out exactly what is required from you and how you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings if you have a good read-through of the terms and conditions first.

This way any disappointment can be avoided as you’ll know exactly what you’ve signed up to.


A brilliant way to make sure if you even like the online casino or online pokies game you want to play on before claiming your Welcome Bonus is to play on the ‘free play mode’ on the slots game. You can then very quickly find out if this is a game or an online casino you want to stay and spend your money on.


Just because you’re receiving something free, it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. You always have the option to stay in control of your gameplay and sign up process by having the option to decline.

There are players that don’t want to accept Welcome Bonuses when signing up as they don’t agree to the requirements attached to it. You can still play and receive regular payouts on the slots game with or without the Welcome Bonus.

The choice is always yours.

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