American Roulette best practice tips

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Science is known throughout history to yield some curious results accidentally, but thankfully the human race has an excellent skill to adapt to most situations. And so, through a mistake on behalf of Blaise Pascal, the Roulette wheel was born. Ever since this classic game has become a staple of casinos worldwide and fun pass-time for players.

Flash-forward a couple of centuries and people are now able to play this great game of chance straight from the comfort of their homes. Some countries even have their own version of this game and European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette are the most widely recognized. Although many prefer the European version, most Americans still prefer the American version.

Compared to European, American Roulette has 38 slots on its wheel and some say this lowers the winning odds and raises the house edge, others argue the exact opposite since the chance of getting a zero is doubled. Since we are talking about a game of luck, luck does have a rather big part in how you conduct the game.

Besides having to guess the correct number on the wheel where the white ball will stop in order to win the bet, the player also has a few other options of betting. It follows that the different betting options also have different payouts associated with them. The dealer calls the end of the betting round and waits for the ball to settle on a number.

The combinations of bets are so varied that you can get an almost unlimited number of possible bets. A serious player needs to study the Roulette betting table thoroughly in order to learn about all the winning probabilities that the game entails. Most of the regular bets are usually combinations of opposites Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High, with Dozen, Column, Double Street, First Five, Corner, Street, Split, and Straight representing the other bets normally requested by players.

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