How to make your own casino ”star-rating” system

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Become the best online casino judge

It can be very difficult to choose from the many online casino companies that exist out there. Especially with all the money that goes into marketing and promotion to attract players to online casinos websites. Online casino companies are becoming more and more competitive due to the mass market increase. So how does one online gambler begin to choose a safe and exciting online casino? Online pokies are essentially everywhere, but we need to make a clear distinction between them and only choose the best, from the very best sources.

With so many similar Welcome Bonus offers out there floating about on the internet here is a recommended “star-rating” system to follow to find the most suitable online casino for you:


Just like dating, looks are the first thing that draws us in to want to find out more about someone and the same goes to an attractive online casino website.

Design plays a big role in drawing the casino audience to online casino companies. But makes a good design one might wonder?

First thing, first. Preference. Depending on your own preference, you will be drawn to the online casino website where the theme, coloring, and layout suits your preference and personality.

You might be someone who prefers lots of colors and a modern layout with big bold text than to someone who would want calmer colors, vintage style, and a clean layout.

Now that you have an idea of what style you have in mind, the second and probably even more important part is how easy and straightforward the layout is.

As an online casino player, you don’t want to have to waste your time finding things. So if you don’t know what style you have then check to see if the online casino company has Easy Navigation.

What makes an online casino easy to navigate? To begin with, it should be easy to find all the areas in the tabs on the website. As soon as your online casinos’ website has loaded the Login should be easy to find. After logging onto your online casino company, the tabs should have a clear and straightforward layout where you can find all the games, your account, bonuses, language settings, help, etc.

If navigating through an online casinos website is taking too long, to the point where you are getting frustrated then you know this online casino company is not for you. Lack of organization on an online casino website can cause more annoyance rather than fun and the whole point of playing online casino is to have a fun and relaxing time. Finding your account or your favorite game should be the least of your problems.


Speed plays a massive role in choosing a top online casino favorite. Without speed or a good network/wifi, our gameplay becomes interrupted.

To avoid choosing a casino that has this problem, begin with making sure that you are connected to a good network provider or wifi before starting any type of browsing. 4G is highly recommended when you are playing from any smartphone.

When you have made sure that your connection is brilliant then begin to browse through the online casino website. Ask yourself, does the website upload fast enough when you press on different tabs? If that is a yes, then go onto the next thing to check off on your star-rating checklist…. The games.

Before registering with the online casino company, test their games out on their free play mode. You should be able to try the games out for free without having to register on any reputable online casino company.

If this is not possible, then stay away as it can be a fishy online casino company.

As you begin your free casino gaming test round, make sure there are no interruptions, if this happens more than a few times, you know that this online casino company is not hitting those star-rates.

It also comes down to preference, some online casino players might be more patient than others so it depends on how quick on the tech side your favorite online casino should be. This is why it’s brilliant to do a test run on the games before registering as you for yourself can get a feel for the speed that you like or dislike.

Payment methods

Let’s be honest with one and another, online casino is one of the most exciting hobbies to have. Knowing that any second or anytime in the future, you could win real money to take home to your friends and family. And who doesn’t want to spoil their loved ones? It’s such a warming feeling being able to give people what they need and even sometimes be a little bit extra by splashing that great big win on something fun for yourself!

But before that enjoyment can begin, it is extremely important that the online casino company of your choice has excellent payment methods. Without excellent payment methods, you will be left, annoyed, irritated and disappointed that you can’t enjoy your real money win.

A great online casino company should have a wide range of payment and withdrawal options. Your withdrawal process should not take longer than 48h as a regular rule. If the online casino company you are looking to rate is quicker than 48h then you know it’s within our star-rating system!

There are different types of payment providers that allow you to wager and withdraw comfortably and safe.

Here are a few different kinds of payment providers that most reputable online casinos should have:

E-wallets: As we know, e-wallets have become wildly popular due to being the fastest possible method to use and one of the safest. The most accepted online e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz. These e-wallets provide instantaneous payouts as the funds are generally paid out straight away. In some cases, it can take a few hours if the payment that is being processed is a large amount. Remember that the funds that are transferred instantly into your web wallet are not your personal account so even though the funds you receive to your e-wallet is instant, you will have to transfer them into your personal account which can take a few working days.

Credit and debit cards: Here’s another popular payment and withdrawal method. Although the withdrawals can be more on the slow side and take anything from 24h up to 72 hours or even more, most online casino players use credit or debit cards due to this being the most popular way to the bank.

Bank transfers: Bank transfers are the slowest but one of the safest methods to use when it comes to withdrawing your money. If you choose to use this method, your transfer is not expected to reach your bank account until up to 5 working days.


It’s important that you follow some important tips around how to see if an online casino company has “star” worthy games that are waiting to shoot your bank account amount sky high!

Here’s a little step-by-step tutorial to help you align your planets amongst the stars and shine brighter than the sun when you win that jackpot:

1. Know your RNGs – Grasping what an RNG is can ease the weight on your shoulders when it comes to understanding “winning patterns”.
RNGs make sure that every outcome on your online casino games does not have a set decision on winning or losing. RNGs outcomes are always random which means there’s no way of cheating on your online casino games.

Isn’t that lovely?! Your gameplay is totally down to chance, which means there is no pressure whatsoever to learn any “winning patterns”. The only winning pattern that exists, if you choose to play online casino games for the love of it.

2. High RTP percentage games – A brilliant and reputable online casino company will have the newest, wildest and most popular games available. Those online casino games will generally have a high RTP percentage game.

What is a high RTP percentage game? RTP means Return To Player and the games come with a Return To Player percentage. The higher the percentage, the better. Why? Well, it means that the RTP percentage is a measure of the percentage of stakes an online casino game returns to the players. This is roughly 1 million plays.

Basically, it means that what you invest (wager) in your online casino game has a percentage of what is likely to return back to you in winnings as a player.

Knowing this, it’s important to choose slots games with high RTP percentages, where the highest percentage is 99%.

Big casino companies want to entice their players and will have most of their games in the high RTP percentage bracket.

3. Bonuses and promotions – Everyone want to increase their chances of winning and a great way to do so is through bonuses and promotions. A vibrant and respectful online casino company will have favorable bonuses and promotions for their current or future players.

Regardless if you choose an old or a new online casino game, you can still make use of the many bonuses out there.

The biggest advice we can give regarding bonuses and promotions is to read the Terms and Conditions, CAREFULLY.

As much as online casino companies want to give you Free Spins, most of the time it comes with special wagering requirements, deposits, cash-out amounts, and expiration date. If you agree with what the online casino has in their small print then you are ready for an exciting real money win adventure.

But again, we can’t stress this enough, always, always, read the T&Cs to avoid any disappointment as bonus and promotions marketing ads can sometimes be deceiving.

When you have agreed to the T&C’s, choose an online casino game that has many benefits such as Extra Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Sticky Wilds and Stacked Wilds, as they will help to maximize your winning chances.

Software Providers

Last but not least, to become the ultra, mega, star-born online casino judge, know your Software Providers. If a top online casino company is working with the following software providers, you can rest assured that the casino company will have great games with high RTPs.

Microgaming – Microgaming is the longest running software provider and go by the name The Software Father. Still to this day they dominate the market by being the world’s largest gaming provider on the market. Microgaming offers over 850 online casino games and have guaranteed to bring out at least 2 new games every month. With Microgaming, there is no room for disappointment!

Net Entertainment – This gaming provider goes by the name NetEnt and have awards hidden underneath their sleeves. Their games keep being one of the top choices to play on for online casino gamblers.

Evolution Gaming – Do you prefer online live gambling experience? Then Evolution Gaming’s games might just be the ones for you. They are the largest B2B Live Casino Operations. They offer you the experience to join real live gamblers in land-based casino facilities with real-life dealers through the comfort of your own sofa. Feeling like a king has never been comfier.

Betsoft Gaming – If you’re looking to play edgy games then Betsoft Gaming is the ones to offer the most innovative and popular 3D online casino games.

GiG Games – GiG Gaming is one of the newest dogs on the block, and they have not only taken the bone that got given but is very rapidly taking over. These young’uns started in 2008 and keep growing exceptionally.

Playtech – They are infamous for being used by the big boys on the online casino market. Playtech is famous for its Marvel slots and their brilliant progressive Baccarat.

Now when your star-rating system is complete, you are ready to ask Simon Cowell to step aside and take his place because you are the new judge on the online casino market! It’s time to find that online casino company who is ready to go straight through to the top with a golden ticket.

There’s no time to hold on because I can already see the confetti coming.

Enjoy being your own great judge of casino-character!

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