Gambling influencers every player should follow

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Instagram is the trendiest place to upload everything you like to share or to brag about. One of the most popular social media channels, Instagram is home to influencers from all around the globe and covering any subject you may think of. It is the perfect place to upload pictures, videos or anything you consider cool, sprinkled with all the most famous hashtags.

Of course, gambling took its share of Instagram as high-rollers stated to show off their luxurious lifestyle, the tournaments they participate in or the celebrities they became friends with. Not only gamblers have Instagram accounts which reached sky-high numbers of followers, but some of the biggest gambling operators also have their share of the pie as well.
But what is an influencer anyways? An influencer is an individual, or a social media account, with the power to influence his or her audience into doing something, purchasing a product or spreading a message through social media. Generally, an influencer has a strong relationship with his followers and usually is always there either by posting all the time or by connecting with the followers.

As 40% of the world’s population using social media, there are billions of people who follow one influencer or another and maybe more at the same time, depending on their interests. Influencers in social media are individuals who built their reputation on a particular topic, be it fashion, literature or car industry. These people generate, through their online activity, large masses of people who not only follow them but engage enthusiastically in that particular topic.

Who can become an influencer? The majority of influencers fall in these categories: industry experts, thought leaders, celebrities, content creator or bloggers, micro influencers. Influencers are generally people or brands which are admired for a variety of reasons and not only have their account on social media followed but also their followers adopt their opinions, decisions and may even try to act the same way, united under one idea. Some of the biggest influencers worldwide started as anonymous and organically grew their social media accounts as more and more people started to admire them. When it comes to brands, on the other hand, the ones that were already famous and appreciated before social media continued their ascension through these channels, but the internet era also facilitated the rise of smaller brands which took the opportunity to reach more people.

The gambling industry also created some influencers in the individuals which had success either in poker tournaments, table games or had luck coming their way at pokies. These individuals created social media accounts where they started posting about their achievements, their losses or their lush lifestyle. People started following them because they have the same interests and they can relate or want to become as successful as them. Some followers even try to find patterns in the influencers’ gambling styles in order to replicate them, with winnings in mind. There can be multiple reasons why people follow gambling influencers on Instagram, but one thing is for sure, they seem to live the lives that everyone wants and that is appealing, even if you don’t like those persons you still tend to follow them.

Who are Instagram’s gambling influencers?

1.Dan Bilzerian – 26.7 million followers on Instagram

Is there anybody that has never heard of Dan Bilzerian? It’s no surprise he finds himself at the top of the most followed influencers on Instagram. This world-famous poker player is known to live life at large. One other reason why he is so famous is the lavish lifestyle he lives, and his bank account allows him to do so. Therefore, on his Instagram account, you are expected to find first and foremost a lot of beautiful models with which he hangs out, but he also flaunts booze, guns and a lot of cash. Dan is also known for the fact that he takes his fitness body seriously. Who would say no to this kind of life, affording anything you can imagine and not having a care in the world?

2.Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre is another type of social media influencer, who falls under the ‘industry experts’ category. He is the founder of the gambling content website, named Bodog. An online gambling billionaire, Ayre has also developed his own website and an Instagram account related to it, posting on both news about the gambling industry. You can find the most recent developments and analytical insights about the gambling industry, as well as profiles of the most famous and, of course, rich, high-rollers out there. Without flashing an extravagant lifestyle, Calvin Ayre is rather one of the gambling industry’s experts and his followers take his advice seriously.

3.Daniel Negreanu – 198.000 followers on Instagram

Daniel Negreanu made a name for himself by ranking number 1 in gambling winnings, scoring a staggering $30 million. This Canadian poker player won 6 World Series of Poker bracelets and has 2 Worlds Poker Tour championship titles under his belt. As many of the rich and famous individuals who focused on one industry, Negreanu is a high school dropout, but this did not stop him but made him create a career in playing poker. Daniel Negreanu is also a fitness fanatic, promoting a healthy lifestyle, sports and taking care of your body. He does not flaunt a lavish lifestyle but is also known to rub shoulders with celebrities.

4.Phil Ivey – 123.000 followers on Instagram

Phil Ivey is an American professional poker player who is known for his World Poker Tour title, as well as no less than his 10 Worlds Series of Poker bracelets which he owns. In addition, Phil also had nine final table appearances in the World Poker Tour. All this being taken into consideration, Phil Ivey does not have an extravagant lifestyle and his Instagram account is rather funny and personal, with posts about his meals, memes and things that happen in his life. Because he seems to be a regular guy, he appeals to his followers who can relate to his habits and passions.

5.Liv Boeree – 95.900 followers on Instagram

Liv Boeree is not just a smoking hot poker player, but a woman of many trades. She is also a model and a TV presenter and has a degree in Physics at the University of Manchester. So, she has it all, looks and brains! Liv won the 2010 European Poker Tour held in San Remo and also held the first position in the Global Poker Index in November 2015. Her Instagram account has a very familiar vibe as she uploads photos about her passions like going to the beach, swimming or her paintings.

6.Professor Picks – 10.500 followers on Instagram

This Instagram account understood what punters want to see when it comes to a gambling social media account. The owners of this Instagram account upload photos consisting of their betting screenshots. All they post about is sports betting and help their followers with useful and relevant information to sports betting, so this account falls in the ‘industry experts’ category. Professor Picks is one of the top gambling Instagram accounts to follow!

7.Floyd Mayweather – 23.1 million followers on Instagram

Floyd Mayweather is an American former professional boxer with an appetite for gambling. Floyd is a celebrity followed and admired by millions of people around the world, so his Instagram followers have multiple reasons to follow his account. Mayweather uploads photos and videos about his fast-paced and rich life, flying in private jets and having fun with hot women. When it comes to his gambling, Mayweather bet $750.000 on himself before his boxing match with Manny Pacquiao and also won $827.000 on an NBA bet. His Instagram account also has photos of his betting slips which prove their authenticity.

8.Robert Gorodetsky – 142.000 followers on Instagram

Robert Gorodetsky is a professional gambler who made millions playing at the blackjack table and taking part in sports betting. Despite this, Robert is known to be a betting passionate, wagering on almost anything, like his friends managing to get a woman’s phone number. Robert has spent years in strategizing on long term gambling in order for his bank account to look the way it looks today and it seems he made the right choices. His Instagram account has photos with celebrities, who he became friends with and speak about his lavish lifestyle.

9.BGO Vegas Casino – 58.600 followers on Instagram

BGO Vegas is a UK-based casino which offers huge jackpots, therefore, if you are a player who takes his gambling serious, you might want to follow its Instagram account. This casino offers an extensive pokies catalog and some pretty great live casino suites, as well as a fantastic array of virtual reality games. BGO’s Instagram account is worth following because they periodically post about their no deposit bonuses, promotions, and low wagering requirements so if you are searching for big payouts without having to invest a lot of money, this is the place to go.

10.NetEnt – 2.095 followers on Instagram

NetEnt is one of the world’s biggest software development companies for games and a top-notch supplier of gaming systems worldwide. NetEnt’s Instagram account proves it also is one of the most appreciated employers as they seem to have a lot of fun in their Stockholm office. If you are a fan of their games, then you have to follow their account because they regularly post about their new game releases.

11.Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas – 281.000 followers on Instagram

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is an attraction all by itself. This gorgeous five-star hotel has its Instagram account full of photos that speak louder then words about the luxury facilities you can find there. The amazing food and features you will find at the hotel are just part of the experience, there are also splashy shows and relaxing areas. Eager to hit that massive progressive jackpot and have an entire holiday spent at the Bellagio? Besides the hotel, you will also enjoy your favorite pastime in Las Vegas!

12.Ceasar’s Palace – 245.000 followers on Instagram

Dreaming about a fantastic lifestyle, in which you can indulge in mouth-watering cuisine, incredible hotel facilities and its relaxing areas? Then Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas is the place to be! This Instagram account is full of photos depicting all the spoils you can enjoy if you spend some time in this hotel. Caesar’s Palace creative team does its best to show people how lush can life become when you win big at your favorite online pokie or table game so, if you desire to have a slice of that pie start spinning those reels!

In conclusion, Instagram is much more than just a social media platform, it’s the place to be if you want to find insightful tips and strategies about gambling and much more. See how the high-rollers do it and plan your next big win, but remember to always gamble responsibly and don’t forget, it took years of hard work for most of these gamblers to reach this point in their lives!

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