5 Accessories for Poker you simply must have

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With the online casino industry’s boom come new nifty gadgets that players and hobbyists alike are cramming to purchase. Beside the ever-improving and fast-evolving mobile industry, some quirky entrepreneurs are coming up with flashy new devices to take the world by storm with and the online casino market.

For starting out gamblers, industry experts affirm, some of these devices might even improve their attitude and gameplay for the simple fact that they are feel-good tools. Also, some of them might even do a good job at distracting opponents and reveal their “tells”.

With a retro arcade-looking design the LED Poker table is a must-have if players want to arrange a dim-lit, poker-inducing game. The table lights change colour and create the proper atmosphere for a slick, perhaps even high-roller, gameplay.

The next item might not be the most practical but it will definitely be a great prank to play on your table game playing friends, especially when you put on your poker face while announcing you will be dealing with this giant-sized deck.

Now, the pirate gold poker chips are a whole other story altogether. Adorn the poker table with these chips and you are sure to attract some attention and more importantly some tell-tale reactions from the opposing players. Onepointsix, an Australian company, designed these already famous chips thinking, and rightfully so, that gamblers acting like bounty-hunting pirates will feel more empowered during a game.

The video glasses sported by Lady Gaga during her performances must be the most outlandish and at the same time, genius gadget invented that can be used for the poker table till now. These highly stylish eyewear contraptions can be a good idea for those players that have not perfected their poker face yet and are looking to confuse the other players into giving up their winnings.

Last, and most probably the best summer fun item, is the inflatable poker table for your pool. Sure, you need to have a pool for this to be a sensation but a friend with a pool is just as good. The inflatable table comes with inflatable seats for all players’ comfort. Plus, the poker set that comes with it is also waterproof.

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