5 types of pokie players

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In a world full of pokies spins, roulette, blackjack masters and the one and only real money jackpot win, it can be hard to choose, who would you like to be today?

With so many different kinds of themes and games, you may have more than one kind of pokies personality to release in your online world of casino riches. Are you ferocious, careful, brave, silly, competitive, relaxed or the fast and the furious kind of pokies player?

It’s amazing how the software providers have managed to tailor so many different kinds of unique pokies games for the vast amount of online casino players. You would think that the gaming providers would be slowing down as it seems that all the ideas have already been taken due to the hundreds and hundreds of pokies games. That could not be further away from the truth, as some software providers keep coming with new games, weekly! Wow.

You can rest assured that you will never, ever be bored of playing pokies as you as an online pokies player are always prioritized and taken care of by the online pokies companies and the gaming providers.

We have put together a list of 5 types of pokie players that rule the slot wheels online and offline:

The Offline Player

Land-based players are still to this day dominating the pokies. Pokies players that play on land-based slot machines tend to be experienced players as they go to get the real feel of the pokies.

They know the difference between the online and offline pokies experience and choose to play on the land-based slot machines due to the authenticity and love for vintage pokies. The older generation tends to lean towards offline pokies as land-based pokies have been around for longer than the online pokies.

For some land-based pokies players it may come to you as a surprise, it is more convenient for them to play offline. Many offline players like to take a special trip to their local pub or casino to relax by taking a spin on the pokies reels. And for some, it brings them and their friends together as it is a more social way of playing pokies.

If you are an offline player who prefers the land-based casinos, do not hesitate to give your local pub or casino a call to see if they have your favorite pokies available. It is as easy as that to locate them by picking up your phone.

Casino and pubs are happy to help the pokies fanatics and will be able to direct you with what slot machines they’ve got and which new pokies games have just been released/

If you haven’t tried playing land-based pokies, we urge you to try it. It’s a fantastic experience filled with excitement and fun. To sit in front of a real-life slot machine brings the whole gameplay to life when you hear the wheels spinning, see the icons rolling on your screen and last but not least, wondering if you or the pokies player sitting next to you might be next big jackpot winner, at any second, cha-ching!

The Online Player

Here we have the most common type of player, the online pokies! The online pokies have rapidly dominated the casino world since the release of the world-wide-web in the early ’90s. Since the fantastic invention of the internet, casino companies have flourished like never before by being able to reach their players much faster.

The internet has also allowed the online casinos to get to know their players more through constantly updating their websites to releasing more online casino games.

Releasing exciting online casino games would not be possible without the help of the fantastic software provider who never seems to stop pleasing the online pokies players!

Playing online pokies really gives you a world full of choices. For the player who may not know what kind of player they are yet and might get easily bored, rest assured, the online pokies companies allows you to test play the pokies games for free before actually having to register so you as a player know if you like it before starting your online pokies adventure.

Are you a player who gets easily bored? Then the online casino world is for you. Like we mentioned the software providers are always working towards releasing more updated and hotter games on the market. There’s literally hundreds and hundreds of games out there! So don’t you worry about not finding something that you will enjoy because there is a game even for the pickiest pokies player.

The Interactive Player

Now that you know if you’re an offline or an online pokies player. Let’s see if you have developed your pokies basics by becoming an interactive online casino player.

The interactive pokies player loves the visuals and loves, even more, to combine them with traditional gameplay. These type of online pokies games strives to impress the interactive player by unfolding the nostalgia through the old school traditional pokies machine and merging it with modern video clips that give the interactive player a storyline to follow.

This storyline encourages the interactive to repeat the pokies game through being introduced to different courses that you can control through deciding an action that will affect the outcome of the pokies games storyline.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

The Bonus Player


The no-deposit bonus player just loves to grab an exciting bonus. As an experienced online pokies player, you know how valuable it can be to use your bonus games to your advantage. It’s free spins and free money in the end of the day, it would be silly not to play bonus games as they increase your winning chances. How does a bonus game work? Well, basically, when a number of combinations (normally comes in a form of some sort of matching symbols) turn up on your pokies reels, the pokies game awards the pokies player with either free spins, another bonus round, multipliers or real money.

To find out what kind of bonuses you will be rewarded as a player, make sure you read the fine print (the terms and conditions) to avoid any disappointment as you as a pokies player should always feel in control and know how they work and where you can use your winning.

When an extra bonus round emerges you as a pokies player get taken to a second window to play on a mini-bonus game, where you can increase your earnings even further!

Arcade games and free money? Sounds like a perfect combination to us.


What is a bonus multiplier one might wonder? It’s where the pokies games doubles, triples (or even more!) the amount you’ve decided to wager prior to your spin. Hence why it’s important to carefully decide your wagering amount as it could turn out be the greatest investment you have ever made….

Bonus games are full of wonders, this is why the bonus pokies players tend to win the odd amounts here or there because there is so much to gain from them.

Wild symbols are another brilliant bonus game feature you want to encounter on your pokies game. Whenever this little beauty of a symbol turns up on your reels, you can use it to substitute for any other symbol in your pokies game. This means when your reels stop spinning and you might be only one symbol away from a winning combination, the Wild will help you to gain that extra matching symbol.

Substituting has never felt so good.


The Maxing Out Player


Are you looking the become the next big jackpot winner? Then look no further than becoming a maxing out pokies player. The maxing out pokies player makes sure that the luck stays on their side through increasing their winning chances by maxing out on their paylines.

Normally, the pokies games have a choice of 1 to 25 paylines but there are pokies games that have hundreds or thousands different ways to win. The more paylines you have chosen to wager on, the greater your chances are to win on that next pokies spin.

What is maxing out on your reels? By maxing out on your wagering and the number of paylines, if you do win, your winning amount will be greater. This is why the maxing out pokies players tend to bet higher amounts because they want to win bigger.

Progressive Jackpots are also a brilliant way of maximizing your winning chances. What the progressive pokies games do is that every time you wager on a progressive jackpot game, that money that you’ve wagered goes into the progressive jackpot pot. Basically, any money anyone has wagered on that game gets added to the pot until someone wins, which can be millions or even billions!

The amount continues and continues to grow as players who join in and don’t win keep adding to this exciting pot o’ gold!

Progressive jackpots are known for having the largest payouts to the pokies players and it’s important to mention that you as a pokies player need to dare to become a maxing out a player as the maximum number of coins need to be played in order to have a chance to win the progressive jackpot.

Some maxing out players like to chose to play on pokies games via their reels. We like to put these games in three different categories which are the 3 Reel Pokies, 5 Reel Pokies, and the 7 Reel Pokies.

The 3 Reel Pokies machines are the most simple one out of the three brothers. These pokies games are not too difficult to manage. Since you have fewer reels for the symbols to appear on this means that there is a smaller chance to win great. Although, saying that, this does not mean it’s impossible to win great on a 3 reel pokies game it just means your chances are decreased.

The 5 Reel Pokies machines are more hip and modern. This is the most common pokies reel to play on. The 5 reel pokies allow more features to be shown on the wheels which allow more room for greater gameplay.

The 7 Reel Pokies are more of a rarity. To hit a winning combination on 7 reels is extremely lucky, but if you do become that one lucky winner then you will see how great of a jackpot actually is! The 7 reels is an exciting one to play on, it’s harder, rarer but more fun as the features are allowed to be spread across the many reels.

So if you have decided to become a 7 Reel Pokies Maxout Player, let the great journey for riches begin!

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