A look at the Scandinavian Gambling and Poker Market

A lot of the biggest gambling operators active in Europe right now call Scandinavia home. Even though the biggest market share is on the lottery, pretty much like anywhere else in the world, online gambling and Poker also hold huge shares in the Scandinavian gambling market.

Only in Sweden, according to a Swedish operator, the estimated gambling revenue for the year of 2014 was somewhere around the mark of $2.4 billion. While that sum seems huge it is actually lower than previous years due to the tightening of gambling regulations which swept across Sweden.

One of their largest gambling companies have not been hit by this though. They have reported an increase in revenue of around 23% in 2014 alone. The mobile part of their business has accounted for almost 25% of all that revenue which is an indication that the industry is slowly but surely changing. Despite their growth, as far Poker goes they have reported a profit loss of around 20%, the main reason they cited being “a continued decreased level of activity in poker networks”. But the company still seems to be doing just fine since they have continuously expanded their business into other sectors and have acquired a large number of casinos to add to their family.

It would seem that the Scandinavian gambling market in general is going through a time of instability. Most of the companies in the area are showing very different rates of growth and loss which could mean a lot of changes in the near future.