Most successful landbase Australian casinos

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The Star Entertainment Group and their successful land-based casinos

Australia has for decades been known for having some of the best land-based casinos in the world so it comes as no shock when we’ve decided to write an article about the most successful land-based Australian casinos by net worth and/or revenue.

Foreign high-roller players or also called the VIPs to vel from their own countries to play on the Australian casinos. This year, the numbers are higher than ever for The Star’s casinos.

The Star Entertainment Group Limited has as a collective got one of Australia’s largest gaming and entertainment groups where they own and operate several successful casinos in Australia.

The casinos they own are:

# The Star Sydney

# The Star Gold Coast

# Treasury Casino

# Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

The numbers have come back in record volumes at some of the Australian casinos operated under The Star Entertainment Group. They’ve turned over more than $61 billion AUD which has brought them a 54% increase.

This may also be due to The Crown Plaza having some possible allegations to face due to rumors regarding criminal activity at the casino. Could this mean that the legal high-rollers have turned to The Star Casinos? 

The Asian big spenders who come to gamble are probably the most important source of gamblers for most Australian casinos. It seems that the Asian VIP gamblers have started betting higher than ever at The Star Casinos.

The high-roller bets are one of the most important sources of revenue as they’ve lifted the profit by themselves with ver 20% which led to a profit of $258 million.

The high number of VIPs gambling on The Star Casinos are also due to the big winning streaks that have been coming out of their casinos. Which means, more players are tempted to test their casinos out as they become “lucky” casinos.

Asian gamblers tend to be superstitious and follow zodiac readings so for them to see such a great number of payouts coming out of The Star Casinos, it means luck is only a bet away for them too.

However, although the high-rollers have been having lucky wins, the winning amount has been abnormally weak than normal.

A questioning that has been floating around is that why are there so many Asian gamblers coming to Australia to play? The mass amount of rich Asian gamblers came after the Chinese Government decided to implement an anti-gambling crackdown which resulted in a few arrests.

So, instead of gambling illegally, they can come to Australia to gamble in a relaxed, luxurious and calm environment.

The Star Chief executive, Matt Bekier stated:“We’ve consolidated our no.1 position in the market.” The company’s chief financial officer, Chad Barton, noted that the foreign high-rollers have enjoyed an extremely lucky year at their casinos and stated that the win rate is “higher than normal”.

Macquarie Wealth Management had one of their gaming analysts describe The Star’s casino conditions and revenue intake as “pleasing” especially in the high-roller sector of the casinos.

The Star Entertainment Group have a net worth of $4.9 billion and have been listed on the ASX as Australia’s second-largest casino company operating to this day.

The Star Sydney casino is their flagship casino and grabbed home a revenue increased by 17.5% this year which resulted in $1.9 billion. The growth came mostly from again, the VIP players who spent the majority of their money on The Star Sydney’s pokies machines. Their increase was 5.3% higher than last year.

Their two other The Star Casinos in Queensland grew a profit of 10.5% as they also had a high-roller increase with as much as 41% more than normal.

The gaming and entertainment company’s chairman John O’Neill stated that the company has a record-high revenue due to their “ongoing operational improvements” with upgraded casino assets that seem to be benefiting their casinos very well.

Matt Bekier also stated,“Last year was a good year and we are very excited about this year”.

They’re implementing new marketing strategies that are supposed to increase their profits even further. These major new marketing initiatives will attract even more high-wealth customers from their Hong Kong partners, Chow Tai Fook, and the East Consortium. The plan is to build a new, ultra-exclusive, high-roller club only.

The Star Entertainment Group are putting their focus further into expanding their VIP program. Not long ago the company put a lot of money into the development of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Sydney’s Pyrmont precinct that resulted in a $500 million residential tower.

This luxury complex is planned to have 220 hotel rooms and 150 residences. On this project alone they’re partnering up with Chow Tai Fook and the East Consortium. They’re hoping and planning to bring high-rollers into the Ritz-Carlton to expand their group even further to grow from no.2 on the ASX list to no.1 in the market.

Gamblers have had their focus on Las Vegas and Macau but now Australia has become the hot spot for traveling gamblers thanks to The Star Entertainment Group. It also has a lot to do with the Australian culture now during difficult and complicated political matters in both the US and Macau. Australia brings a sense of peace and freedom where gamblers around the globe can bet and win without stress or worry.

Even if you’re not looking to gamble The Star casino and hotels are great places to stay at. The hotels glitter and light up the whole area and come with a lot of activity and luxury. They come near to 400 rooms and 130 suites. The Star casino and hotels are one of the most sophisticated places to stay or gamble at and have been designed to suit everyone’s royal palette.

Their casinos have over 1500 pokies machines, 30 different casino games across 200 betting tables and around 30 pokers tables that will keep any gambler low or high-roller entertained all night.

There’s no need to worry about getting hungry or sticking to one kind of cuisine as you’ll have around 15 different restaurants and around 10 bars where you grab something to eat and sip on an extremely gorgeous cocktail.

Not only are high rollers spending at The Star casinos but also low-income gamblers are saving up to come play and enjoy the luxury experience at the otherworldly-casinos of Australia. So, even though the gaming group are focused on bringing in even more VIP players, as a low-bet gambler, you are welcome at any time to enjoy the abundance of pokies machines to bet on.

There are simply too much to choose from but that means any kind of personality or any kind of economical background can enjoy their pokies machines or other casino games.

At The Star Casinos, the gambling world is your oyster.

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