Experts analyze the Roulette casino game

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Roulette is one of the most popular and enduring casino game of all time, experts have decided to take a closer look at the 5 Number Bet tactic and the statistics involved in this choice bet.

A lot of players choose this method of betting. The Five Numbers bet generally means that a player chooses to bet on the main number and the two numbers to its right and two numbers to its left. Due to increased popularity over the years, this style of betting has even gained its own name, the “Neighbours Bet”. Of course, these bets can only be played with five units, one for each number.

Regardless of choosing the “Neighbours Bet” or numbers far away from each other, betting five numbers has some outcomes if chosen continuously and consistently. When commencing the analysis, experts look at two important notions: Probability and Expectation.

Probability is quite hard to calculate and the more complex the system the less useful it becomes. The best result you can get from calculating the probability is to find out the level of uncertainty for a particular spin. Since uncertainty has always been part of the game 100% probability is basically impossible for any game.

Expectation, on the other hand, is easier to calculate and allows players to know what to expect much frequently during the game.

If players continue to play using the Five Numbers Bet, according to Probability, the chance of winning just on the number out of five increases with every spin. From one spin, evaluated at a 14% chance of winning, to four spins with a 45% chance, to eight spins at 70%, the chances of hitting a winning number out of five grow consistently. The growth percentage does tend to slow down as you add more spins though.

Conversely, according to Expectation, the first spin will also have a chance of 14% for a win, the fourth a 54%, while the eighth will blow past the 100% margin to 108%. Thus, players expect on the 8th spin to gain a little bit more than what they should be winning. Since there are 37 numbers on the wheel and we bet on 5 of them, theoretically we should be hitting one of those numbers once every 7.4 spins.

In calculating Probabilities and Expectations, players have a better chance of winning at the Roulette game, although no method is ever full-proof. At least this tool can enable players to take better decisions when it comes to setting down bets.

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