Microgaming’s jackpots paid 90 million dollars in the first months of 2019

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Mega Moolah strikes again

2019 began with a bang with a 90 million dollar jackpot being paid out to one very lucky player. The Zodiac was working in slots player’s favour for that first month when playing on the infamous pokies game Mega Moolah.

Mega Moolah is well known for regular payouts and for making a few players rich for the rest of their lives and their new family generation to come.

So, who has made this pokies game that seems to be holding the luck of the Irish? No other than the award-winning software developers Microgaming. These operators are one of the leading igaming providers in the industry across the globe.

Let us take a closer look at Microgaming before we dip our noses into the biggest win of 2019.


Microgaming is an award-winning software company who developed their first online casino software in 1994. There’s no denying that they have been running the streets of online casino games for a very long time and other companies can learn one thing and another from these old dogs.

They also released the first mobile casino software in 2004 and have many famous online casino games, that you may have heard of, such as; Avalon, Thunderstruck, Dragonz, Jurassic World, Game of Thrones and Playboy.

It may be difficult to keep up with Microgaming due to them having their own rule to release new titles every month across desktop and smartphones. It really is quite impressive.

This gem of a company has their headquarters in the beautiful Isle of White and has this year paid out the biggest progressive jackpot in the world from their super fun igaming pokie game, Mega Moolah.

Microgaming’s 90 million dollar jackpot payout

In 2015, Betway UK set the Guinness World Records title for the “Largest Jackpot Payout in an Online Slot Game” where the payout from a 25p spin came to as much as €17,879,645.12, wow!

This year, Microgaming exceeded their expectations with their mega jackpot payout in the first months of 2019. The amount that was paid out from Mega Moolah slots game was as big as 90 million dollars!

We can surely say that the slots players were extremely pleased as 8 new millionaires arose from that brilliant progressive jackpot win.

Although Mega Moolah has been quite consistent in regular payouts and big progressive jackpot wins, Microgaming follows a strict set of rules to make sure responsible gambling is always set in place.

Microgaming is among the founding members of the eCOGRA, also known as the e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. Through eCOGRA, they set and follow fair gambling standards and always give back to local communities to prevent gambling addictions through their CSR initiative and Microgaming PlayItForward.

Mega Moolah’s Recent Jackpot Wins

There’s no denying that Mega Moolah truly is a game filled with lucky jackpot wins. If you don’t believe us take a look for yourself at some recent wins:

Amount Won Time Date
3,033,563.60 17:30 UTC 17/06/2019
5,543,986.99 01:30 UTC 24/05/2019
8,162,217.05 01:00 UTC 04/05/2019
16,739,767.64 (Total)

This is Microgaming’s highest jackpot paying progressive slots game. The slots game has been around for 10 years now and the winning amounts seem to be increasing. Mega Moolah is not close to backing down.

If you’re curious about how the pokies game works, this is how the online casino game is set up:

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slots game where you can play several other slots games that will share the mega jackpot. 

The pokies game comes with different kinds of themes that you can choose from such as; Wild Africa, America, Egypt and a Holiday theme.

It also comes with four different kinds of jackpots that will be triggered randomly during your gameplay. Each time players wager into the pot, the jackpot amount keeps increasing until one or several lucky winners win the pot.

The default currency in the pokies game is Pound Sterling but can be played in other different currencies. We are telling you this because if you win, you have to keep in mind that the winning amount will be paid out in GBP unless you change the default currency to one that suits you better to get the most out of your jackpot win.

The base game on Mega Moolah works so that there’s a wheel with four different coloured areas, each area, depending on its colour will correspond to one of the four Mega Moolah jackpots which are; Mini, Minor, Major or Mega.

As an example, we’ll use the African Safari theme on Mega Moolah which is the original theme. African Safari is a 5×3 reel slot and comes with 25 pay lines and a maximum bet size of 125 coins. But don’t worry, as you don’t have to spend too much because if you think about it, that equates to roughly 6.25 per spin. Basically, you don’t have to spend all of your hard-earned cash to win a life-changing amount of money.

The most exciting and unusual part of Mega Moolah is that your chances of triggering the jackpot increases, the more money you wager on each spin. Which means that you can choose to spend less or more because either way Mega Moolah has a tendency for jackpot payouts regardless but sometimes you don’t lose anything by betting a bit more to bump up those winning chances.

Biggest Jackpot of 2019

Who can complain when the year started off with huge jackpot worthy money whilst spinning the reels of Mega Moolah?

It has been calculated to be the third-largest jackpot-winning amount in Microgaming’s history and to this day, the biggest one of 2019. The exciting part is that 2019 isn’t over and according to the Zodiac of 2019, there are yet many more huge winnings to come for the pokies players.

The jackpot victory started on the 30th of January where 8 players shared the humongous amount and become back to back millionaires. When March 5th and 6th, two more lucky players on Mega Moolah won 11 million.

 Believe it or not but the luck on Mega Moolah in 2019 continued in May when two more players won again around 11 million. Then the luckiest month of all came when on June 17th a player managed to take home 3 million but lucky June wasn’t over yet…..

On June 30th the biggest payout of 2019 had emerged where Microgaming paid out a staggering amount of 90 million dollars!

Many companies would be huffing and puffing over such big jackpot amounts that need to be paid out but not Microgaming. This is because Microgaming know their own net worth and to keep players happy wins need to happen. So when a win happens, Microgaming knows that more players will be excited to wager on their lucky Mega Moolah.

Basically, what goes around comes around, and this is something Microgaming has followed since day one, hence why the company has been around since the first launch of the online casino gaming websites.

Microgaming treats their loyal customers as gold because if their players are happy then you have a happy profitable company. This is why Microgaming has gained such a massive respectable reputation because they are genuinely happy to see their players win.

We can’t deny, if we see someone win big or a slots game paying out regularly, it becomes very, very tempting to give it a go….

As you can see Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, is more than worth a try and again, as mentioned, 2019 is not over and it’s supposed to be a continued lucky year for the pokies players out there.

Why not give it a try?

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