7 ”Fruity” pokies – a list of the most famous fruit & sevens pokies

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Are you ready to get your juices flowing with your favourite fruity pokies? The fruity pokies have been around since the birth of the slot machine. Thanks to Charles Fey for inventing this juicy device in 1894 because the gambling industry has never been the same since, for the better, that goes without saying. But exactly are the fruit machines? In short, the fruit machines are a casino game where you place your bet and spin the reels on 3-reels or more where you need to get a matching set of symbols to receive any payouts.

They classical fruit pokies come with fruit symbols, the infamous seven’s and bars and back in the day had levers to pull instead of a button to push to get your reels going. They also had 3-reels and 1 pay line to play slots on.

To this day, nostalgic pokies players prefer to play on classical pokies due to the relaxed approach you can take with lower betting limits. Although the classical pokies were invented as land-based casino devices, luckily for the classical fans, they are still available to play offline or online due to its popularity.

As they say “A classic never dies”.

Fruit Pokies Facts

There’s a controversy if fruit pokies offer big payouts or not. To settle this heated discussion, yes, fruit pokies (even though they originally have had lower betting limits), they payout some huge jackpots.

They also have a fantastic range of bonuses on the newer fruit slots. It simply depends on what kind of fruit pokies game you are after. Because of the wide range of online casino games that exist out there, the software providers have made sure there are a bunch of fruit slots that stay true to the original version as well as updated fruit pokies with more of a modern twist to them.

So, the modern-day fruit pokies have as hug of a payouts as any other modern themed pokies game out there. You just simply need to do your research on the game you want to play and read the rules to see if this is the kind of fruit machine you want to put a bet on.

Who says you have to stick to one fruit slot game? The online casino world is your oyster and you have the right to switch up as often as you want to.

Here are some advantages of playing online fruit pokies:

  • Huge payouts: Overall, the land-based pokies tend to payout a lot less in comparison to what the online casinos have to offer. Hence why playing online can benefit you a lot more. Especially when it comes to playing on fruit-themed pokies. The land-based fruit slots tend to stay true to the classical version whilst online you have such a wide range of different kinds of fruit pokies which gives you a better choice of what kind of payout you would like to aim for. In New Zealand for example, generally, land-based pokies will have an average payout of around $500, due to the regulators’ laws where they base the payout limit on the size of the venue and what kind of license they hold. So, in contrast, the online pokies have offered around thousands or even millions to payout to their players.
  • Convenience: Playing fruit pokies online offers you comfort and convenience. You play anywhere at any time. You don’t even have to get out of bed to win a jackpot nowadays as playing fruit slots online offers you to play and win from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is open the app available to the casino of your choice, on any smartphone, tablet or laptop device and spin away.
  • Extra features: Playing fruit slots online offers you extra features that you would not be able to get on land-based fruit pokies such as the auto play feature. This is perfect for the everyday working mother or father who is on the go and might want to have a quick game of fruit slots. This way you can set your betting limit and let the fruit gameplay automatically without having to even press the spin button.
  • Bonuses: The online pokies will always give you added value to the money you are investing in a fantastic hobby. Playing online fruit pokies tend to give you more back through the online bonus features. These bonus features can be anything from free spins, extra coins, multipliers or cashback. Who doesn’t like freebies?!
  • Variety: If you are a fruit pokies fan then playing online is so much better because of the wide range of games available for you to choose from. There are hundreds and hundreds, which means there will always be your old favourites to new releases of fruit slots to keep you on your toes. Honestly, it’s near impossible to get bored of the fruit pokies if you are playing online, there are that many to try out!

Fruit Pokies Features

The Hold Feature – This bonus option on the fruit slots is a fantastic bonus option to improve the pokies players winning chances. It comes in the form of a flashing “hold” button. What it does is that it holds the best way to get you two matching fruit slot symbols on your reels which leads to improving your chances of getting a brilliant winning combination before you even press the spin button.

The Nudge Feature – This bonus feature on the fruit pokies allows you to bring down a reel or several reels to try and create a winning combination. When you enter the bonus round on your fruity slot game, the nudge can range from 1 to 5 and if the pokies player manages to land a winning combination the money will be credited to their account and the bonus round will resume to the main game. To use this feature all you have to do is to click the flashing button that says “nudge” and not the “hold” button, sometimes this confuses players as they think it’s the same feature when it’s not. Another thing to remember when using the “nudge” button on the fruit pokies game is if you want to bring the symbols further down on the reels once, you press the “nudge” button once, and if you want to bring them down two steps, you press the “nudge” button twice and continue to press the “nudge” button as many times to push the symbols further down the pay lines.

Top 4 Fruit Slots

In a pokies sea of many popular fruit slots, which are on top of their game in the casino industry? According to the pokies players, their favourite juicy fruity slot games are:

  • Fruit Zen
  • Fruit Spin
  • Jucie’N’Fruits
  • Fruit of Neon

Fruit Zen

Lucky for you, you don’t have to choose between going to your yoga session or playing pokies when you have Fruit Zen to set you in the most relaxing pokies state.

This yummy pokies game will put you in a winning state of mind where you will be spinning the fruity reels to extremely relaxing music. This calming fruit slots game is developed by BetSoft and comes with 5 reels and 10 pay lines.

It’s a fairly simple pokies where you can lean back and enjoy collecting your matching fruit symbols to win some coins.

If you’re looking to win more rather than less, then be on the lookout for the Wild symbols than will trigger Free Spins for you if you manage to land them on the second, third or fourth reel.

Fruit Spin

This all-time favourite from NetEnt will ripen up your day with the juicy cherries, oranges and lemons floating about on your reels. You will want to take a bite out of this game when you see the unique fruit looking like gems.

Fruit Spin is one of the generous fruit pokies games as it has a tone of bonuses to enjoy. Make sure you benefit most of Fruit Spin through collecting a bunch of 3×3 Scatter symbols because this pokies game will reward you with the mouthwatering bonus wheel.

Set the bonus wheel in action through spinning it to reveal your free extra coins to add in your money bank. This Lucky Wheel has the luckiest symbol of them all, the red diamond that will reward you with 5 Free Spins if you manage to collect three lucky red diamonds. 

If you manage to get some of Scatter symbols appearing on your reels during the bonus mode, Fruit Spin will then retrigger the bonus for you.

It has as many as 40 pay lines to enjoy and RTP of 96.84%.


Feeling cute? Well, then this adorable fruit slot can bring puppy eyes to the grumpiest of players. Be careful not to get a sweet tooth as this fruity slot game will give you the sugar rush of your life.

It’s created by software providers Playson and comes with quite the simple approach with 5 reels and 10 pay lines. It’s simple but yet fruitful with the fruity cocktails that are on offer with many flavours such as; cherries, oranges, grapes, plums and watermelons. Last but not least, there’s the classical and lucky number 7 to keep an eye out for.

Fruits of Neon

Are you a Fugaso fan? The Fruits of Neon is a go-to for you. This Fugaso favourite is probably one of the most modern-looking fruit pokies. You have to give it a go to understand what we mean….

Fruits of Neon has 5 reels and only 4 pay lines but that makes it far from simple with the bursting colours that will take on a fruity acid trip with the fruit slots beautiful graphics.

The fruit symbols are quite retro and will give you the best of both worlds for the player who’s looking to enjoy the classical and the modern fruit games.

This pokies game Wild symbol replaces all other symbols except for the Scatter symbol which will give you even bigger payouts. The Scatter is its own breed of special on Fruit of Neon. Land 5 of the Scatter symbols on you reels and you will trigger 20 Free Spins. Who knows what those free rounds can lead to?

Oh, did we forget to mention that Fruit of Neon is a progressive jackpot? So, please do keep an eye out for the three massive jackpots that are waiting to be won by a lucky fruit slot fan.

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