Dracula’s Family online slot review

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Welcome to the Transylvanian abode of Count Dracula and his infamous family of scary ladies and ghoulish gents. Nothing is to be taken for granted here, least of all your safety!

Game developer – Playson

Number of reels: 5 reels x 5 paylines

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Welcome to the Transylvanian abode of Count Dracula and his infamous family of scary ladies and ghoulish gents. Nothing is to be taken for granted here, least of all your safety! So, step up to the plate, put your best foot forward and just hope for the best!

Playson has given this classic bedtime story (for some people, at any rate) a new twist by putting it through the mold of a conventional slot of 5 reels and 15 paylines. This is a fast-paced slot with plenty of action to keep you guessing at every turn and every spin.

A word of caution, though. This slot can bite…

Prince Charming? Think Again!

Hardly any viscount or count in the history of literature has become as popular as Count Dracula from Bram Stoker’s immortal stories. Invoking his deadly spirit, Playson launched Dracula’s Family, just in time for the perfectly befitting occasion of Halloween in 2014.

He’s not your run-of-the-mill prince charming, much less your knight in the shining armor. But his cunning nature and bold personality are good enough to transfix you to your seats as you mercilessly spin those dreaded reels.

Excellently devilish design that renders justified the whole theme is the first point we would have to congratulate Playson on. Spooky sound-effects cap this glory with equally devilish inputs, and the whole experience becomes worthy of a fully-fledged video game, rather than a mere reel-spinning slot.

Dare to Win

If you dare to confront Count Dracula and his fiendish family, there’s every reason for you to consider yourself worthy of riches. And riches shall you get dear slotters because the gameplay here has real promise to rain coins upon the lucky few.

As we mentioned in passing earlier, there are 5 reels and 15 paylines to work your way with. As a rule of thumb, we have set ourselves, we expect a slot to have at least 25 paylines for 5 reels, as that provides the best laid out chance for players to make the most of lucky streaks.

But yet, in the given setup of 15 paylines, it’s not at all impossible to rake up sizeable rewards. For that to happen, however, you need to loosen up your pockets and water generously. You can wager one coin per line here, and there is no flexibility in that approach. So, if you spot a lucky payline and you want to go bust over that one, tough luck to you, mate!

The money value of coins can be fixed between 1p and £3. This puts the maximum wager limit at £45 per spin. Of course, it’s a little too low for our liking, but if the trend of seasonal slots is anything to go by, this is something we had seen coming.

It is justified too, as most players tune in to Halloween slots to have some entertainment for an hour or two, and wager limits are the least of their worries!

Symbols of Terror and Spook

Summoning some real, palpable spook are the family members of Count Dracula, in the form of regular symbols of this slot. Typically, their best combinations can yield coins in the range of 50 to 250. If you are wagering £3 per coin, then any one of these base game victories will be enough to get you right into the Halloween spirit.

But the real symbols of terror come up in special packaging, and it’s not always pleasant! The wild, for example, is a nasty pair of evil twins whose mere sight should be enough to scare people away. But here, you will be crossing your fingers for them to grace your reels because they can easily let you get past combo-hurdles by substitution and swapping.

The scatter of this slot is the game logo. If you are lucky enough to get it at least thrice on screen, you can start counting your blessings, as you will be immediately rewarded with the free spin mode, not to mention 5x multiplication of your total wagers for that spin.

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