Best betting strategies and tips for online pokies

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Regardless if you play pokies offline, online, on modern ones or traditional ones, these hot tips will keep you playing slots to increase your winning amount!

What is so attractive about gamblers is their constant optimism. They are always looking for new ways to win even though their losses might be more than their initial wins.F

Their search for the one big jackpot keeps them coming back and if not, it’s for their immense amount of love for the pokies.

Although slot machines are a game of chance, there are certain tricks up your sleeve you can use to increase your winning chances.

We would like to help you by implementing these tools that you can bring along with you on your pokies journey.

Before we begin helping you to implement these profitable gambling tools we would like to begin talking about how pokies machines might feel like a complete surprise to most slot players when they are in fact actually telling you how to gain profits. The machines do this offline and online by giving you their own payout percentage. This is a great way to begin your gameplay towards investing your money wisely into a pokies game with a good payout percentage.

Again, because pokies games are a game of chance, it doesn’t guarantee you a win but it does guarantee you to get closer to a win.

It’s understandable that most gamblers are in it, to win it. The thought of becoming a millionaire excites many pokies players and we cannot blame them. Especially with today’s major jackpots that are waiting to be won by a lucky player.

So, let’s begin to help your journey towards the millions become a little more possible.

9 Betting Tools To Beat The Game Of Chance

Pokies games that pay – When you got to your favorite land-based casino or online casino a great way to begin your pokies journey towards riches is to continue to play on the slot games that have paid out to you before.

For the new gambler who might not know which those pokies games might be, asking your fellow slot machine gamblers is a great way to suss out those profitable slot games.

Most experienced pokies players build a rapport of games where they have previously had the luck to win on. They also have the rapport of the ones to avoid, the so-called coin eaters or money grabbing machines. Always trust your fellow gambler is a great way of knowing where you can win and where there might be a lot more losses than wins.

For the shy gambler, researching online on forums is also a great way of finding out which offline and online casinos you should and should not invest your money into and also which games that have the higher payout percentages.

You can also keep your ears open to the gamblers code words as some experienced gamblers might not want to share their own goldmine with others. These pokies machines are referred to as the ATM, you can pretty easily guess why.

Lower bet and max paylines – Unless a game tells you that you will benefit more from going for the maximum bet, betting lower on maximum paylines tends to work better to increase your winning chances.

This way you spend less of your own money but you cover more areas on your reels through maximum out the paylines. You will receive more spins and more winning combinations.

The best way to start is with a 2x bet, this is generally a comfortable amount for most players to gamble with. The newer pokies games tend to have a wider range of lower bet options and can be altered depending on how much you are ready to spend on your reels.

We suggest as you start winning more during your gameplay and your bankroll becomes larger, you can start betting more. When we say winning more, we don’t necessarily mean winning large jackpots, winning can be anything from smaller to larger amounts and in the beginning, you are more likely to win smaller and more often.

If you think about it, it’s more strategic to bet higher the more your bankroll grows. This puts you in control, creates great bank management and we all strive to be responsible gamblers. Betting within the ratio as your bankroll growth creates a more relaxed and safe gambling environment for yourself.

Maximum bet – Some pokies games require you to go for the maximum bet to be able to trigger any bonus features or the maximum payout, the jackpot. In this case, you are better off betting on the maximum bet.

This is a great strategy to go for if you have also sat with the pokies game for too long without any bonus features being triggered or any wins coming through. Anything that feels long overdue isn’t worth wasting your money on anymore and you should either go for what is recommended or play elsewhere.

If you don’t want to go for the maximum bet, to begin with, bet what you feel comfortable with then if it still doesn’t work, as mentioned, go for the maximum bet and see how that goes on a few pokies spins.

Gradual gameplay is always better than impulsive ones, we want to enjoy our pokies experience after all.

That “gut” feeling

– Following your gut feeling is always a brilliant way to make sure you pokies gameplay is enjoyable. Normally, if you have a bad feeling about a pokies game, then the game probably has gone cold.

Same goes for if you have a “good” feeling about a pokies game. You can sometimes, especially around land-based pokies games, see if the game is close to a huge jackpot win. As you see the other player continuing to bet and bet and nothing…. You kind of know, the light is at the end of the tunnel and this is your opportunity to grab that slot machine and give it a go.

It can be an exciting thought to follow that gut feeling as you think you are infusing the machine with that feeling of luck and pure will power to win!

Not only can you use this technique on land-based pokies machines but you can also use it online on progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots build and build until one day, it pops, and someone becomes a millionaire. This means that if a progressive jackpot has been laying and sizzling for a while, you know it’s ready to set fire to someone’s bank account very soon….

At the end of the day, it guarantees you nothing, but it has brought people a lot of luck and avoided disappointment to follow the power of the gut feeling.

It’s quite funny because some people think that pressing the pokies machine button harder, you are more likely to win. Ultimately, it comes down to anger and excitement in how the “aggressive-button-players” act.

Same goes for the hilarious “screen-rubbers” in the online pokies world…. We are pretty sure that rubbing your screen so hard to the point that your pixels start developing war-of-the-ants on your screen, isn’t the best strategy….

We all know that rubbing your hands on the screen or bashing a button won’t leave your bank account any bigger at the end of that spin. This can also make other pokies players feel uncomfortable by witnessing such behavior so we suggest you not to do it if you have a “gut feeling” to do so….

Slot machine placement – This strategy applies to the land-based casinos. As a general rule, the pokies machines close to the exit or the restrooms are a no go.

Why? Well, put it this way, everyone wants to earn money and especially the casinos. They have strategically put the pokies machines that have a higher tendency for a payout away from areas where people are more likely to see you win. This is because casinos don’t want you to win because they have to pay out their own money to you and if more people see which ones that do payout, naturally more people will play on those pokies machines.

Know when to stop –  Knowing when to stop your gameplay is an extremely important strategy to always bring with you anywhere you go. By stopping you are prolonging the excitement and adventure of that one big win but most importantly, you won’t feel like you’ve lost too much money.

Never, ever, gamble if you can’t afford it. Worrying about whether you can afford this or not means you clearly can’t and if you begin to worry during your gameplay, then you should always stop.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop for good, go out, get a stretch, do something else for a while then if you don’t feel stressed or worried and know you can still afford to play, keep going by all means.

Even the best of players can get caught up in gambling and by taking a break your mind settles. You start seeing clearer and can make better decisions, so taking a break isn’t all bad. Sometimes you might realize you have gambled way longer than planned as time tends to fly by when you have a little “too” much fun.

You might not know this but land-based casinos have designed the floors in such way where they deliberately don’t want you distracted from your gameplay. Next time when you walk into a casino, be aware of how they have put for example the bar and food areas quite a bit away from the major gambling points.

The casino doesn’t sleep and they don’t want you to do that either….

Assessing now and then what you need if it’s a toilet break, food, hydration or most importantly sleep, keeps you from making impulsive gambling decisions as your mind will always be clear and in control.

High RTP games – Picking a higher rather then lower Return To Player game can play a very important role in how you much you profit in your pokies gameplay.

What is considered a high RTP game? A high RTP game is 99% which is the highest possible RTP you can pick, so if you can find a pokies game that you like with an RTP of 99%, go for that. Whilst a low RTP percentage is considered to be below 96%. Never go any lower than 96% otherwise you are wasting your time to win back any money put in, more or less.

Saying that it isn’t of course ever impossible to win on lower RTP percentage games but you would rather have your chances to win increased as much as possible.

It’s also important to mention that the higher RTP games will require you (most of the time) to go for the maximum bet to be able to benefit from any bonuses or jackpots.

Use bonuses – Using bonuses to your advantage is a brilliant way of earning bank without having to spend your own money. For example, you have the standard welcome bonus where you can get more money on your first bonus to increase your bet to the amount that would hopefully bankrupt them with their own bonus.

Always be on the hunt for bonuses because at the end of the day, it’s free money for you to enjoy on the reels.

Do keep in mind that some bonuses will require you to spend the money on certain games, on certain dates and times. So, always make sure you have read the terms and conditions to avoid any disappointment.

Time limits – Setting time limits on how much you should gamble puts you more in control to avoid any losses. It also allows you to get excited for the next time you are able to gamble.

A factor to begin to follow is asking yourself; How much have I lost? How much have I won?

If you know you’ve lost too much, then that is a sign to stop. Whilst a lot of the time, to your own surprise, when you’ve one more rather than less, that is a time to stop too.

Why not enjoy your winnings instead of continuing to gamble for more? Stopping on an ultimate winning-high can really brighten up your day. Don’t be silly to gamble that excitement away.

Walking away a winner is better than looking back and wishing you would’ve stopped.

Don’t be that guy…. Be this guy.

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