Famous pc games-themed online pokies

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The PC may still live but remember the golden days when the PC was the only type of computer available on the market to use. The PC was invented in the ’70s by another famous Steve, no not Steve Jobs but Steve Wozniak.

With this new and exciting invention, people were entertained like never before. When humanity thought it couldn’t get more exciting, the first ever PC game was invented, Space Wars.

Since the release of Space Wars, PC games have never been so popular. With the first online casino being set up, the gaming providers jumped on the pc-games theme for the release of their pokies games.

Let’s take a look at the most popular pc-themed pokies games around:

Space Wars PC themed pokies game

Software provider NetEnt created re-created this pc game into a fun and fast-paced pokies game. The pokies game comes with 5 reels and 40 paylines and is based on the extra-terrestrial species with the alien Cloning Pod Re-Spin feature.

The graphics are brilliant and staying true to the original pc game. The slot game allows you to bet anything from 40p up to £200 per spin. You would think that Space Wars would have free spins with its re-spin feature, but no, unfortunately not. Not to worry, the re-spin feature will have lots of other rewards you can benefit from on the reels.

The Cloning Pod Re-Spin feature is unique in the sense that when you land a winning combination on your reels, the symbols get cloned, shot back out onto your reels with an added re-spin where huge wins are very much possible.

This feature is triggered quite easily and can repeat a few times over the game. There’s also a multiplier feature where you can win up to x1000 your money, not once but on every single re-spin!

No wonder why this pc-game is favorite as a slot game.

Call Of Duty 4 PC themed pokies game

Most gamers will have heard of Call of Duty. The game is so popular that there have been a few follow-up games hence why we have chosen to review one of the latest Call of Duty games in the pokies selection, Call of Duty 4.

This pokies game is land mine full of exploding features such as wild, scatter, exploding symbols, free games, and multipliers.

Call of Duty 4 comes with 5 reels and 25 paylines where your maximum multiplier of x5 which makes a firecracker of a payout of up to 5000x your bet.

The pokies game is themed around a battlefield and has symbols representing the typical Call of Duty features. If you are a Call of Duty fan then you will have no problem recognizing the symbols.

The symbols consist of soldiers which are the wild symbol, grenades, AK 47, gas masks, explosives and the Call of Duty 4 logo which is the scatter symbol.

What’s great with Call of Duty 4 is that even though the pokies game has loads of features that seem difficult to grasp, any beginner and VIP can enjoy the game.

Space Invaders PC themed pokies game

You might be confused and wondering if Space Invaders is a follow up from Space Wars. No, Space Invaders is its own brand inspired from the original game, Playtech decided it was time this nostalgic game was turned into a pokies game.

This arcade game gone pokies game comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines. It took the world by storm in the ’70s and has done the same in the online casino world.

The most well-known features in Space Invaders is the Turn Wild feature and the UFO Wild feature. The Turn Wild feature will blast away all of the weaker symbols and turn them into Wilds with a double multiplier. Then there is the UFO Wild feature where you get a free re-spin plus with up to 9 extra wilds added to your reels.

Space Invaders allows you to bet form as little as 10p up to £100 per pokies spin. It’s available to play on all smartphone devices with graphics and animation staying true to the original arcade game.

Did you know that Space Invaders arcade game was created by Tomohiro Nishikado and became the forefront of modern video gaming during its time? This entertaining phenomenon has been a favorite for decades and probably will continue to do so decades to come.

The theme will have you enjoy the 3 pixelated aliens, spaceships, flying saucers, monsters, and planets. The symbols can very commonly appear stacked on the reels where the highest paying symbol is the planet. The planet rewards you up to 150 times your paying stake.

Tetris Super Jackpots PC themed pokies game

If you haven’t heard of Tetris, have even lived yet? It’s probably the most famous game alive and originally came from the Soviet Union, created by Alexey Pajitnov.

Tetris has been a favorite for over three decades and became a hit due to the four segments also called the tetrominoes. The tetrominoes fall into a grid where your goal is to make the lines disappear by matching the stacked blocks correctly.

If you have played Tetris, you know what is to come. The longer you manage to last within the game, the longer you will play where the game only ends when the blocks become so stacked it reaches the top.

As you play along and you’ll notice the game getting faster and faster, hence why it becomes more difficult the longer you play as you will need to make fast choices where you put the falling block into a matching space.

Tetris Super Jackpots pokies game comes with some features with a twist. This slot game is very colorful and just like the original game, you’ll see the blocks in different colors floating on the screen.

The blocks come in colors red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue. Even though the graphics are simple it’s very sharp.

This pokies game is perfect for both high rollers and inexperienced players as there are enough denominations and betting levels for all kinds of gamblers.

Tetris Super Jackpots has 5 reels and up to 243 different winning combinations. It has a simple pay table with only a few levels to win prizes. The highest paying Tetris Super Jackpots symbols is the Four-line symbol. If you managed to land 5 Four-line symbols, you’ll earn an extra 200 coins.

This pokies game is one of the few ones that doesn’t come with any wild bonus features. However, no need to sulk as there’s the Tetrimino Feature. If this bonus feature lands on any of your reels it will add additional symbols onto the reels and increase your number of winning combinations on that single spin.

Tetri Super Jackpots comes with scatter symbols that will help you to earn free bonus games. Land three or more scatters on the same spinning round and you will trigger the extra bonus round where you can grab up to 10 free spins. Each of which comes with an extra added special of something….

Collecting free spins is a brilliant way of making sure you can keep on playing without having to spend more money. Free spins help you to possibly win for free and if you don’t, there are no losses for you to grieve over.

Every single round will feature the falling Tetrimino that will help you to increase your chances to earn more money to take home. The scatter symbols will then on Tetri Super Jackpots be replaced by substitute symbols to complete a winning pay line.

Given the pokies game name, there are a few good jackpots to win too. Your jackpot amounts that are available to win are displayed above your reels where you kind both the minor and major amounts to win. What’s so exciting about this feature is that either one of them may be randomly awarded at the end of each spin. So if you are betting on larger amounts, your chances to win the major jackpot increases.

Tetris Super Jackpots is so nostalgic that it’s hard to refuse giving it a go. Most people have been a fan of the game for decades and now the online pokies players are joining in. There’s something comforting with playing a pokies game where the symbols and world is familiar to you and that is what Tetris Super Jackpots is.

The machine in itself may feel a tad too simple for the experienced gambler but it’s a perfect one to play for the beginners who might feel nervous and unfamiliar with pokies. It has few bonus features so the game might feel like it is repeating itself but as mentioned this is great for the inexperienced players to get into the flow of things in the pokies gambling world.

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