Everything you need to know about casino bonuses

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As gamblers, we’ve all at least heard about casino bonuses. As when talking about online casinos, the bonuses are so diverse, it might be difficult to understand them and choose which ones are more appropriate for you. And, when you just want to gamble, you might think that researching and choosing casino bonuses can get in the way.

But these are created for you to be rewarded and to benefit from extra or free features, which means that casino bonuses come to your advantage and you shouldn’t ignore them. This is the reason why we have decided to create a complete list of casino bonuses and their explanations. Forget combing the internet for information, you will find everything you need to know right here.

However, before we start looking into casino bonuses, you need to choose trusted casinos and to avoid the shady ones. It will benefit both your safety and goof experience. So, when you are looking for an online casino, here are the top aspects you need to analyse.

The first thing a good online casino has is a user-friendly interface. It should be designed in a way to make things easier for you, to have informational transparency and to have everything you might need in hand. It should also be easy to find the “Terms and conditions” tab, as well as your favourite games.

The second aspect to take into consideration is the game variety. As you mostly visit an online casino to play your favourite games, it is highly important for it to offer a diverse and complete assortment of online games, from online pokies to table games and live ones. Our experience and researches have shown that a good online casino in 2019 has to have around 400-500 games, even though most of them are online pokies.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the legality of the online casino. It must be licenced and regulated by a governing body, and only this way you can be sure that both your money and personal details are secure. You can also look into the year that the casino was launched because usually perfection takes time and you might want to choose one with experience.

An effective and experienced customer support department is primordial for a good online casino. It needs to offer 24-hour assistance in multiple languages and through live chat, to which email or telephone can be added.

The casino’s website should also support multiple languages and currencies to make things more convenient and pleasant for you. And, when it comes to top banking processes, you have to have your money secured by the most trusted providers. Our advice is to never deposit on an online casino which does not fulfil all security requirements. And you might not play in the free mode as well, as your details might be in danger.

Last but not least, you need to take a closer look at the casino’s bonuses. It might be that the extra generous welcome bonuses are not the best ones. You should find everything explained in the “Terms and conditions” section. A combination of bonuses might be more suited for you, so make sure the casino offers other bonuses besides the welcome one.

What is the casino bonus?

A casino bonus is something extra offered by the casino to a player. It can be represented by a multitude of offers, from free spins to cash deposit matches, from VIP programmes to lotteries. These casino bonuses can be part of welcome bonuses or ongoing promotions.

Every casino bonus comes with specific terms and conditions and these have to be displayed transparently in the “Terms and conditions” section, implying the obligation for the player to know which those are. This is the way the gambler is informed regarding the conditions, wagering requirements and restrictions that can affect the bonus offered. The players also have the option to not claim a bonus or opt-out from one.

Welcome casino bonus

The online casino welcome bonus can be a one-time offer or a collection of benefits. It is offered by the casino for new players on their first deposit. Some welcome bonuses can stretch on several first consecutive deposits.

For example, an online casino welcome bonus can offer a match on the deposit, resulting in an increased bankroll by the percentage, but only in certain limits. You cannot miss the welcome bonuses, as they are highly displayed to create interest in potential future clients. It is the player’s job to read all the implications in the “Terms and conditions” page.

Deposit casino bonus

The deposit bonus is granted to a player when he or she makes a cash deposit on the online casino’s website. The deposit bonus can take several forms, be it in cash or other rewards, such as free spins, that the casino decides to offer.

Non-deposit casino bonus

When a player undergoes an action, which is not a cash deposit, a no-deposit bonus is activated. You might be rewarded with this bonus simply for signing in and creating your account, but a casino can also offer this benefit for referring another player, downloading its app to devices or others.

For whom is the casino bonus?

A casino bonus can depend on a multitude of factors, and thus it might not address everyone. These factors can include the player’s bankroll and even personal preference. You might not like the wagering requirements and prefer to gamble on your own money.

Casino bonuses are a great way to play longer without the need to dig into your pockets, but you might not like having to respect the conditions imposed by bonuses and prefer your terms. The best online casinos out there offer you the chance to opt-out of a bonus. And its customer support department can help you with that, as well as inform you about anything else you might want.

Free spins casino bonus

The free spins casino bonus means you can have a spin on certain games which you play for real money, but do not have to spend a penny on them. Free spin can be offered as a bonus included in the welcome offer or in ongoing promotions.

Usually, free spins casino bonuses have strict restrictions, and more often than not they are displayed in plain sight. There can be only a few online pokies which benefit from this bonus or can be under wagering requirements. This bonus can also be offered in a specific time limit or redeemed in a specific period.

How to benefit from a casino bonus

Usually, online casinos make things quite clear when it comes to obtaining a specific bonus. For example, the welcome bonus can be offered either when a new gambler creates an account on the casino’s website or when he or she completes the first deposit.

But if the casino bonus is part of a larger promotion, it can be under different criteria. And things might get so much easier if you want to opt-in. It might only require to contact the customer support department or to click a button. Or it might require specific action on your behalf, such as playing a certain game.

Generally, you can stay up to date with the latest casino bonuses or promotions on the casino’s website, either on the homepage, the blog section or in the news section.

Can you receive multiple casino bonuses?

Usually, a particular casino bonus can be claimed only once by a player. Of course, there are some exceptions. These conditions should be clearly stated on the casino’s website, especially when it comes to ongoing promotions. If it is not stated, you should assume that the casino bonus is only offered once. But, for further information, you can feel free to contact the customer support department. A bonus that some casinos might offer more than once is the referral one, but it’s the casino’s decision.

Can the casino bonus be withdrawn?

Sure, the casino bonus can be withdrawn. But only when all the conditions and requirements have been met. If you completed all the requirements specified in the offer you can choose to cash in on the money.

What makes a good casino bonus?

There are no good or bad bonuses for everyone. Conditions are specific, so a good bonus should be the one which better fits your needs and gambling style, that’s it. You might benefit from extra funds to play with, or from free spins without having to spend money, or even from a bonus to kickstart your gameplay.

Casino bonuses are also bound by wagering requirements, and you can verify in their terms and conditions. So, we recommend choosing the right one for you, or none of them, so you can have the best experience.

Casino bonus codes

Casino bonus codes unlock certain bonuses, but they are available only for specific online casinos. The code can be used before you start depositing, thus attributing the casino bonus to your account. You can find the codes from a particular partner or many. And the bonus code can be used for a wide array of offers.

Live casino bonus

Most casinos offer bonuses for online pokies games or table games. But even if live casino bonuses tend to be quite rare, there are some providers which do offer them. The best way to hunt for those is to stay on a lookout on game or casino review websites to get noticed if these appear.

Terms and conditions of a casino bonus

Always make sure you have read the terms and conditions of a casino bonus before you opt-in for it. It is extremely important for your bankroll and pleasant experience to be informed about the requirements and restrictions of a bonus. Whenever you opt for a casino bonus, you have some rights and some obligations and making sure you know all of them will exclude you from not being able to use the bonus or other unpleasant situations. You will know exactly what to expect and have a positive experience.

Casino bonus forum

Some online casinos have their forums and you can discuss with other players about the casino bonuses there. Apart from that, there are a lot of forums and review websites out there which you can find. Make sure you look in the country you are playing from, to be sure you get to know the experience players as you had. This will be more convenient in terms of payment and withdrawal methods.

Mobile casino bonus

Most online casinos are mobile optimised nowadays, so you should have no problem accessing the websites and bonuses on your mobile devices. However, you should check the terms and conditions as these might be specific to particular devices.

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