Most popular land-based pokies vs most popular online pokies

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For some people, choosing if you are a land-based or an online pokies player might be easy, but for some, it might be more difficult. Getting to know your pokies personality may require you to do some test driving and why not begin your pokies race by testing the offline and online pokies worlds.

Offline pokies are also called land-based pokies and are still to do this day quite a popular choice to choose to play on for the experienced pokies players.

Then you have the online world, who has taken the world by storm since the release of the world wide web. Because of the online pokies world’s convenience, players keep coming and because of the endless choice of games that just keep coming.

So, since both worlds are still popular around the globe, how do you differentiate the two exciting gambling worlds?

Let us dive into the exciting world of glitz and glamour by going into more detail about the land-based pokies.

Land-based pokies

In the beginning of time slots were a game of fun where people would take part without expecting any form of wins. These gambling events began taking place in local bars as the demand throughout the years increased. Land-based pokies have taken a significant change in the way they look and in the way pokies player play on them.

As pokies became seemingly popular through being in the bars, the owners decided there was a need for an upgrade. This upgrade included getting something for winning.

The pokies wins started off being small in comparison to today’s major jackpots. The small earnings for winning a pokies game was products or products such as chewing gum, a form of bar snack, a can of coca cola or some tobacco. This very quickly developed into winning real pokies money.

Due to the pokies popularity starting to spread across the globe, so did ideas to develop this fantastic game. Inventors swept in to take over the market, but the one who managed to dominate the market with his first pokies machine invention was German-born Charles Fey.

Charles Fey invented the first land-based pokies machine in San Francisco. The three-reel ingenious gambling machine, Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell made the headlines “Fifteen Hundred Swindling Machines in One City”- “mushroom growth” and “nickel in the slot lotteries”. This machine became the backbone of all modernized slot machines in the entire gambling industry.

Fey’s decision to name the machine Liberty Bell came from deciding to honor the invention to the United States and became a symbol of freedom for the gamblers.

Due to the high demand of wanting more slot machines, Charles very quickly returned to his workshop to develop some more. Because of the high increase of quantity needed to be made Charles decided it was time to open up a bigger workshop.

Unfortunately for Charles Fey, he did not patent his machine and decided to sell and/or lease them on a percentage basis which meant other inventors eventually copied the machine and took patent on a new modernized design and continued to develop this incredible gambling invention.

With that being said, we all know deep down in our hearts who the original inventor of the slot machine was, our gambling king, Charles Fey.

To this day you can still find the three-reel pokies machine in Casinos across the globe. What a great gift to be remembered by.

The Social Experience

With this amazing creation being made for the gamblers, what makes the land-based pokies so special?

Land-based pokies come with the social experience whether you go alone or along with friends. You get the real feel of it as you can sit there and touch the machine itself.

The land-based slot machines invite you to an exciting world of gambling and socialization mixed into one enjoyable gambling cocktail.

For some people, it can be a better preference to play offline as it allows you to detach from your everyday environment and go into an environment where the hope of real money jackpot wins lies behind the spinning reels.

Watching other gambling piers that are sitting next to you winning (or not winning) can be so very exciting as you might feel like you are getting closer to the cha-ching!

It also allows you to come and go as you please as you can play for a little bit in a casino or in a local pub, then you can drift off to the bar, relax and have a drink, chat with some of your mates or get to know some new people.

Many find this way of playing very relaxing, like a message for the mind. Being in this open environment where you feel part of a group that is spending their day or evening in a similar way can be very reassuring and fun.

Are you perhaps someone who might feel like becoming James Bond or Cleopatra for the evening? Get ready then to throw yourself into a world of glitz and glamour in the extravaganza of the big and bold casinos of the world.

Casinos allow you to walk in as royalty and come back out as the ruler of the pokies throne with real money wins. The opportunities seem endless beneath those sparkling lights and audio effects of the pokies machines spinning.

Pokies are more or less everywhere, you can even enjoy watching a live event with a singer on stage whilst playing pokies and take a break to have some lovely food that tickles your palate.

As you can see the choices are endless and the pokies seem to melt in so well in the thriving nightlife of the young and the bold as well as the mature and wise.

As a land-based pokies player, it’s important to try a few slot machines before determining which one fits you the best.

Learning and informing yourself on the paytables and what you need to meet in order to enter a bonus round to get your free spins will benefit you a lot more than you perhaps realize.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more you are aware of the more you stay in control of your pokies losses and wins.

Some inexperienced players might think that land-based slot machines don’t have a theme to them and that you just spin the reels and sit and wait for a win. But they could not be more wrong….

Land-based slot machines have a wide range of themes that the players can enjoy from and statistics have shown that there are some more popular themes than others.

Criminal Themes

Crime-related themes is a very popular one. It can be very exciting to pretend that you are in a film and embracing your inner villain.

The crime related themes have been around for quite some time and because of its popularity offline, the software providers decided to recreate the themes online too.

Here are the most popular land-based crime based pokies games:

  • Safecracker
  • Beat the Bank
  • Break the Bank

Ancient History Themes

Imagine traveling back into history to revisit the ancient Egyptian as a Queen or a Pharaoh. Or perhaps dominating the slots along the side the Greek Gods as a Roman King or Queen?

This is all possible in the ancient history-themed pokies machines where ancient Egypt and Greek mythology play an important part in the gambling world.

The mysteries hidden within ancient Egypt and in Greek mythology has brought the world adventures, philosophies and excitement throughout time. Now, you can have all that and win real money at the same time!

It has been shown that ancient history themes have given pokies player high profitability. No wonder this theme is so popular.

Here are some of the most popular land-based pokies themes with a huge success outcome:

  • Pharaoh’s Pyramid
  • Cleopatra’s Gold
  • King Tut’s Fortune
  • Queen of the Nile

Vampire Themes

With so many TV shows about vampires, no wonder the scary fairytale themes have become seemingly popular amongst the pokies players.

With Halloween around the corner or not, land-based pokies players seem to choose this favorite type of theme to get the juices flowing.

With its haunting nature and spooky audio effects, no wonder adrenaline kicks in. So regardless of a win or not, these creepy themes are highly entertaining.

Here are the most popular land-based spooky themes:

  • Halloween
  • Haunted House
  • Ghost Rider
  • Greedy Goblins

Pirate Themes

Time to put your pirate hat on and sail out into the ocean to find your hidden pokies treasures. And to quote the brilliant Will Turner in the Pirates of The Caribbean “This is either madness…. or brilliance.” and choosing these adventurous pokies themes will have you living life on the wild side.

As hidden treasures are the main theme behind the pirate games, your jackpot wins will be more than a lifetime’s worth of treasures on these pokies games.

Here are some of the most popular three-reel pokies with plenty of winning combinations:

  • Pirate’s Treasure
  • Pirate’s Paradise
  • Chests of Plenty
  • Goldbeard

TV Show Themes

That land-based pokies machines with tv show themes are one of the most popular ones to play one was nearly a given as the fans for these show are on high demand to integrate their favorite characters into their daily life hobbies.

The characters and storylines are so liked by people around the globe that it would’ve been stupid not to use the opportunity to make them into pokies themed games.

Here are some of the most popular tv-shows that have been turned into the most popular land-based pokies games:

  • Trailer Cash
  • Deal or No Deal International
  • Jeopardy
  • Family Guy

Online pokies

Now we have reached a fantastic and convenient way of the online pokies. Online pokies suit the busy bee, the go-getter and family man/woman as it allows you to play anywhere at any time.

You can very easily squeeze in your pokies play in the smallest of time slots like when you are waiting for your dinner, when you are laying in bed or in the comfort of a relaxing bath or when you are on your lunch at work. Online pokies give you comfort and a quick bit of fun on any smartphone device, tablet or laptop.

Are you ready to whack open your phone on your bus or train journey on your way to work and win on a single spin?

Here are the most profitable online pokies games with the highest payouts:

  • Cleopatra – This 5 reel and 20 winning paylines pokies game has been one of the most popular pokies game online as well as offline. IGT created this stunning game that takes on an exciting trip through ancient Egypt and along the river Nile. You will be able to find all the mysterious in the heart of Egypt through the eyes of Cleopatra herself. Have we mentioned the treasures that are waiting to be found? Well, there are jackpot amounts that can be passed generations down. Cleopatra comes with the bonus round that triggers by three or more Sphinx symbols. These symbols will give you 15 free spins in return. Cleopatra is a wild symbol and substitutes all other symbols except for the Sphinx. She will double all of your wins. You can win up to 180 free spins and with 5 Sphinx symbols, you can get a payout of 100 times more your existing bet.
  • Gonzo’s Quest – Ready for an adventure? Prepare yourself to take on a quest with Gonzo and the Mayans. If you managed to line up 3 or 5 identical Mayan symbols, your bet will be multiplied. The winning symbol that will profit you the most is the Gold Face symbol. The Gold Face symbol pays out x2500 if you managed to land 5 of these symbols on your reels. Three Golden Free Fall symbols will award you with 10 free spins which you can use and pray to the Mayan Gods that these free rounds will give you 5 Golden Face symbols. Are you ready for a jackpot?
  • Zuma Slots – On this online pokies game you have 20 paylines and 5 reels. You want to keep an eye out for the from symbol that triggers your bonus round on this popular pokies game. Get ready to take yourself out on the range and shoot 4 Tiki Bosses to earn yourself some free spins. Once your free spins round is over, you will get the chance to shoot another 4 Tiki Bosses to receive a multiplier. The Frog symbols can multiply your bet up to x10 and you can take home a maximum of 50 free spins during your Zuma pokies game ride.
  • Monopoly Slot – This famous board game has been turned into a seemingly popular online pokies game. It has become so popular due to its famous bonus rounds that becomes triggered by certain Monopoly symbols. You have the Pass “GO” Bonus that comes with a brilliant bonus package that includes free spins, the “Spin until you win” feature and multipliers. To trigger this profitable bonus round you need to land 3 or more identical symbols on your reels. If you managed to get a “GO” symbols, your multiplier will be x2 whilst 5 Monopoly symbols give you a jackpot multiplier of x2000.
  • Double Bubble Slot – Hubba Bubba, double trouble, let your gum pop like your future jackpot in this fun and exciting online pokies game. Double Bubble Slot has 5 reels and 20 winning paylines where you can win a multiplier of x30000 your existing bet. A very, very generous payout! The wild symbol is the Double Bubble symbol itself and substitutes other symbols except the Bonus Bubble. If you managed to land 5 wild symbols on your reels you will be rewarded with a multiplier of as much as x20000 your bet. Time to pop some jackpot balloons.

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