10 reasons to play online pokies

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We all love playing pokies. But do we really have to drive to the brick and mortar casinos to have some fun? Can we get the real-deal experience when playing online pokies? We believe so, that is the reason why we completed a list of 10 best reasons to play online pokies from wherever you like!
But before that, let’s have a look at how online pokies have been developed in Australia over the years.

The first online casino in Australia was launched in 1994 and was a cornerstone in terms of gambling, for both players and the gambling industry. With Australians being competitive by nature, its no wonder that online gambling peaked instantly and is continuing to grow, making Australia one of the top countries when it comes to playing online pokies.
Today, 80% of Australians participate in one kind of gambling or another, this being the result of centuries of betting. Therefore, it’s no wonder Australians like to bet big for those progressive jackpots. Pokie players in Australia even out betted the Americans, with an estimation of $18 billion spent in online pokies each year.

The first pokie machine in all Australia was launched in 1895 and the industry has come a long way since then, rewarding lucky gamblers with millions of dollars in massive winnings. And this does not only make the players happy but also the Australian government, as it takes home billions of dollars in gambling taxes. So, online gambling is thriving and everybody gets their share of the joy.

We bet you wondered what it takes to become the next massive progressive jackpot winner. The answer is quite simple, it’s you! You do not need the experience to embark on a winning journey playing online pokies, all you need is luck. Over the years, gamblers struggled to create all sorts of winning strategies, based on the best online casinos and their bonuses, on the progressive jackpot online pokies, on the return to player percentage and so on. But let’s not forget that online pokies, as well as the land-based ones, have software which offers computer-generated numbers which are not under our control.

How to choose the best online casino in 2019? Make sure you research an online casino before choosing to use its services. One of the things you need to look for is the user experience, which needs to be clear and easy to find anything you need on the website. The online casino needs to be transparent and offer you 24/7 customer care services, as well as security when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Another thing you should look for is the game variety, for the best online casinos in 2019 need to have a couple of hundred online pokies, table games and others in order to be competitive.

Last but not least, you need to research the online casino’s reviews to see what other players have to say. Their experience is an insight which you will not otherwise have access to and you will be able to find out what they thought to be good or not.

Types of online pokies

The classic pokies have a simpler structure, with usually only 3 reels and graphics including symbols such as number 7 or cherries. The classic pokies are pretty straightforward, simple and easy to play, with just one pay line. On the other hand, video pokies are the modern versions of the classic pokies, with more complex structures such as 5 to 9 reels and multiple pay lines. These video pokies also introduced a lot of cool features, such as wild and scatter symbols or free spins, in order to create multiple possibilities for winning combinations.

Video pokies are also famous and make the most part of online pokies. Progressive pokies are those most sought after, as a portion of every player’s bet goes to the jackpot everyone is after. This progressive jackpot online pokies find their winner if he lands a specific symbol combination. There are also 3D online pokies, which feature distinctive graphics in high-quality and awesome design.
Most online pokies do not require a download, which is actually pretty neat. There is no need to fill your device with troublesome software anymore, you can play directly on the online casino’s website and focus on winning. In addition, you can spin those reels on your tablet or mobile as well, as these online pokies offer the same graphics quality and overall experience.

Why play pokies online?

Playing pokies is a great form on entertaining yourself, be it online or land-based, there’s no doubt about that. However, there are some significant advantages when playing online, making it more convenient and comfortable for you to play online. Online pokies offer great entertainment and they do so from the comfort of your home, on the go or literally everywhere you could think of. In addition, you save up money and time when playing online pokies and still enjoy the real-deal thrill of gambling.


One of the biggest advantages of playing online pokies is the comfort this type of gambling offers. You do not have to leave your home, drive to the nearest casino, which by the way may not be the best for you, in order to gamble. You can choose your favorite from a wide range of online casinos from literally the entire world, with just a click. You not only save time but also can choose to play on several online casinos at the same time, which is impossible when it comes to brick and mortar casinos. Needless to say, that you have an impressive number of online pokies or table games to choose from, which in land-based casinos is restricted to the establishment’s surface. There are only so many pokies which can fit in a single building.


With tablet and mobile optimization, you can now play whenever and wherever you want, be it in your lunch break or when stuck in traffic, but only when you are not actually driving. Moreover, most of the software providers of online pokies also offer the possibility to play either on Android or iOS, as well as Windows, thus making it more accessible than ever to gamble.

3. Save money

Besides being time-consuming, when you have to drive to a casino to gamble you also spend more money than just your gambling budget. You need to pay for the fuel, maybe highway taxes or other expenses. In addition, if you enjoy playing in a certain casino or city to which you not only have to travel to, but you also have to consider accommodation, then your budget doubles.

When you play online pokies, you actually have no additional expenses then the budget you set for gambling. There are no travel, accommodation or other unexpected expenses to affect your budget.

4.Gamble 24/7

An online casino is 24/7 at your disposal, no matter where you want to gamble from. So, if you feel like spinning those reels on an online pokie in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day, you can do so as you please. Usually, land-based casinos, bar or any establishment in which you can play pokies have specific hours during which you can gamble. Well, with online pokies your schedule is your own to make, however, you desire.

5. Save time

When driving to a brick and mortar casino you have to take into consideration its opening hours, the time it will take you to get there, the traffic and other things that may happen in between. Plus, if you want to travel to another city or even another country to gamble you will probably have to take some time off from work to do so. When it comes to playing online pokies, things become much simpler and more convenient, you do not even have to leave your house to do so. You can gamble on multiple devices, access multiple table games or online pokies at the same time and also play from a different account, at different online casinos, all at once.

6.Access to information

Before, during and after playing online pokies you have access to all the internet has to offer. This means you can research the online casino which offers the online pokies, find out what bonuses they have for new or returning players, you have the possibility to find information about the pokies’ software provider or to read reviews about the pokie itself. Make sure you get the best of playing online pokies by accessing all the information you can find on the internet about it.

This will make gambling safe, but will also offer the fun and exciting experience you are looking for, without being disappointed by the downsides of a certain pokie.

7.High-quality graphics

There’s no chance of beating a high-quality screen! Nowadays, most mobile phones and tablets have HQ screens, capable of offering impressive colors and graphics, as well as instant reaction time when you click anything. Most mobile screens offer better quality in design and graphics than a desktop or laptop, as well as the screens of the land-based pokies, thus creating a better experience.

8.No dress code

As you probably know, most brick and mortar casinos have a certain dress code or they require you to at least be decent. You can forget about that when you play online pokies. You can dress however you like or, why not, don’t dress at all. Relax and benefit from the intimacy of your own home to play however you want. In addition, with some pokies having an autoplay feature, you can also enjoy other activities while the online pokie does the hard work for you.

9.Higher wins

When it comes to progressive jackpots, online pokies offer much higher wins, substantially higher. This is simply because more gamblers play online pokies and thus contribute to the progressive jackpot. Imagine millions of players which spin the reels on the same online pokies as you do and all those percentages of their bets add to the jackpot.

Therefore, by playing online pokies your chances of winning big are that much higher. Needless to say, that if you play multiple online pokies at once, all with a progressive jackpot, you save time and have even more chances to win impressive amounts of real money!

10.A high variety of online pokies and bonuses

With so many online casinos out there, with such a variety of online pokies, you could never play them all. This advantage of online pokies makes sure you never get bored, as you could in a land-based casino with only a few pokies around. The online pokies come in various categories, themes and number of pay lines to choose from, that you can select the exact ones you prefer, which you are not able to do otherwise. In addition, online casinos offer lots of bonuses and benefits and, at the click of a button, you can choose the bonuses you want along with your online casino.

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