Blackjack bonuses

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Blackjack might just be the most popular casino game out there, and it is also available in almost all online casinos as well.

Blackjack seems to have appeared in the 1760s in France, where it is called Vingt-et-Un, meaning 21. But it became much more popular during World War I. The game’s rules are simple and it offers a thrilling experience, needless to say, you might change the odds in your favour if you are an experienced player who can also mathematically play the perfect game.

In casinos, the dealer is the house and handles the game: shuffling, dealing the cards, handling bets. The dealer will always be standing, while the players are sited. But when it is played at home, blackjack has a changing bank, which means that players take turns to be the dealer.

Blackjack features a low house edge, as well as an acceptable variance, characteristics which make it excellent for playing with bonuses. So, players make the best of it when bonuses are allowed.

Blackjack is fairly easy to play: hands are a score on the sum of card values and the objective is to obtain the highest card sum without exceeding 21. The face cards are valued as 10 and the Ace can either value 1 or 11, depending on each player. When a sum greater than 21 is hit, it is called a bust. If you, the player, bust, you lose your bet. The highest-ranking hand, called blackjack, is a 2-card 21. And this is the highest paying combination, with 3:2, while lower others only pay 1:1.

The 52-card pack is generally used, but most casinos will use several decks of cards, shuffled together. There are more blackjack versions, but the six-deck game is the most popular out there, using 312 cards. The dealer also uses a blank card, which he places towards the pack bottom to indicate when cards should be reshuffled. This happens so that the dealer does not shuffle the last 60-75 cards to make it even more difficult for professional card counters.

As a fun fact, when the dealer uses 4 or more decks of cards, they are dealt from a box called shoe. This allows the dealer to deal with all the cards at once while keeping them face down.

The first round of cards is given face up clockwise to players, ending up with the dealer. The second round of cards is given in the same way, except the dealer’s card is face-down. The players are not allowed to touch the cards. If a player has a natural, meaning a blackjack from the very first hand, he will receive 1.5 his bet, while if the dealer has a natural will collect the bets from all players which do not.

The dealer is allowed to look to the face-down card if the face-up one is either an Ace or a 10 because there is the possibility to have a natural. Players can ask for another card from the dealer to try to add to 21, or no additional cards.

Blackjack strategy

The blackjack strategy requires for you, the player, to play each hand optimally. The dealer’s face-up card must be taken into consideration. For example, if the dealer has between 7 to 10 or even Ace, you should not stop drawing cards until you reach at least 17 in total, if not more. If the dealer has a poor face-up card, you should stop drawing cards when you reach a total of 12 or higher. You should stop taking cards if there is a chance for you to go bust. You should try to let the dealer hopefully go over 21.

If you have a soft hand, you should keep drawing cards until you reach at least 18. If you want to double down, here’s what you should do: when you have 11, always double down. When you have a total of 10, double down if the dealer does not show an Ace or a 10 card. When you have a total of 9, you should double down only if the dealer has poor cards, meaning from 2 to 6.

When it comes to splitting, you should always split when you have a pair of 8s or Aces. You should not split when you have 2 10 cards or when you have 2 5 cards, as these are more useful for doubling down. You should also not split the pair of 4s, as a total of 8 is good to draw to. You can split the 2, 3s and the 7s, as long as the dealer has not got 8,9, 10 or Ace. You can only split the 6s if the dealer’s card is poor, meaning from 2 to 6.

Blackjack bonus bets

Nowadays, we see lots of side-wagers, progressive bets and bonuses when we talk about blackjack. This might be because the house edge is very small and players get more and more proficient at the game.

Blackjack bonus bets are easy to understand and use when you play. These bonus bets come along with the standard blackjack bet and you have the chance to make it before your first 2 cards are dealt. Bonus bets stand alone from your blackjack bet, hence the reason why they are called side-bets.

Blackjack side-bets are optional and wear names such as Progressive Blackjack, Royal Match and Lucky Ladies. You are required to place a minimum 1 dollar bet in the special designated circle, next to your regular blackjack bet spot. This side-bet will be paid independently of your win or loss of the regular bet.

Usually, the bonus bet will have a payoff table on the blackjack table. But, if you do not see one, you should ask the dealer about the payoffs of the bonus bets.

Bonus bets add extra excitement to the blackjack game and many casinos will offer you a better advantage per dollar bet than in the standard blackjack bet. This is the reason why casinos will encourage players to play on the side-bets.

These bonus bets are offered by the casinos in different variations. Some of these variations can be offered in more than one casino, while others can be exclusively in one casino. They can also be sponsored by companies such as Mikohn Gaming or Shuffle Master.

The average blackjack player has a disadvantage of about 2.5% to the house, meaning you will lose around 2.5 cents for each dollar you have wagered. It is important to know how the house works so you can know whether to play the blackjack bonus bets or not.

The most player-friendly blackjack bonus bets are at 2.7% casino edge, the Sweet Sixteen and the Straight 8s. Match the Dealer, Hi/Low, Royal Match and Bonus Spin are higher percentage bets, with a casino edge between 3.5% and 8.6%. Further, Wheel of Madness, Lucky Ladies and Magic Jack have a casino edge set between 17% and 25%, while Perfect Charlie has a house edge set at 38.9%.

Blackjack bonus offers

The gambling industry is a competitive field, that is why you will find all sorts of bonuses, promotions and offers for all games involves in igaming. And blackjack is one of them. There are so many online casinos with so many bonuses, it might be overwhelming to try to choose the right one for you.

First of all, make sure you choose the right online casino. It must offer security, a diverse assortment of games and user-friendly interface. Its bonuses and promotions should also be transparent and clear, with every detail explained in the ‘terms and conditions’ section, besides having a 24/7 good customer support department.

Blackjack no deposit bonus

And after you’ve chosen an online casino to tick all the boxes, you can start looking into its blackjack bonuses. And, when it comes to blackjack bonuses, the no deposit bonus is the first one to look for. How does it work? You will be granted the chance to try out the blackjack games the casino offers for free before you start playing for real money. And, in comparison with demo modes, you have the chance to withdrawal the wins you have gained by playing.

The blackjack no deposit bonuses are usually offered as part of a welcome bonus for new players, but it can also be offered to loyal customers when the casino introduces a new game. The no deposit bonus is also subject to certain terms and conditions, so make sure you read that section thoroughly before you get starts, as it might affect the possibility to withdraw your wins.

The blackjack no deposit bonuses are usually small amounts of cash which you can use of specific games, in a specific timeframe.

Blackjack bonus first deposit

The blackjack bonuses which require the minimum amount of cash to be deposited are, of course, the best. And when you receive something extra for your money it gets even better!

The blackjack first deposit bonus is an advantageous way to have extra starting funds. This bonus is generally offered as part of a welcome offer by online casinos and is usually based strictly on your first deposit. However, you must keep in mind that for the blackjack first deposit bonus to be worth it, you must first wager and win in order to withdrawal.

Online casinos generally offer match deposit bonuses for blackjack players, which means that you will receive the double amount of your wager. But, as usual, this bonus is also found under certain terms and conditions that can vary from one casino to another. And we recommend you read everything about it before starting to play.

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